A little fun fact about Melissa!!

I thought I share a photo of what I used to look like about 10 years back. I talked about in my 50 things you didn’t know about me post, that I have naturally black hair. So for the first time, I present to you Melissa with my natural color hair (black) and Melissa today- a blonde!

*Note- I was 40 pounds heavier 10 years ago*

2002 during my dental school years:


during college- I am on the right:






So what do you think? Do you like me better with blond or black hair?

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  1. says

    um, you look totally adorable either way. so jealous you can pull off both looks LOL! i have always always wanted to go all blond but i feel like my hair is so dark i can’t pull it off.

  2. maria says

    I love both colors on you!! I would never know you had black hair because you look beautiful with blonde…some people can’t pull off blonde when they have dark hair. I was one of them. Oh my, I will have to post pics sometime…it was scary!! Hahaha! The dark hair is stunning with your blue eyes. It’s so fun you can wear either color!!

  3. says

    I prefer you as a blonde. NOT that I don’t like you the other way, but I think the blonde suites you. I once tried to go blonde (with the help of a “friend”) and the next day I had to go to a salon to get them to fix it back to dark brown! :(

  4. Mommy Talk With Steph says

    Thanks for sharing some adorable pictures of you! I also am jealous that you can pull of both looks! I would look like a psycho with blonde hair! But anyway…..I will say blonde because that’s how I know you. But both look great! Thanks for sharing! Love you, my friend!

  5. says

    I love the brunette look, mostly because it seems like less upkeep, and I’m a big fan of the natural look. I also think it brings out the color of your eyes more.

  6. says

    I think you can pull off both! I am dark haired and occasionally switch to blond, but can’t handle the upkeep as much as I like it. I love looking bad at the good and bad changes over the years.

  7. Lori Doherty says

    You look great both ways… not many people can pull that off! But, your eyes just POP like crazy as a brunette!!!! It’s stunning!!

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