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With the start of the school year, I try to really stress to my family the importance of eating healthy. While we tend to slack a bit in the summer with our frequent ice cream trips or beach foods, we are now ready to embark on eating a lot more clean!  While we are eating more healthier at home, I get worried what is supplied to my children at school. Did you know that by the time a kindergartener finishes high school, he/she will have eaten 2,300 school lunches, making the opportunity to impact childhood nutrition in schools very real?Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 8.15.30 AM

This is why I am very excited to support the Whole Kids Foundation on their mission to support eating healthy in schools nationwide!  Whole Kids Foundation™ , is a nonprofit committed to improving childhood nutrition by increasing the availability and consumption of fruits and vegetables, both at schools and at home.  The foundation just kicked off its annual fundraiser to support school salad bar and garden grant programs and nutrition education classes for teachers.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 8.15.14 AMDid you know that replacing one meal a day for a salad could translate into the reduction of 100 calories per day? That’s 10-pounds in one year!

The Whole Kids Foundation is on a mission to help out! Now through its annual fundraiser this September, the foundation hopes to raise $3 million to help schools across the country make healthier changes in the lunchroom and classroom through its three key programs: salad bars, gardens and nutrition education classes for teachers. The foundation has funded 2,600 salad bars and 1,600 school gardens giving more than 2.2 million kids access to healthier food since its inception in 2011. Whole Kids Foundation’s School Garden Grant Program, created in partnership with FoodCorps, is accepting applications now through Oct. 31. and applications for the Salad Bar Grant Program are accepted on an ongoing basis at wholekidsfoundation.org or saladbars2schools.org.

Whole Foods Market shoppers can also partake in the monthlong fundraising by:

  • Purchasing products from participating brands that give back including: Mrs. Meyers; Yellow 108; Peeled Snacks; Red Jacket Orchards; and High Mowing Organic Seeds. One percent of proceeds from each sale of these brands’ products at select Whole Foods Market will benefit Whole Kids Foundation programs.
  • Making a donation at the register during check out
  • Texting “SALAD” to 20222 to donate $10 to support additional salad bar grants to schools
  • Visiting Whole Kids Foundation online to donate and find ways to get involved at wholekidsfoundation.org

I was asked to create a salad recipe to support eating healthy and their initiative. I decided to tell you the recipe for our nightly recipe that we eat with most of our meals. It is simple, delicious, and easy to make!!


-5 grapes cut up

- 1/2 cup goat cheese

-3/4 cup spinach salad

-1/2 avocado cut into small 2 inch pieces

-2 TBLS olive oil

-2 TBLS balsamic vinegar


-1. Mix together the first 5 ingredients in a small bowl.

2. Then add the olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a small bowl.

3. Toss #2 over #3 and serve!

Simple, right?!

Will you help support the Whole Foods Initiative today?!



Win it: **Giveaway: One winner will receive a $50 Whole Foods Gift Card. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so please click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me some tips for getting your kids to eat healthier. Please put comments in comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest you filling them out to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!**



*We received a gift card in exchange for this post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.



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  1. Amy S says

    My kids are more likely to eat fresh fruits and veggies if they are hungry when I serve them. “Mom, I’m hungry” is often heard about 15 minutes before the meal is ready. Rather than giving them something junky to eat or listen to them nag, I cut whatever fresh veggies or fruits I have on hand and set them on the table. The kids will usually give those a try.

  2. Rosie says

    Be excited yourself! If they can see you are excited to go apple picking, making a new healthy recipe, having them help you with foods they like such as making their own pizza, etc. it helps!

  3. Kim Henrichs says

    Hide them! I make green smoothies and they have no idea they are full of good stuff. They think it’s something the Hulk would drink. :)

  4. D SCHMIDT says

    I try to encourage them to be healthier by being a good example, serving a different vegetable with meals every day and creating fruit and vegetable snacks

  5. Emi says

    Let them do the shopping! Our Whole Foods and Trader Joes have small carts. I let them push the carts and add in items that they want. The junkier food is all at our eye level not the kids so they get a lot of vegetables and fruits in the cart. (For whatever reason, the hot dogs at both of these local stores are on the top shelf)

  6. Janet F says

    My children are grown and they always liked vegetables.I used to make mixed veggie salads with every meal.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Ani says

    I just always have veggies and/or fruits at every meal & I have keep trying things until they get used to it. They also like to eat things more if they helped make it.

  8. Marcia Goss says

    It’s important to keep healthy foods on hand, so that when they’re hungry, they will reach for foods that are good for them.

  9. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says

    We never characterized veggies as yucky. My daughter still eats frozen veggies. Yes. She eats them frozen.

  10. says

    all but 1 of my 4 kids actually like veggies and fruits. The one who is picky, I have to just sneak it blended into his food. He actually will look in his food to see if there is anything “funny” in it, but if it’s blended, he’s none the wiser :)

  11. Michelle McCulloch says

    My daughter was pretty picky when she was little, I would always allow her to choose veggies and fruits when we were at the store and at home. Its proven kids will eat what they pick out more than if the parent does the choosing.

  12. kim s says

    A lot of the healthy foods are better tasting these days… instead of unhealthy desserts we have granola bars because they have so many different flavors and they’re delicious!

  13. Dorothy Teel says

    My grandchildren love raw veggies, so I try to keep them on hand, but when it comes to cooked veggies, they have to be hidden in spaghetti sauce, chili, meatloaf and the like

  14. Seyma Shabbir says

    I sneak veggies and make sure they me and hubby eating fresh fruits and veggies and say how yummy they are *very loudly* of course!

  15. Christy says

    I puree veggies and put them in soups and casseroles. My daughter doesn’t have a clue that she is eating so many veggies.

  16. Dee says

    We form cute shapes and designs for my littlest niece and disguise certain veggies in things such as pancakes and fruit in oatmeal. :)

  17. Katie Roch says

    My tip to get kids involved in preparing their meals both in the kitchen and by allowing to pick what healthy foods they’d like at the store.

  18. Cyrena Salinas says

    This would be awesome for a college student like me. This would help me out so much since I am having the hardest time looking for jobs.

  19. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Fruit is easy – the kids love most fruits as is. Then there are smoothies, salads, in/with yogurt, cereall pears, grapes and apples are all great with fruits – and if there are no allegies – open face sandwiches of peanut (or other nut/seed) butter topped with bananas or apples. And then of course, there are fruit desserts… : – )

    Veggies are harder – but it will help ENORMOUSLY and make a HUGE difference that will Last their ENTIRE LIVES of you:

    1. Start them out with fresh, delicious, well prepared (cook and/or raw) vegetable and veggie dishes.
    2. A lot of kids will be more open to ANYTHING with a little (OK a lot?) of cheese on it.
    3. REALLY LIKE salad, veggies and healthy foods yourself. Don’t assume and therefore send out a signal ahead of time that they are about to taste something yukky.
    4. NEVER feed your kids vegetable (and other healthy foods) as if it were some kind of PUNISHMENT and that Dessert is their Reward for doing something so awful.
    4, DON’T teach your kids to automatically assume that if it is “good for you” it is going to taste BAD. Just look at how many adults spend their whole lives believing that!

    Believe it or not, liking/CRAVING junky greasy/ fried, oversalted, sugary sweet foods IS an acquired and LEARNED/taught taste and behavior,
    which is not to say that we don’t have a perfectly natural taste for sweet, salty and fried foods. It’s just that there are GOOD one and BAD ones. Giving up JUNK food does not mean giving up delicious well balanced foods of all kinds. As my Grandma use to say, “You Are What You Eat.” Think about it.

    Use common sense (or whatever residual common sense that you have after all of your bad for your learned tastes! A little common sense – it really does does go a long way.

  20. Wild Orchid says

    I try to present the food in a fun way. Make funny faces with the food, or fun shapes.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  21. Meaghan F. says

    Find ways to hide veggies in everyday dishes like mac and cheese, and make healthy fruit dip to go with apples and grapes.

  22. Vunda V says

    i just tell them its really bad for you and they shouldnt eat too much of it – right now its working – until they catch on

  23. natalie parvis says

    I have a hard time getting my little one to eat healthy recently, so some of these tips in the comments are great. I’ve been going as far as bribing him in order to get him to eat healthy food. Terrible, I know.

  24. Kellie Conklin says

    Give them small portions of all different kinds of fruits and vegetables. In smaller portions the kids I watch are much more likely to eat more healthier foods.

  25. Alycia says

    I make smoothies with kale and spinach and fresh fruit – my little guy loves them. I also do muffins with tons of veggies and a little bit of fruit or carob chips.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  26. says

    I try to have healthy snacks on hand for my teens, such as fresh fruit and vegetables with dips. Also, I sometimes sneak veggies into dishes such as spaghetti sauce or chili.

  27. McDonuts says

    My kids have always eaten healthy. I make them eat at least 3 small bites and if they dont like it after those 3 bites they dont have to eat it. Usually after those 3 bites they love it anyway :)

  28. Brynn says

    Get them to help pick out the veggies to try and then help in the cooking too and they will be way excited to try it.

  29. Evita M says

    We try different methods of eating, like using chop sticks they concentrate on what they are doing not what they are eating. Great way to get them to try new things :)

  30. Michelle P. says

    I love the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. We also make sure they eat plain old, non hidden veggies and fruit too by making it fun. Sometimes it’s all about presentation. Smiling pepper mouths with olive eyes, snow covered (ranch) little trees (broccoli), etc.

  31. Sara Grivas says

    For PB&J’s I use almond butter. I also replace the bread with a whole grain wrap and add fresh strawberries and bananas!! Yum!!!!!

  32. Ashley C says

    I try to only have healthy options in the house for snacks so that unhealthy options aren’t even available


  33. kelly mcgrew says

    dont have children but mix healthy foods into your meals and they’ll never know! (flax seed in burger meat, pureed carrots in a soup, diced mushrooms mixed in taco meat and you’ll never taste it!)

  34. Denise says

    My kids always had fruit for “dessert”… they didn’t know any better until they were old enough that they didn’t have too much of a junkfood habit.

  35. MISSY MARIE says

    I never offered my kids anything but healthy snacks,they don’t know it exists if they don’t see it. as they get older,they choose fresh veggies and fruit and prefer water.

  36. april says

    Just be honest and tell them why you are feeding them healthy foods. This actually helped with my boys, ages 3-7!

  37. Desiree H says

    Make the healthy foods taste good. Also, do not make it a big deal, begging them or offering them things to eat the food. Just make it like any other meal..and feed it to them. There are A LOT Of healthy meals that taste great!

  38. alisa says

    use veggies with pasta or in casserole where they might not be as visible and cut fruits and veggies in fun cute shapes especially for lunch! Plus frozen grapes are especially good!

  39. Tina W says

    Having them help pick and/or prepare food. The more involved they are, the more adventurous they seem to be.

  40. Amber Carroll says

    I don’t keep “junk” food in the house AT ALL. Junk includes sodas, cookies, cake, Little Debbies, ice cream, juice, sweet tea, etc.
    We have water or milk with 90% of our meals. And those junk foods are called “sometimes” foods. Yes, my kids can have them, but only sometimes.
    Desserts are fruit or other things that taste sweet but are healthy.

  41. Kathleen Downes says

    My tip is to lead by example. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and my son has always liked them too.

  42. Amy Honious says

    we always used junk food as just a very rare treat. my kids would rather have string cheese, yogurt, celery & peanut butter or something similar instead of sugary snacks. if you start young and do not cave to the fast food industry, your kids will make the right choices when older. thanks for such a very nice giveaway!

  43. Brooke R. says

    My kids eat healthier when we grow the veggies ourselves. Also, when they help prepare the food they seem to be more invested.

  44. Vera P. says

    Never had a problem with getting them to eat healthy. I guess my tip would be to introduce veggies first, if veggies are the first thing you know, you don’t question it. Worked on both of my boys.

  45. Jeanette Ardiente says

    I get my children (both under 5) to participate in the cooking process. Both children love helping cook dinner by peeling garlic, husking corn-on-the-cob, or doing other simple tasks.

  46. Jennifer M says

    I put a fridge lock on since our 3 year old was constantly trying to get in to get ice cream sandwiches!

  47. Karen M says

    I always try to get the kids to help with meal prep, they seem to be more interested in eating when they have helped prepare. Thanks

  48. says

    my tip is that it’s all in the presentation. My kids will try anything that looks like it’s fun to eat i.e. cauliflower arranged on toothpicks like a snow man with cheese sauce for dipping

  49. Angela Neynaber says

    My kids just want to eat healthy on their owns but if I need to help them I will usually give them a dip for their veggies.

  50. Jill Myrick says

    My children love homemade soup. So if there’s a vegetable that I can’t get them to eat I just cut it up and place it in the soup.


  51. tallcapp says

    Cut vegetables and fresh fruit into strips and serve with either creamy salad dressing dip or peanut butter dip.

  52. marla says

    I have found in my experience that children are more likely to eat and try new foods especially if it looks good :}

  53. Jennifer Reed says

    One tip to get your kids to eat healthier is to only offer fruit or vegetables as snacks between meals if they are hungry. This cuts down some on in between meal snacking and get’s more servings of healthy fruit and vegetables in their diet.

  54. Renee Graham says

    Start them early on healthy foods. They learn to love and enjoy them. People are amazed at how many different fruits and veggies my grandkids like.!

  55. Hesper Fry says

    Incorporate healthy foods in your daily lifestyle and stay away from junk food and they will more likely stick with those eating habits.

  56. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice says

    I don’t buy junk food or soda or sweetened fruit juice. Only cook homemade meals. That’s all they’ve ever known and they love it.

  57. April V. says

    Start them early and make sure they are getting veggies at every meal. Grow a garden for veggies and have them help.

  58. asimina kaminis says

    never put out what you dont want your kids to eat, always put out healthy snacks, my kids love cucumbers, celery with ranch dressing.

  59. Karen Drake says

    I don’t keep junk food in the house and try to keep the fridge stocked with healthy snacks like baby carrots, apples etc.

  60. sheila ressel says

    I add extra veggies to everything I cook, including smoothies, and make a lot of breads with veggies in them.

  61. Angela Cisco says

    I keep baggies of finely chopped veggies that get added into different recipes/sauce without them knowing.

  62. says

    I think focusing on that “you’ll like…” aspect instead of the “you must…” aspect helps get kids to try things and not dig in their hills to refuse healthy foods just for the sake of refusal.

  63. Deanna Brown says

    Eat good you will grow big and strong like Dad. Works every time since he looks up to him as his super hero.

  64. Valencia says

    Sneak vegetables into foods. I chop up salad mix and put it on tacos. I use veggie pasta. I mix broccoli into casseroles.

  65. gina says

    Have all kinds of fruits and veggies already cut up and easily accessible for snacks and offer a variety of tasty dips with them, let them eat and dip with fingers, toothpicks, chopsticks, anything that makes it fun.

  66. Susan Johnson says

    I keep veggies interesting with herbed or honey butters, the use of salad dressing or a little melted cheese- I’d rather the doctored veggies be eaten than none at all.

  67. sandra schmitz says

    Never nag, it makes kids grumpy, serve small colorful portions, if they are real hungry, they will ask for more!!

  68. Sharon C says

    Serve individual portions baggies or plastic containers) of healthy snack foods (vegetables and fruits) so the kids can eat on the go when they choose. And serve healthy drinks like milk or vegetable drinks.

  69. carol says

    My one tip is don’t buy junk. If you don’t buy it, it’s impossible for the family to eat it. Stick with good wholesome foods!

  70. Debra s says

    I have a couple of kids who don’t like whole FRUIT sometimes, much to my complete shock. So I do smoothies for them. Then, some don’t like many veggies unless they have a sauce on them be it cheese or white sauce. So I try to make the thing so they will relish it.

  71. says

    Start them eating healthily YOUNG! Plus, sneaking veggies and fruits in smoothies with fun names/colors make them easier to handle for those super finicky little ones.

  72. Amy C says

    Gardening is an awesome way to help encourage kids to eat healthy. When the kids pick out what to grow, water and take care of the plants they are super excited to eat what they’ve grown.

  73. says

    I agree with others, saying that you should start them young. I also like to give my kids plenty of options. If I give them two different veggies, I only make them eat one. If they like both, great! If not, at least I know they’re getting some!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  74. Kelly Britton says

    Make the food on the plate look fun! Make the meal look like a flower or a boat or just about anything. The kids will love it!

  75. Sheila K. says

    I described the vitamins and other “good for you things” in the foods that we ate, and it worked. My kids now thank me for teaching them so much about nutrition, and encouraging them to eat foods that were good for them.

  76. Tara L says

    I always have fresh fruit and vegetables clean and ready to eat so when my son gets hungry he’ll go for them instead of something unhealthy

  77. Sarah Cool says

    making smoothies with veggie and fruit juice makes it fun for them and you can try to hide some of the strong veggie taste

  78. danielle Marie says

    i just eat healthy and they follow my lead. if they dont know it is “bad” they wont question it.

  79. says

    I always keep plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. Having our own garden is also helpful and our son plants his own little garden himself. He loves picking his “own” produce that we can fix for meals and snacks.

  80. Colin Glendon says

    A nice healthy variety of foods. Kids tend to get picky when you give them the one thing they want all of the time.

  81. Cindy Loo says

    Eat healthy foods yourself! Kids will see that eating healthful foods is normal, and they will go along with it!

  82. melina r says

    One tip to make kids eat healthier is to introduce one healthy item at a time and give them time first to like it before introducing another item.

  83. Saver Sara says

    Put veggies in everything and start them early on healthy eating. We also use common names like “candy bar” for healthier items like Larabars.

  84. Courtney says

    Show them fun ways to eat healthy food. Cooking with them, planning shopping lists, letting them help pick the best apples, etc at the food store. Involvement is key!

  85. says

    We keep tons of fresh fruit and veggies at hand for the kids to snack on. The most important thing to keeping kids eating healthy is to just not bring in unhealthy things. They will eat healthy if it is what they are given!

  86. Allison Downes says

    I like hiding veggies they don’t like eating in meals and I also lead by example and eat healthy myself!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  87. Melanie Montgomery says

    I find that if I act like veggies are bad for you, they want to eat them, they usually do the opposite of what I want ha

  88. Lorina Padgett says

    I get the kids involved in making the food as well as making food selections in the grocery store. It’s a win-win.

  89. Jenny says

    I think the best way to get kids to eat healthy is by setting a good example, and by buying healthy foods at the grocery store and planning the meals out in advance so you are not stuck to fast food options.

  90. Jackie says

    I leave cut up fruits and veggies in the fridge so they are easy for the kids to grab when they are looking for a snack.

  91. Julie Harris says

    That’s hard but it helps if they have a friend that likes something they would never try, we tell our daughter to try things all the time but if a friend eats something it suddenly becomes ok to eat lol

  92. Claire McKeon says

    Let the kid’s pick the recipe (out of a selection of healthy options), help with the shopping, the prep, cooking and serving. The more they are involved, the more pride they will take in it and the more likely they will try and like the food!

  93. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…tea, water, or milk are the beverage choices at our place: carbonated soft drink beverages are for special occasions only i.e. birthday party, etc.; also, we serve vegetables and/or fruit with every meal.

  94. Lisa Z says

    If I cut the vegetables up and put them where the kids can get them then they will eat those instead of sugary foods.

  95. socratesjr says

    Have a lot of healthy snacks handy so when they get the urge to snack you have something that isn’t bad (and ideally good) for them.

  96. janell wagner says

    start them young. My two grandsons LOVE red and green peppers, snack on them all the time since they were 1

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