Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel is a lifesaver!

* I received products for review. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

As a new mom, I am TIRED! Sure I am not sleeping much because she is only 11 weeks, but that does not mean, I can’t look good. The problem is I have dark circles under my eyes. So not a fan of this! Lucky for me, Dermagist sent me the Eye Revolution Gel to get my eye area looking fresh again!

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I had the chance to review Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel which I have been using for a few months now. This gel is used under the eyes for wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy eyes. I use it twice daily around the eyes and then put on my makeup. In just a short few weeks, I have noticed much less dark circles around my eye region. Gone are the days when I look like I am only getting 3 hours of sleep, even though some days I am!

If you are looking for a great eye gel, be sure to check out Dermagist. They are now selling Dermagist on the Buyer Review  site!  Place your order and save on this incredible gel!  This small bottle will last you months and retails for $99!

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  1. says

    I like Dermagist products, how did I not know that they had this eye gel?! I have the worst dark circles ever which are exacerbated by the little sleep I’ve been getting. I NEED THIS!!

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    I have never heard of Dermagist skin products before. I will have to check them out and this eye revolution gel sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    You have an 11 week old?! How did I miss this? I have a love hate relationship with that age. They’res till squishy and soft and starting to discover things..but they’re not sleeping through the night yet. lol

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