Perk Up Your Holidays with Folgers and a Huge Folgers/KCup Giveaway! #FolgersGourmetHoliday

*This is a sponsored post with She Speaks and Folgers. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources. * Flog GThis girl LOVES her coffee! Every morning, I start my day with coffee. Actually, Folgers is the way I start my day! Thankfully for this holiday season Folgers sent me a wide selection of their best coffees and let me tell you that they are all so DELICIOUS!unnamed-2 In the winter, I usually start my morning with a nice hot cup of coffee. Usually I am a one cup girl but lately there is really nothing better than reading a book, drinking a hot cup of coffee to end my day. It is so relaxing and delicious all at the same time. With the new Folgers Gourmet Selections, I can enjoy my coffee with all the exceptional roasts and indulgent flavors. Folgers Gourmet Selections has something for everyone this holiday season.folgers With the delicious flavors to seize the day, Folgers Gourmet Selections consistently delivers a rich coffee taste and aroma. The smell when we are brewing the coffee is outstanding. I also love the ease of using the Kcups too when time is of value in the morning. Either brewing or using the Kcups makes my house smell so AMAZING!Folgers Infographic_FINAL_11302015160046Folgers Infographic_FINAL_11302015160046-1 Folgers Gourmet Selections coffee complements any mood, whether you choose a big, bright aromatic cup of Vanilla Biscotti or a robust cup of Lively Colombian. Different flavors complement by mood and this allows me to select which flavor to choose each day. For example when I am having a stressed day, I love to drink the Folgers Gourmet Selections® Hazelnut Cream Flavored K-Cup® Pods. There is something that just changes when I sip on the hazelnut. It just makes me so happy and helps me seize the day!unnamed-3 Here are some of the delicious flavors: Folgers Gourmet Selections® Toasted Hazelnut Bagged Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections® Peanut Butter Cookie Flavored Bagged Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections® Traditional Blend Bagged Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections® Coconut Cream Pie Flavored Bagged Coffee Folgers Gourmet Selections® Hazelnut Cream Flavored K-Cup® Pods Folgers Gourmet Selections® Caramel Drizzle Flavored Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods Folgers Gourmet Selections® Lively Colombian Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods Folgers Gourmet Selections® Lively Colombian Decaf Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods Folgers Gourmet Selections® Morning Café Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods Folgers Gourmet Selections® Sugar Cookie Flavored Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods (12 ct. only) Folgers Gourmet Selections® Mocha Swirl Flavored Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods Folgers Gourmet Selections® Vanilla Biscotti Flavored Bagged Coffee & K-Cup® Pods

The K-Cup® pods are available in 12 ct. and 18 ct. and the packaged bags are 10 oz. Be sure to give Folgers Gourmet Selections a try today!

Giveaway: One winner will receive two K-Cup® pod boxes from Folgers Gourmet Selections and two bags of ground coffee. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to visit Folgers and tell me your favorite flavor. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning.
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  1. Sarah Phillips says

    My favorite Folger’s k-cup flavor would either have to be Sugar Cookie or Caramel Drizzle! They both sound so good!

  2. Brigitte B says

    I would love to try thhe Folgers Gourmet Selection Sugar Cookie Flavored K-Cup Packs. I think it different and sounds refreshing.

  3. Jillian Too says

    I haven’t tried any Folgers K-cups but I think I’d really like the Folgers Gourmet Selections Lively Colombian K-Cup Packs.

  4. E. Diane Macauley says

    I haven’t had any of the flavors yet. The Black Silk sounds really good and so does the Lively Colombian. I think my hubby would really like the Caramel Drizzle.

    After poking around in the recipes I must say that the Mexican Chocolate Cake with Mocha Glaze and the Coffee Toffee Tart look fantastic. They are both on my MUST try list now. :-)

  5. Lauryn R says

    My favorite coffee flavor is Hazlenut, but I really want to try the new Folgers Sugar Cookie!! Yum! I love coffee. :)

  6. AmandaSue says

    We like breakfast blend, but I didn’t know there was a coconut cream pie! Definitely looking for that on my next trip grocery shopping.

  7. Debra S says

    I generally use plain old HUGE cans of ground coffee. Because the hubby drinks SO SO much of it, he’d break the bank unless I got it in the old fashioned cans. But, I work, doing daycare and they have Keurig. So I LOVE to try different K cups. I like that, a totally FRESH cup, MY way. (the husband makes weak brews) So I would adore to try many varieties as I can.


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