Taking my Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller on a tour of Rhode Island and TWO-3D Stroller Giveaways!! #3DliteStrollerTour

*I am working with Summer Infant on this summer tour. I received a stroller for my review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


Just last week we received the brand new 3D Lite Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant. As a blogger who lives in Rhode Island, we are always taking our stroller on trips and events around our friendly state. Since the summer started here and we just received our awesome new umbrella stroller, I am more than excited to take it out to some of our awesome state attractions such as Newport, our local park, our local swimming facility, car trips to New York City and much more. The 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is going to make strolling my daughter that much easier in the hot weather.



Swimming at our local RI pool

Swimming at our local RI pool

Newport Polo
Newport Polo

At our local park

At our local park

When strolling through all my fun parts of our home state and city, I will need a durable stroller where I can keep one of my three kids contained (third child coming in 3 weeks)! That is where the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller can help me pave my way through the city and enjoy all the special landmarks. If you unfamiliar with the 3D Lite Stroller, it is a durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish aluminum frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich convenience strollers on the market. With an easy to fold frame and carry strap, you can be on-the-go or stow and go with ease!

When we first set up the stroller, it took us all of 5 minutes and my kids were ready to go for their strolls. This stroller is equipped to hold a child up to 50 pounds, so if you buy this stroller for a baby, you will have much use out of it for the next couple of years. I love the fact that I can open and close it quite readily, even carrying another kid in my other hand. In that way, Summer Infant has made it easy for us moms/dads to use the stroller. It also has an adjustable canopy for all those hot summer days, a carry strap for travel, and a cup holder.DSC_0408

In addition, the storage space on the Summer Infant 3D Lite is fantastic! It has an extra large storage basket for storing my diaper bag, blanket, and other summer necessities. Some other great features include having front wheel suspension and lockable front swivel wheels to prevent it from rolling down, when not in use.  It also comes with rear wheel locks.DSC_0412

As a mom, the lightweight frame allows me to transport the stroller from one spot to the next. With the summer coming up, we are going to take this stroller on a tour through our hometown and it needs to be a stroller that will make it. Because it is so light, I can take it on our many outings in Rhode Island, this summer. I am so excited! No worries if your child falls asleep on your many journeys this summer because it is has a multi-position recline to allow your child to sleep with a 5 point safety harness.DSC_0406

This stroller is incredible and comes in many different colors! I chose the pink color because I have one girl with another one coming soon! It is a vivid, easy, comfortable, and fun stroller to take me on my tour of Rhode Island this summer. I particularly love Summer Infant because they are a Rhode Island company and they have never failed to disappoint me on the many products I have purchased from them through the years!

This summer, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller is making its tour through the United States. It is a convenient and easy stroller that will allow many people to tour their own individual cities this summer. The Stroller Tour will tour North America as it makes its way through 12 cities in the United States and Canada with 12 blogs featured in total. Be sure to stay tuned by visiting here: Summer Infant 3D Lite Tour.

You all will receive the opportunity to win two 3D LiteTM Stroller four times a week with a giveaway happening on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday every week (on blog pages) and an extra chance to win two other strollers on the Summer Infant Facebook Fan Page.

Giveaway: 2 winners will each receive a 3D Lite Stroller- retail value $79.99. This giveaway is open to US and Canada, although certain colors will only be available. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. Make sure you tell me what you like about this stroller in the comment section proceeding this post. Good luck!
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  1. Kristin says

    I love the large basket underneath. Plus with my 4th on the way the fact it’s easy to fold while holding another is a big deal. Besides the obvious lightweight feature is very important!

  2. Jacqueline says

    I love the wheel tread/texture! It’s not just the dots that wear down or weird lines that fill up with dirt and make the wheels slick. This looks like an awesome stroller!

  3. Kimberly D. says

    I love that it reclines!! There is nothing worse then when my little one falls asleep in the stroller and his head is slumped over. This is a great stroller!!

  4. Megan A. says

    I love that is has the basket under it. I’m sure I carry more than I need, but it is nice to have a place to put it all!

  5. Margilyne W says

    I love that it is lightweight. I have a physical disability that limits what I can pick up, so this would be very helpful getting it in and out of the vehicle.

  6. Samantha Paixao says

    I love the lightweight and ease of use of this stroller as you have described it. My Mum is Nanny daycare and she needs a super easy stroller to take my little girl out into the world!

  7. Sharill says

    Definitely the light weight. I have an all terrain stroller but I absolutely need a light one for short trips that I can have handy in the car.

  8. Kara Jatoft says

    I love the bright colors to choose from. That way even if you have the same stroller as someone else yours is still unique.

  9. Cryssie Cherry says

    That it’s easily portable. I HATE that my current stroller won’t fit in the trunk of my Mountaineer without me folding the back row of seats down.

  10. Gina Hiskes says

    I love how compactly it folds! We have absolutely 0 trunk space with 4 kids and all of their stuff. I need one like this! And the bright colors are a huge plus as well.

  11. Asha says

    The fact that it is lightweight is the best feature! Heavy strollers? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  12. Briana M says

    I love how lightweight the stroller is. My little one loves to be held, so I love that I don’t have to use both arms to get it around.

  13. Renee Smith says

    I like that this stroller is lightweight and easy to transport. I really like the bright color options too!

  14. Cat C says

    I love how this seems perfect for that awkward toddler phase where you still have to carry a small bedroom but not enough where you need the big stroller!!! I need this so bad because we are officially in that awkward toddler phase in my house!

  15. says

    I am so excited to get my hands on this stroller! When you said it was easy to fold up while still holding my daughter… I am determined to try that. She doesn’t like to wait while I put the stroller away so the simpler the better. I also find it hard to find a light weigh stroller that adjusts and has a canopy with storage. The color selection is awesome to boot. It honestly has everything I wanted in a compact stroller.

  16. sharon b says

    i love how this stroller is light weight, easy to set up, 50 pound weight limit and generous sun shade.

  17. Nicole Van says

    I love how easy it seems to lift in and out of the car….also the safety of it along with the shade protection!!

  18. Megan C says

    I love that it’s lightweight and yet still reclines – definitely a must! Love the color options, too!

  19. Jennifer vecoli says

    I love how light and easy to use this stroller is! It’s definitely going to be a favorite for many moms!

  20. Sarah Ann says

    I like the design, color scheme and the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to use! What more can you want I’m a stroller?!

  21. says

    You are an awesome mom to be hauling kids around and 3 weeks from having another! Glad you found a stroller that made things easier on you! Lord knows I could use one too!! Thank you for a great review, i I do not win I may have to buy me one!!

  22. Nadine Drake says

    Even this arthritic grandma would be able to use this stroller because of it being lightweight and easy to fold! Let’s go slap some plastic at the mall!!!!

  23. Pam says

    The best feature for me is that it is lightweight which would make it easier when using public transport.

  24. Jennifer Pfeiffer says

    I love that it is light weight and there are so many colors to choose from! The orange one is my favotie!

  25. Sarah J Clark says

    I love that it is lightweight with out losing all the great qualities of a regular weight stroller. Also love all the colors.

  26. tonya Boose says

    I love that it has a huge storage basket, adjustable canopy and recline options! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. says

    These stroller look great. They are very easy to use , great colors and look like they would be easy to clean and fit in my small car with all my other “baby”stuff and my little one .

  28. Bree Frieden says

    I love how it looks light weight and small enough to fit in the trunk of my car, I also love the bright colors.

  29. Cherie says

    I like that it is small and has a storage basket still. Wondering if the handles are high enough or if you have to slouch?

  30. Amanda O says

    I love how small these strollers fold up! I don’t have much storage space in my car and this stroller would be perfect!

  31. C. Roberts says

    Reclining. You can get a lightweight stroller for traveling but they are not very comfortable. Or at least they do not look it. This looks like my kids would be comfortable riding in it.

  32. Blessie Nelson says

    I like the impression you are giving about its portability. It would make our tours and summers more fun!

  33. Jennifer P. says

    I like a few things “best” (sorry, can’t pick just one!) – that it is lightweight, can hold a child up to 50 lbs, has the ability to do a multi-position recline, and has super fun colours!

  34. Laura B says

    I love how light it is, we only have a jogging stroller and it only fits in my husbands suv not my sedan

  35. Carly D. says

    There is lots to love about this stroller! I like that it is light weight and folds up great for small spaces.

  36. Jackie says

    I love how it is lightweight, easy to fold, has great storage underneath the seat, nice cushion… And its affordable!

  37. Julie Lee says

    I love that it’s lightweight! That is so helpful when you’ve got a million other things to carry/push around!

  38. Becky VanGinkel says

    I love that it is lightweight but still has a basket underneath and is super sturdy! I also love the easy folding feature.. since I have 3 kids (10, 4, and 15 months) my hands are ALWAYS full and easy folding is a necessity ;) lol


  39. Debra S says

    I like that it is a strong stroller! A compact one yet a strong one. I WONDER how tall the handles are… that is my #1 complaint about MOST strollers- if you have to bend over too much, oh my gosh you hate to keep pushing it all day long.

  40. Natalie U says

    I love the bright, beautiful colors that are offered. I especially love the Carribean blue!
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  41. Cindy Odle says

    I love the portability! I can take it on the train to the city or load it in the car for long weekends without taking up too much space!

  42. Kayla C. says

    I definitely love that it’s light weight. I’m moving to a large city this year, and would love to retire our old, ridiculously heavy stroller. I have 3 girls and the pink one you’ve shown above rocks!

  43. Tina Hicks says

    With 3 grandbabies, under the age of 4 in the house, there is always a need for another stroller. Thank you for the giveaway and review.

  44. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love the basket underneath because most umbrella strollers do not offer this so it is nice!

  45. wendi watson says

    i love that its lightweight and it reclines some of those strollers back in the day were so friggin heart

  46. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I like that this stroller is portable yet looks to be comfortable too! Nice product! Thank-you!

  47. Alicia says

    Definitely the fact that it sounds like it’s light and wouldn’t be like lifting a car! Some of the strollers that are out now are just TOO HEAVY.

  48. Jessica Lodge says

    I love that it’s lightweight. As a NYC Mom I am always traveling by public transportation and having a stroller that is easy to carry is important.

  49. courtney b says

    it looks super light which is great because i’m so small. I cant carry our current stroller its too heavy!

  50. Rebecka Iverson says

    I love that it is taller than other lightweight strollers. Every other lightweight stroller I have to hunch over to push and this one you do not have to. This would be perfect would not have to fight over who is going to push the baby.

  51. Sheryl says

    I think it is great that 3D Stroller is lightweight, has large storage area and is available in many colors.

  52. Tina McCallum says

    I love my 4moms Origami stroller but it’s very heavy. It would be nice to have a lightweight option too.

  53. Jillian T says

    I love that it’s lightweight. It will make it so easy to load in the car or carry up stairs when necessary.

  54. Karen T Gonyea says

    I love that it’s lightweight – there is nothing worse than having to lug some heavy stroller around !!

  55. Aubree Larson says

    I like the fact that it’s new. With a new baby I’m on a limited budget already. But my husband lost his job in January and has only just been able to find a new one. We have bought a couple of used strollers only to have them junk out shortly after we bought them. Having a new stroller would be awesome! I also like that it’s lightweight and easy to steer.

  56. Megan C says

    I love that it’s lightweight AND features a recline. So many lightweight strollers lack that feature.

  57. Amanda P. says

    I love how small looking the stroller is and how much nicer looking these are than the cheap little $15 dollar strollers. I like how it has a carrying strap on it with that it would make it so much easier to carry in places to where it is out of the way and you still have your hands to do things

  58. Alona Y says

    I love that it’s so compact, which means I could actually fit it in my living room closet! The colors are really cute too.

  59. Jill Myrick says

    I like the extra large storage basket and the fact that both the back and front wheels lock.


  60. stephanie baker says

    i love that this stroller would fit in my small trunk space but let me have all the conveniences of a heavy duty stroller.

  61. Linda Bradshaw says

    I like that it has the light weight frame because heavy is no good especially being tired

  62. Lorayne Gothard says

    Of course you have to love that it is lightweight because it is easy to carry around, but the color is so pretty so I like that as well.

  63. christy colln says

    I love that it is lightweight…I am a small girl!! I am almost 6 months pregnant and I weigh 115 and I am gaining weight correctly if you can believe that!

  64. Evelyn Driver says

    I love that there is a canopy on it. So many of the smaller strollers are just open to the sun.

  65. Anna H says

    Love that it’s a light weight stroller that has a reclining system! The only reclining stroller I had was the big bulky one!

  66. Nicole S says

    It’s lite and doesn’t take much space up. Thank goodness! My car is tiny. These would be awesome.

  67. Paige Whitman says

    I love how lightweight it looks and it’s not to bulky. This would be perfect for strolling my princess around in. :)

  68. Marissa V. says

    I love how it would be super easy to carry for on the go…I like that even though its lightweight it doesn’t lack durability. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  69. Kelley Roach says

    I love that it’s lightweight! That is so helpful when you’ve got a million other things to carry/push around!

  70. Kara King says

    I Live The reclining feature!!! my Son ALWAYS Tried to lean back in His Stroller & It Scared me… Now, I Can Recline It!!! Awesome Feature… Also, It is Durable & lightweight which is Great!!!

  71. Christina Strapp says

    I really love that it is lightweight. Will be very easy to lug around. I also like the bigger basket for a umbrella stroller.

  72. Christina Strapp says

    I left a comment on this post-http://www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com/2014/07/the-new-kyocera-hydro-vibe-waterproof-4g-lte-smartphone-is-simply-amazing-sprintmom-mc/#comment-525271


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