Join me at the #PriceChopperB2S Twitter Party 8/27 12-1 PM!

unnamed 22 1024x561 Join me at the #PriceChopperB2S Twitter Party 8/27 12 1 PM!



unnamed5 Join me at the #PriceChopperB2S Twitter Party 8/27 12 1 PM!

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Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party that talks about easy and convenient meals for back to school! On Wednesday, August 27th from 12-1 pm ET, please join us for the #PriceChopperB2S Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing Price Chopper Back to School Meal Solution Centers, and giving you a chance to win prizes!

School time is already upon us! Can you believe it? If you are struggling for creative meals to cook up for this school year, look no further than Price Chopper.  They have all the ingredients and foods necessary to make some easy breakfasts, quick school lunches, and dinners without much effort on your part. We will be talking about all the great food items that you can purchase at Price Chopper, so come join us. It is going to be a great party that you do not want to miss!

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DATE: Wednesday, August 27th

TIME: 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET

EARLY BIRD:  (1) $50 Price Chopper Gift Card

PRIZES: 5 – (1) $100 Price Chopper Gift Card

HOSTS:  @dawnchats, @dentistmel, @Mammamoiselle, @MommaDandDaBoyz & @JManMillerBug

BRAND:  @PriceChopper

RULES:#PriceChopperB2S Twitter Party Official Rules

RSVP & PARTY GRID:#PriceChopperB2S Twitter Party Page


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I love Zane’s New BookShelf from ACE Baby Furniture

* We received the below product for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 9.14.13 PM I love Zanes New BookShelf from ACE Baby FurnitureDSC 10601 1024x682 I love Zanes New BookShelf from ACE Baby FurnitureWe completed Zane’s room a few years ago but the one item that we desperately needed in his room was a bookshelf. Zane has over a hundred books but he had no where to put them. Every night, I would go in there and there would be books everyone and anywhere. I was getting sick of it but could never find a bookshelf I quite liked. That is until I found out about ACE Baby Furniture and their amazing products!DSC 1055 1024x682 I love Zanes New BookShelf from ACE Baby Furniture

With superior quality and craftsmanship, their collection of double-sided mobile bookcases and closets make it perfect for kids to store their toys, clothes, books, and so much more! They are available in 3 different animal designs and 5 different colors. They are also measured for children’s height so they can easily reach their belongings without having to call mom/dad to help them out.

It was really a tough choice to figure out what we should put in Zane’s room but we ultimately went with the lion design, since that is the one he wanted. When we received it in the mail, it was quite easy to put together and in no time at all, we began storing his books in his brand new bookshelf. This is a trDSC 1058 1024x682 I love Zanes New BookShelf from ACE Baby Furnitureue piece of furniture that would fit fantastically in any room. The best part is because of the animal designs, it is geared towards young children, and will continue to grow with school aged children and up! It is not “babyish” but still has that youth feel. It is a wonderful bookshelf for anyone on the hunt for a gorgeous place to keep their kids books in an organized and fashionable way.noname I love Zanes New BookShelf from ACE Baby Furniture

The quality of this bookshelf is truly second to none. The wood materials used are incredibly durable and beautiful. The whole bookshelf adds a beautiful decor to his room. Each product from ACE Baby Furniture is handcrafted and has the consumer in mind. They want you to be happy with your purchase and feel the best way to do that is by offering affordable and gorgeous furniture pieces, that are individually hand inspected for quality insurance.

I can’t rave enough about this bookshelf and truly feel it is one of the best piece of furniture in Zane’s nursery! Along with the ACE Bookshelf, they also make workstations and wardrobe hanging furniture sets. If you are looking for a great baby furniture place, be sure to check out ACE Baby today!


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The MOM Method to Organize Myself and My Kids!

*This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*banner 1024x124 The MOM Method to Organize Myself and My Kids!

Have you heard of the M.O.M. Method parenting tool to help teach kids how to become more self-reliant? If not, trust me…you NEED the M.O.M. Method! The M.O.M. Method delivers a way for us moms to prepare our kids for tomorrow by teaching them valuable life skills along the way today. Let’s face it there are times when we all need a built in parenting partner, and now the M.O.M. Method is here for us!

M.O.M. stands for Manage and Organize Myself, and is an online program that guides parents and kids in building time management skills through interactive Web and mobile based tools. The program has parents and kids working together to help kids learn independence, whether it’s getting themselves up and ready for school in the morning or tackling homework, bedtime routines or household chores without parental nagging or micro-managing. Kids love the confidence they get when they are able to achieve tasks on their own, and parents love seeing their children able to care for themselves. Learning to be self-sufficient is a life skill that helps kids develop into happy, successful adults.Screen Shot 2014 08 19 at 9.22.25 AM The MOM Method to Organize Myself and My Kids!

With a new baby I needed my older two to become more self-sufficient as I tend to our newborn. Things like Hailey learning to tie her own shoes or Zane being able to get himself a juice-box when he’s thirsty are huge helps when you are trapped on the couch feeding your newborn, trust me! These seem like small tasks, but it makes my kids realize that they CAN do some things for themselves, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment. I love having my kids as great little helpers these days, and the M.O.M. Method gave me great tools to teach them how to get there. It helps to simplify your life and empower your children.

Using tools like point systems, reporting tools, calendars, planning, time management, and task management tools there are a ton of ways to help both parents and kids get the hang of staying organized and on-task. With a step-by-step guide kids can learn to do more and more tasks all by themselves. Kids progress in stages of independence from stage one, which focuses on time management and personal care, stage two which is planning routines and stage three tackling longer term planning and events. Each at the child’s own age appropriate pace.

Now is the perfect time to jump-start your kids’ time and task management skills for back-to-school season, so I recommend you give The M.O.M. Method a try. We all need a little help as parents sometimes, and using the M.O.M. Method has allowed me to get some of that help by teaching my own kids how to help themselves.




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Dr. Jonathan Aviv – Dangers of Acid Reflux!

*My interview with Dr. Aviv was partnered. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

I had the chance to interview Dr. Jonathan Aviv, author of Killing Me Softly From Inside: The Mysteries & Dangers Of Acid Reflux recently about his line of work and the dangers of acid reflux. Dr. Aviv has been seen on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America or Fox New. He is currently the Director of the Voice and Swallowing Center at ENT and Allergy Associates in New York City, and former Director of Head & Neck Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Aviv has been in New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors” every year from 1998-2013, Best Doctors in America 2004-2013, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
unnamed4 Dr. Jonathan Aviv   Dangers of Acid Reflux!

He just published a book called “Killing Me Softly From The Inside: The Mysteries and Dangers of Acid Reflux” which is about the connection about common throat complaints (coughing,etc) to acid reflux in the summer to esophageal cancer. He developed the Acid Watcher Diet that is a high fiber, low fat diet that is designed to heal the body from all the acid damage. It is not a deprivation diet but rather a nutritional diet, high in fiber, which is essential.

Esophageal cancer is a very high and fast growing cancer since the mid 70s. Food industry and legistrative by government changes have caused an increase in this type of cancer, according to Dr. Aviv . Through the government, Title 21 mandated any food in a can or bottle needed to be acidified to prevent against food poisoning. However, this causes harmful effects. For example, a banana is a very healthy food but a banana in baby food is extremely acidic, which causes problems. Also, the explosion of processed food has caused effects with high acidity foods, and ultimately lending its way to higher esophageal cancer numbers. For example, high fructose corn syrup has high chemicals which could loosen the muscles between esophagus and stomach. This could cause some serious effects. Also, sugary sodas are the most acidic foods we consume and cause havoc on our digestive system.

Dr. Aviv has invented the TNE device! With this, you can do an upper endoscopy-type procedure but you do this by placing an ultra-thin camera in the nose, rather than in the mouth. When you go through the nose, you bypass the gagging reflux of the mouth. The person getting the test is wide awake and you can see what is going in the esophagus and see any pre-cancerous cells through this procedure. The risks of sedation is taken out of the picture and the cost for the procedure is much less. ENT and GI doctors do this test in the US quite regularly.

The one take home message he has is that when people have throat burn symptoms, these are alarm symptoms that people should seek out a doctor to test out for, before it is too late!

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American Home Shield and a $100 Service Gift Card Giveaway (Merry Maids, Terminix, Service Master Cleaner, etc)

*This is a sponsored giveaway. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

We love our house and can’t believe we’ve already been in it for five years! It is exciting owning your own home and investing in creating the exact space that you desire to live in, and one that perfectly fits the lifestyle of your family. Of course with such little kids that is an ongoing process for us, my friend said she finally finished really decorating her home when her youngest turned 10 and she knew things wouldn’t get trashed anymore. That is a long way off for us, but in the meantime we are making our home perfect for the ages of our kids now. The only thing is that after five years, and two toddlers, things are already beginning to need repair and sprucing up, and we are learning quickly how it adds up!1 American Home Shield and a $100 Service Gift Card Giveaway (Merry Maids, Terminix, Service Master Cleaner, etc)

The average American homeowner can spend one to four percent of their home’s value annually on maintenance and repairs, according to Freddie Mac. In fact, a 2013 study conducted by Decision Analyst for American Home Shield found that within a 12-month period, the typical household will spend an average of $1,302 on repairs and replacements! Ouch!

American Home shield is the nation’s largest provider of home warranties, which we are so grateful to have for our home as things go wrong! Now through September 30th American Home shield is hosting a “Summer of Giveaways” that I don’t want my readers to miss out on! This is an incredible opportunity to win the grand prize of a kitchen makeover! Even if you don’t win a new kitchen you could still be the lucky winner of one of the $10,000 in other prizes they are also giving away like new appliances, gift cards, and other home items you will love! So if, like me, you are looking to upgrade your home or kitchen this is a great opportunity not to be missed.

It is a struggle with little kids between maintenance and décor, but we really work hard to make our home a little haven for our family, and that includes keeping things working smoothly and in good shape. We are proud homeowners who worked really hard to get to this point in our lives, and now we want to take good care of our investment that we had dreamed of for so long before it became a reality. I feel like that care is reflected it the way we try to maintain our home inside and out. I know that the years with little kids running around trashing the place will fly by before we know it, and that dream décor will become a reality, but in the meantime, I’m savoring our beautiful home for what it is, the place where our memories are being made.

Be sure to enter:  For those looking to upgrade their homes and kitchens, American Home Shield, the nation’s largest provider of home warranties, is giving homeowners a chance to win several new appliances, gift cards and home items in the “Summer of Giveaways” sweepstakes. Through September 30, 2014, American Home Shield is giving away $10,000 in other prizes and entries for a chance to win the grand prize – a $25,000 kitchen makeover! For official rules and more, visit Shot 2014 08 19 at 9.30.42 AM American Home Shield and a $100 Service Gift Card Giveaway (Merry Maids, Terminix, Service Master Cleaner, etc)

Win it: One winner will receive a $100 gift card to use at any of the Home Shield Services including Merry Maids, Terminix, American Home Shield, Service Master Restore, Service Master Clean, AmeriSpec Inspection Services, and Furniture Medic. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me which service you like to receive the gift card for in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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