Earjax® Echo Bluetooth speaker from BodyGuardz!- Now my music is pumping….

Music is an every day part of my life. I download so many songs to iTunes weekly that my library is almost full! Then at night, when I am cooking dinner and relaxing, I like to play my music on my iPhone. The problem is the volume on my iPhone is very minimal and I [...]

Angelcare Bath Support Baby Tub Review and Giveaway!

When Hayley and Zane were babies, I had the hardest time finding a tub that fit them comfortably. I remember I ended up bathing them in the sink because it was the only place I felt comfortable washing them. As infants, they are so small and I always worried that the tubs I had, were [...]

Disney’s Princess Palace Pets is a fan favorite!


As most of you know, Hayley is obsessed with Disney. We are leaving in a few short days to Disney and if I could show you her excitement, you would be amazed. Her favorite “toy” and her favorite collection is the Disney princesses. She seriously owns every single one. However now, there is a brand [...]

Crayola “Get Out and Create” Review and Giveaway!

**The Crayola product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Crayola.**

If you have young kids like mine, all they want to do all day is color and paint! I seriously can not get Hayley to stop coloring and painting. She loves to do it all day long! I love it because art [...]

Philips Norelco Shaver is my Husband’s New Best Friend!

My husband is known to cut himself every single time he shaves. It is actually quite embarrassing because he will walk out with tissue paper all over his cuts on his face. I laugh at him every single time and tell him, that he needs to throw those manual razors away! Luckily, we were sent [...]