50 things You Didn’t Know About Me-Melissa:)

My Rhode Island blogging friends did this post last week and I thought I would join in on the fun! I thought it would be a fun way for my readers to learn a little bit about me personally, since I seem to always talk about my kids:)


1. I graduated college in 3 years. I did a 7 year college-dental plan with 3 years being at Lehigh University and 4 years of Dental School at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

2. I am a practicing dentist who works three days a week (20 hours a week). I have been practicing for close to 10 years now…Gasp! My 10 year Dental Reunion is in May.

3. Dental School was the hardest 4 years of life, in every which way possible, but I survived and met some great friends.

4. I entered Dental School at 20- I was a youngin’- I could not even go to a bar with my friends:(

5. I used a fake ID 2 weeks before my 21st birthday and got busted. I ended up losing my license for 6 months, but nothing ever got put on my record. I never did anything wrong when I was young, so I got a free pass from my parents. This was the only dumb thing I did in my life.

6. I got robbed in Dental School.

7. I gained 35 pounds my first year of Dental School. I lost it over the summer going into my second year and never gained anything back in the past 10 years!

8. I have naturally jet black hair but have been coloring it for the past 10 years. I love being blond but everyone said they loved me with black hair, and wish I would go back.

9. I think the saying is true- blonds have more fun:)

10. I was in a very bad dating relationship in my life. I have learned that I never wanted to be treated the way I was, and in turn ended up marrying the greatest guy who walked the face of the planet (he is too me anyway)

11. I honestly think my husband is the nicest person I have ever met.

12. My husband is also a dentist (orthodontist).

13. We never talk about dentistry at home.

14. We are fanatics when it comes to our kids teeth-duh!

15. I am an avid tennis player. I play three times a week.

16. I played tennis till 39 weeks pregnant with both kids.

17. As a result of #16, I lost all my pre -pregnancy weight one month post partum both times.

18. I am a huge chocolate fan but I try to limit it to a special treat.

19. I am also a spin fantatic but don’t have the chance to spin that much with all the tennis.

20. I gained exactly 29 pounds with both pregnancies.

21. I gained 24/29 pounds in my first trimester with Hayley- true story!

22. I lost 2 pounds in the first trimester with Zane.

23. I love the name Zane but my husband never really did. I won on that battle.

24. Both of my grandparents never got to see any of their grandchildren:(

25. My son Zane is named after my grandma, Zelda.

26. My daughter Hayley is named after my grandma, Helen.

27. My mom is one of my best friends. I tell her everything.

28. My sister is a pop singer and tours nationally.

29. My dad is a CPA, my mom is a calculus teacher, and I love math- it was always my best subject.

30. I was a huge dork when it came to studying when I was younger.

31. Hawaii is my favorite place to visit- I have gone twice in a 18 month span.

32. I hope to get a house in Hawaii when we retire.

33. I have been talking about going to Japan for years now. I am finally going this summer!

34. I got deathly sick in Mexico and will never return! It was that bad.

35. I gained 10 pounds on my honeymoon but it was mostly water weight.

36. I have been on 20 cruises. I love to cruise!

37. My first kiss was in sixth grade. He is my Facebook friend.

38. I love to blog.

39. Blogging has gotten very busy for me, that I have to hire a babysitter some days to get it done- but it is worth it.

40. My favorite movies are Primal Fear and Vanilla Sky.

41. My favorite actor is Edward Norton.

42. My favorite television shows are Private Practice, Greys Anatomy, ParentHood, True Blood, and Revenge.

43. I have met some great friends through the blogging and twitter world. I hope to meet them all!

44. I went into the hospital at 9 cm dilated and had no idea I was having contractions.

45. Both of my kids were born with very dark hair and a lot of it.

46. First words out of my OB after he delivered Zane was “Oh my G-d”. He then paused for a few seconds while I had a minor heart attack and continued his sentence -”He has so much hair”

47. I absolutely love being a mom to Hayley and Zane.

48. I want one more child.

49. My husband is done. You see a dilemma? I think he will cave eventually…

50. I hope to volunteer in the kids oncology department in our local hospital. It has always been something I wanted to do to give back.


Hope you enjoyed and learn some fun facts about me.

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  1. says

    Wow. I don’t know where to comment first!! Good for you for blog growth!!! I always love reading your posts, so keep them coming :) And go volunteer~ it will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done.

    Nice to learn more about you :)

  2. says

    LOVE this post!! Learned so much! My lil brother in law is currently at Lehigh. I can’t picture you getting into trouble!
    I just highlighted my hair and intend on getting lighter as the spring nears. :)
    I hope to get to Hawaii sometime soon… looks amazing!

  3. says

    This is such a fantastic post!

    It’s so cool that you went to school so close to where I live [and where I had both of my surgeries]. And that you and your husband are both in dentistry.

    I love the reasoning behind your kids’ names.

    I’m curious about who your sister is now, by the way.

  4. Anita Anderson says

    wow so many things. I lived in RI for close to 9 yrs. It is a small state and you see everyone once or twice a week there. I see you like chocolates. Mmmm makes me wonder who keeps all the halloween candy. lol. Thanks for sharing

  5. says

    It really is nice to know more about you, Melissa. I can’t believe you have time for work, kids, exercise and blogging! You are super woman for sure. Thank you for sharing. I sure appreciate it. Personal posts are always my absolute favorite. {I’d love to see a photo of you with black hair now!}

  6. says

    It is always nice to learn new tidbits from fellow bloggers!! Well, lets see: way to go on being so active while pregnant!! I would love to go to Hawaii. What did you eat in Mexico? Most important, where?!

  7. says

    Super impressed how you lost all the pre-pregnancy weight both times within a matter of a month! You are an inspiration to me, lol!

    This post was really fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

  8. says

    I always wondered where your kids got their super awesome dark hair from! ha! I never knew you dyed your hair! Being blonde really is fun isn’t it!?!?

    Oh, and I want to know who your sister is that is a pop star and is traveling. That is quite cool! I love getting to know you more!

  9. says

    I love reading these!

    I would have never guessed that you had all black hair although I have wondered how your kids got such dark hair.

    20 cruises?? I’m still waiting to go on ONE. Ha!

    You’re an inspiration with your weight loss and tennis playing. Makes me want to get moving!

  10. says

    This is a great post. I may have to do the same thing on my blog. I do have to admit that I have a phobia of dentists, though. My husband is the one that has to take the kids to the dentist. I know it is irrational but it is what it is.

  11. says

    Do you love being a dentist? It seems like it would be a good job to have…but I bet you’ve seen some gross stuff too! I am routing for you and hope your husband caves and you have a cutie third! I love Hawaii too…and so jealous you have gone so often. I totally would not have guessed that you had black hair!

  12. says

    Melissa, was so fun to learn more about you. I think you look gorgeous–black or blonde hair :) Check this out too–my mom was a calculus teacher and my dad is a CPA! So crazy!

  13. says

    That’s really sweet that your kids have special namesakes.

    I have the same dilemma with my husband on having more babies lol!

  14. says

    I love learning more about you. You look great as a blonde! One day you should do a post called “Throwback” and show a picture of you with dark hair. :)

  15. maria says

    I love love love this post. Melissa!! It was so much fun to read and learn more about you!! I had no idea your hair was naturally black…I bet it would look amazing on you…you look great as a blond!! So awesome – all that you completed in your 7 years of schooling!!
    My nani’s name was Helen too! :)
    Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re doing well! Xoxox

  16. Jodi says

    I think I need start vacationing more, I have never been on one cruise! Love your list and I totally agree with you about Hawaii. We can hang out on each others lanais and drink cocktails together! Xoxo

  17. says

    This was fun! Wow, dental school at 20!!!! That’s really awesome! I hope your husband caves. You two make some beautiful children!