TruGreen- Getting Backyards Ready for the Spring! #TruGreen #MC

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for TruGreen. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.*

logo TruGreen  Getting Backyards Ready for the Spring! #TruGreen #MCHere in the Northeast we had a long, cold, snowy winter this year. As the weather finally turns to spring my family and I are bursting to get outside. My two little kids cannot wait to get back to their swing set and tree house, and I can’t wait to start cooking on the grill, and look forward to sitting outside and reading in the sun.  As the snow melted and the lawn peeked out recently, I realized we had a lot of work to do to prepare our lawn for all the upcoming spring, and summer fun. First of all I had to pick up those stray little toys that had been out there hiding under the snow all winter. Then I turn to the experts to bring back that lush green lawn that my children love to run around on.  For this I turn to TruGreen because I want to get our lawn off to the right, healthy start to carry it through the season. Their specialized lawn services are designed to nurture your grass at the key stages during the year and take into consideration the climate, grass type, soil condition and usage for each individual lawn.DSC 12622 1024x682 TruGreen  Getting Backyards Ready for the Spring! #TruGreen #MC

We have been using TruGreen for a couple of years now and I am so completely happy with their services. They have done everything from Spring Clean up to getting my lawn in tip top shape for the summer. When I look at my lawn, I get completely defeated because the winter really made it look really “dead” for a lack of a better word. However, after them doing the initial Spring clean up and getting my lawn summer ready, I know I will have that gorgeous grass back in my backyard and surrounding my house. After all, not only is it important for me to see a nice lawn, but it most certainly adds value to my house. We are the first house on the block and everyone must pass our house to go around our development. By having a nice lawn, our house looks better and is a nice feature when people drive around and see the house. The lawn is one of the first things they see, as we have quite a bit of property around my house that is grassed in.  I am most proud that overall our lawn is one of the main attractions of our house and we have a lot of lawn space to play and entertain!

DSC 12611 1024x682 TruGreen  Getting Backyards Ready for the Spring! #TruGreen #MC
This year I’m excited for the TruGreen Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes from now through April 18, 2014. In the sweepstakes TruGreen will be giving away fantastic prizes to get America’s backyards ready for spring. I am definitely entering and you can enter the TruGreen Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes too for a chance to win one of 30 daily prizes. Prizes include outdoor grills, fire pits and lawn furniture, along with a grand prize $10,000 backyard makeover by TV host Jason Cameron! Enter here: TruGreen Sweepstakes.  My dream lawn would incorporate a beautiful area for my kids to play with complete with a gorgeous fire pit and some perhaps a new grill.  You need to enter to win though, right?! 
Screen Shot 2014 04 11 at 8.04.00 AM TruGreen  Getting Backyards Ready for the Spring! #TruGreen #MC
The spring brings such a feeling of renewal, and having a healthy, green lawn reinforces that feeling.  Not only does our yard provide the backdrop for all our warm weather fun, but it makes our home look beautiful, and enhances the neighborhood value overall.  Our yard basically becomes our outdoor living room when the weather is nice. We love to entertain, and eat our meals on the deck. As for the kids they just want to be outside all the time, we practically have to drag them in at night to put them to bed in the summer.  They spend ALL of their time outside on our line. We do games, sandbox fun, barbeques, and more all on the lawn. We really wouldn’t have it any other way. When our lawn is in good shape, it is just a pleasure to be outdoors in the beautiful weather. O.K., I confess, having the kids play outside all day also means a whole lot less of a mess in the house to clean up at night for me! It also means, I can finally get working on that gardening project I want so bad this year!
DSC 1263 1024x682 TruGreen  Getting Backyards Ready for the Spring! #TruGreen #MC

Here is a video on insights and tips to enjoy a good Spring season with a great lawn:

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Space-Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder from Staples! #StyleYourSpace

Keep reading because Staples has just introduced a brand new shredder, the Space-Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder. Staples partnered with Real Simple to highlight this shredder as a stylish alternative to the clunky eye-sores we usually find in home offices!

I finally have a home office! I should say almost as the walls are finishing being painted as I type! This is all very exciting to me because as a blogger, I was usually confined to my bedroom to get work done. Now, I can have my own space and one thing that I definitely am putting into this space as soon as it is finished is the  Space-Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder from Staples. I have had quite a few shredders through the years but most of them  are very clunky and take up too much space. The Space-Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is a sylish alternative to the clunky eye-sores we usually find in home offices!

To add less space, this shredder is compact enough to fit in the corner of your office. It has a slim design that takes up less space, has an easy emptying bin and makes shredding at your desk virtually effortless.  The features on this shredder are really second to none too! First off, the 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder  features a hassle-free paper feed which allows for easy no look shredding. You never have to bend or crouch making for effortless shredding. I know getting the amount of papers I get to my home, I tend to do a lot of shredding the old school way. It really hurt my back to have to shred them one piece at a time. Using the shredder with a hassle-free paper feed, makes it so much easier to do shredding.

  Space Saver 10 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder from Staples! #StyleYourSpace

It also features an easy emptying design-you can pull out and empty the bin in one easy motion. It takes all of a second to do all the motions out of emptying the bin. Again with previous shredders, I was always annoyed how the bin got stuck and I always had to call on my husband to help fix it. I have never had a problem with this shredder.    Space Saver 10 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder from Staples! #StyleYourSpace

This paper shredder  has a 5.0 gallon bin size.  It will shred paper, staples and credit cards.  At only 8 inches wide, the product is designed to fit in several tight places including under most desks without taking up a lot of space. Here are some additional information about the shredder:

  • 10-Sheet, Cross-Cut, Personal Shredder, Shreds Credit Cards and Staples
  • 4 minute continuous run time
  • 5-gallon pull-out bag-ready bin
  • Slim design: At just 8″ wide, it’s perfect for tight workspaces
  • Hassle-free paper feed: Easy, “no look” shredding means never bending or crouching
  • Easy Emptying: Pull out and replace the bin in one, simple motion
  • Shreds up to 6.56 ft/min
  • Cross-Cut shred size: 0.16″ x 1.97″
  • Auto Stop and Start
  • Bin Full Indicator
  • Overheat indicator
  • Vertical Intake
  • Slide Switch – Rev/Off/Auto/Fwd
  • Dimensions: 24.60” H x 18.00” W x 8.50” D
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

Staples also recently partnered with Real Simple to help people to style and organize their small spaces to maximize their productivity. Real Simple Home Editor, Stephanie Sisco, has shared her tips and secrets into her beautifully designed workspaces to inspire people to organize their own offices. Stephanie, along with Real Simple and Staples, came up with some incredible tips sheets to help everyone “style their space.” I hope you enjoy them:

unnamed  Space Saver 10 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder from Staples! #StyleYourSpaceunnamed 2  Space Saver 10 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder from Staples! #StyleYourSpaceunnamed 1  Space Saver 10 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder from Staples! #StyleYourSpace



*I received a shredder from Staples in exchange for my review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

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Earjax® Echo Bluetooth speaker from BodyGuardz!- Now my music is pumping….

Screen Shot 2014 04 10 at 10.44.13 AM Earjax® Echo Bluetooth speaker from BodyGuardz!  Now my music is pumping….Music is an every day part of my life. I download so many songs to iTunes weekly that my library is almost full! Then at night, when I am cooking dinner and relaxing, I like to play my music on my iPhone. The problem is the volume on my iPhone is very minimal and I have a hard time hearing it from one room to another. Now  thanks to BodyGuardz, they invented the Earjax Echo Bluetooth Wireless System so I can hear my music loud and clear wherever I am in my house.

When you receive your Earjax, you will get the fabulous wireless bluetooth speaker, microfiber bag, charging cable, and operating instructions. To operate the Earjax, you simply set up  the USB adapter between the speaker and your smartphone, iPad, or other device that plays music. There is a power button on the speaker to turn it on and a microphone for volume adapters. Once you are done, there is a charging port, so your device is ready to go next time you need to use it.DSC 1261 1024x682 Earjax® Echo Bluetooth speaker from BodyGuardz!  Now my music is pumping….

The Earjax plays top quality sound performance in a sleek and simple portable desktop speaker. What I love best about this speaker, is it is so compact, that you can readily take it with you wherever you go. For example, my friend had a party last weekend, I was able to throw the speaker in my pocketbook and transport it easily to her house. We then had music pumping the whole night and the best part is, the speaker played the music so clearly! Earjax Echo takes audio design to the next level by putting the value back into usability.

The Earjax Echo Bluetooth is available in white and black and is available for $79.95 on the BodyGuardz website. Here are some more additional information about this speaker:earjax echo bluetooth speaker black Earjax® Echo Bluetooth speaker from BodyGuardz!  Now my music is pumping….

.       Comes standard with an internal microphone allowing the device to double as a speaker phone, making hands-free calling easier and more accessible than ever

·       With a wireless range of up to 30 feet and an impressive battery life lasting up to 10 hours, your music and phone calls never sounded so good

Please check out the Earjax Echo Bluetooth speaker today to take music to the next level at home or on the go!



*I received a speaker for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


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Sofia the First- The Floating Palace DVD is now available!

A couple of months ago, Hayley waited anxiously for Sofia the First- The Floating Palace to come on television. I remember my husband set her calendar to reflect the day it was going to come on. Both of my kids sat through it and kept asking for more and more Sofia the First- The Floating Palace. Since they both love Sofia, they immensely enjoyed this movie that featured all their favorites. Now this great hit is available on DVD and you will want to pick it up for your children today!F4554A6E 5B51 4F47 97B0 7F9CAFF017CB Sofia the First  The Floating Palace DVD is now available!

 Witness her transform into a mermaid to help save her new mermaid friends from danger and be on the look out for Princess Ariel’s cameo. The DVD includes three bonus episodes and FREE exclusive friendship bracelets!  Oh and the bracelets are so cool- Hayley never wants to take them off!

 Synopsis:                                 Do YOU believe in mermaids? You will – when you set sail on a magical full-length adventure under the sea with Sofia the First! After Sofia helps a young mermaid named Oona, Sofia’s amulet grants her the power to transform into a mermaid and visit her new friend’s secret underwater kingdom. But when Cedric (disguised as a sea monster) plots to steal Oona’s enchanted Mermaid Comb, danger surfaces for both worlds. With a little help from special guest, Princess Ariel, Sofia embarks on an adventure to rescue Oona. Overflowing with oceans of song-filled fun – plus three more exciting episodes – Sofia the First: The Floating Palace proves that when families and friends work together, they can weather any storm and save the day!

 Background:                          Disney Junior’s “Sofia the First,” which follows the adventures of Disney’s first little girl princess, Sofia, who is learning how to adjust to royal life after her mom marries the king, is the #1 TV series with Girls 2-5.* The November 24, 2013  premiere of “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace” became the #2 telecast in cable TV history in Kids 2-5 and Girls 2-5, and the #2 preschool cable TV telecast ever in Total Viewers and Women 18-49, behind only “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.” **


Talent:                                      Ariel Winter (ABC TV’s “Modern Family”) as Sofia; Sara Ramirez (ABC TVs “Grey’s Anatomy”) as Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady (TV’s “Let’s Make A Deal”) as Clover; and Tim Gunn (TV’s “Project Runway”) as Baileywick


The kids absolutely love this DVD and I thought it was one of the best Sofia’s to be quite honest. The kids loved seeing Sofia turn into a mermaid and going to help out her friend. The idea of a floating palace was brilliant and the graphics in this DVD are second to none. I highly recommend picking up this DVD today! Who can resist mermaids?!


*I received an advanced copy of this DVD from Disney. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*




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Keep Good Going- My Journey to Becoming a Dentist

This post was sponsored by New York Life. Find out how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going by visiting

Recently I came across My Uncle’s Gift about the story of young boy becoming a filmmaker with inspiration from his uncle. It really got me thinking about my own journey…

When I was young, I always said I wanted to be some sort of doctor when I grew up. I had no idea what kind but I was drawn to helping others. As I was going through my studies in high school, it became apparent to me that I really excelled in math but I struggled in a few science classes. I vividly remember having a hard time with physics, although I did quite well in chemistry and biology. At the same time, my mom found a newspaper cutting for applicants to a 7 year bio dental/bachelor program that I really wanted to apply for but was scared out of my mind.

My mom told me even though I had some trouble with physics, I should put my application in and try. Afterall, it is all about trying! I decided the next night, I was going to fill out the application and try my best in getting an acceptance. At the time, they only accepted 4 students to this program, so I knew my chances were slim. With my parents having faith in me and pushing me in the right direction, I submitted the application and 5 months later got accepted. I was going to be a dentist and better yet, was going to do it in 7 years at an Ivy League Dental School. If it wast not for mom having faith in me, I don’t think I would be where I am today. I will always be eternally grateful to her. She taught me the life lesson of having confidence in myself, even on those days when I felt really down.

With the holidays coming up, I really take time to reflect on showing my kids the importance of doing good. I suggest you check out this video above  and then keep good going by sharing a life lesson or story of your own on how the video applies to your own life. Be sure to Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going and find out about  My Uncle’s Gift.


 Keep Good Going  My Journey to Becoming a Dentist

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