WaterSavers Review and a Great Giveaway Package (umbrella, totes, tumbler, bottle..)!

If you have read my posts in the past about us living green, you know I am very into trying my best to live a lifestyle where we recycle and reuse. We also make adjustments to our home schedule to accommodate trying to be green including limiting the amount of water we use. I have talked before that we limit our showers to three minutes and make sure we turn off the water in between brushing our teeth. Even small changes, will add up when we are talking about water conservation.424825_335319433171573_1311825361_a

It is very important to think about simple changes we can make in our lives to be a little more eco-friendly. WaterSavers®, a consumer awareness campaign from the International Carwash Association® (ICA),is committed to promoting the importance of using eco-friendly car washes that use less fresh water and return clean water back into the environment. They are committed to helping out with water preservation.

They compiled a list of 3  SIMPLE TIPS FOR CONSERVING WATER:422062_335344923169024_1732715865_n

1. How to Be Green and Clean Your Driving Machine – Keeping your car clean with regular washing is an important part of responsible maintenance, but washing at home with a garden hose can use more than 60 gallons of water in as little as five minutes. Furthermore, you’re putting harmful chemicals and detergents down storm sewers and that ends up polluting our rivers and streams.


You may be surprised to learn there is a greener way to keep your car sparkling: a professional car wash. A common misconception is that professional car washes waste water, when in fact the opposite is true. WaterSavers professional car washes, for example, use an average of no more than 40 gallons of fresh water per vehicle – less than the average home washing machine, which uses 41 gallons per load, according to the EPA. Professional car washes also responsibly dispose of — and in many cases recycle and re-use — the water runoff.


2. Go Green and Keep Your Whites White – It’s easy to take steps to conserve H2O and keep your wardrobe fresh. First, only run the clothes washer when you have a full load. Make this habit for both your clothes washer and dishwasher, and you can save up to 1,000 gallons of water a month, according to Wateruseitwisely.com.


You get extra green points if you use cold water when washing your clothes. Approximately 86 percent of the energy used by washing machines is for heating the water. Washing with cold water eliminates 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year from just one household, according to the Sierra Club.


3. Break Bad Bathroom Habits – Bathrooms are water hogs, accounting for about 75 percent of a home’s waterusage. Adopting a green mindset in the bathroom can save major water and money. Start by switching to a low-flow showerhead, which National Geographic says saves 15 gallons of water during a 10-minute shower. Keep the occasional bath for a special treat because the average tub takes about 70 gallons to fill, so showers are much more efficient.

So, do you follow any of these tips? Do you plan to implement any of these tips in your lifestyle? Be sure to check out WaterSavers to learn more about water conservation today!

Win it: One winner will receive a WaterSavers prize package including:

Tote Bag

·         Folding Umbrella

·         22 oz. Guzzy Water Bottle (filtering water bottle)

·         Jelly Stick Non-Slip Grip for Car Dash

·         16 oz. ThermalView Insulated Travel Tumbler

This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me what is your favorite water conservation tip in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. Good luck! Us only!

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*We received the above products for review purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Christine Stewart says

    We try to save water by not taking long showers & only washing large loads of clothes. Great tips!

  2. danielle lima says

    We never get car washes. Luckily we live in a state where it rains often, so we consider those days free car wash days.

  3. says

    We turn off the water while brushing teeth. But for me, a HUGE saver is filling the sinks when washing dishes. I fill it up. And turn off the water and use the water in the sinks. I have one sink for soapy water and the other for rinsing. So many people I know think that is unsanitary and simply keep the water running while they wash each dish individually with fresh running water. But for me, I grew up with a mom doing it this way. None of us died. We are all still good. Been doing it for 11 years myself. We’re all still alive. No one gets sick from it. :)

  4. says

    shut off the water and turn off the lights when you are not using them! Also reusable grocery bags and reusable lunch bags for your kids lunches.

  5. Nicole Howell says

    Turn off the water when brushing your teeth and scrubbing hands. I also limit showers to 5 minutes except when I am shaving.

  6. kelly Nicholson says

    What is your top tip for being green or water conservation

    drink coke…ok..just cut out stuff that’s not important

  7. Emi says

    Turn your lawn sprinklers on and leave an empty tuna fish or cat food can on the lawn. When the can is full that is all the water that your lawn needs.

  8. Emily Wells says

    I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, and I’ve also started turning off the water when I shower. Once I’m completely wet and my hair has been shampooed, I turn off the water while I soap up the rest of my body. I don’t know how much water it actually saves, but I figure it takes me 3-4 minutes to completely wash myself head to toe, and that’s a heck of a lot of water that runs down the drain during that time period, so I imagine I’m saving a lot! I also have a HE front loader washer, and I only run it and the dishwasher when I have full loads.

  9. Georgia Beckman says

    I do only currently run the dishwasher when it is REALLY full & only wash clothes when we have full loads.

  10. Dawn Monroe says

    My family have learned alot about conservation this month due to earth day.There school had them doing several projects. During one of them our family pledged to do less laundry and always do full loads We are also doing more clothes drying outside.

  11. Jessica Rose says

    Top for being green: Get creative! There’s so much you can do with up-cycling. Re-use!

  12. says

    Unplug anything you’re not using, since that sucks a lot of energy just by being connected. In terms of water, taking showers vs baths!

  13. Danielle P says

    Being green- I turn off the lights when they’re not in use, turn off the water when brushing my teeth. We recycle and upcycle too.

  14. Julie B. says

    always recycle, turning lights off when not in use, turning off water when brushing my teeth

  15. Michele P says

    in addition to turning water off when showering/brushing teeth instead of letting it run while sudsing up, make sure you get energy efficient (electricity wise and water wise) washers to save on water consumption.

  16. April V. says

    I take five minute showers and I always use the cold water in the washing machine and never use the heat dry on the dishwasher.

  17. diane Baum says

    Not heat rooms which get little use, stop taking baths and use the cold cycle when washing clothes

  18. Jennifer Reed says

    We only wash dishes when dishwasher is completely full. This year our city has required us to conserve water by only watering our lawns twice weekly.

  19. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    When we buy bottled water on road trips, my husband saves the bottles and refills them for later use.

  20. Gina Ferrell says

    We turn off the water when we brush our teeth and turn off lights when we are not in the rooms.

  21. Erika JM says

    We use a pitcher with water filtration already inside. That way, we can drink water from the sink, that is already filtered.

  22. susan smoaks says

    to save water i turn the water off when i brush and we take short showers instead of baths

  23. meme says

    I have a double sink and fill one with soapy water and one with rinse water so I am not constantly running the water when washing dishes.


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