Safe Summer Fun with MinuteClinic #ReadySetCamp

*This is a sponsored post with CVS and the Minute Clinic. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Summer is here, and that means summer fun. It’s time for the kids to get out there and romp, play, and generally run around until they fall over from glorious exhaustion. For many kids, it’s also about summer camp. Summer camp is a great source of summer fun, but the kids need to be prepared before they head off on their grand adventure.

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Camp is one of the biggest adventures kids can have. Camp is that time when they venture off on their own to have new experiences without us. It helps them find their independence and helps them learn that they can do it. Summer camp means summer fun, so we have to make sure they’re well prepared for a few weeks out there without us. Here are some way to make sure they’re healthy and happy on their summer fun adventure.


Most camps require pre-participation physicals. Even if your chosen camp doesn’t require a physical, it’s a good idea to have one done for your child. MinuteClinics can review health and immunization history, perform a thorough physical, and they can complete and stamp required paperwork. Whether the camp requires a physical or not, it’s worth it to have one, so you can make sure summer fun is safe fun.

Keep Connected

This might be as much for you as for your child. Always check with your child’s camp to see what ways they have for you to stay connected with your child. Email, phone, and WiFi are all options in today’s modern world. If your child’s summer fun will be happening at a super rustic camp, send along self-addressed, stamped postcards, so your child can write home whenever he or she feels like it.

Keep it Real

Summer fun doesn’t mean that it’s all smiles and rainbows. Your child may very well be nervous about heading off to summer camp, and that’s okay. Let them know it’s okay to be nervous about trying something new, but remind them that camp is an adventure!

Make it Comfy 

A great way to ease your child’s summer camp fears and keep them focused on summer fun is to pack a familiar item such as a toy, photo, blanket, or anything that will remind them of home.

Summer Fun is Safe Fun with MinuteClinicunnamed-6

Whether your child goes off to camp for summer fun or just stays home and explores the great outdoors around you, summer fun is safe fun with MinuteClinic. They are equipped to handle all of the most common summer time ailments that kids always seem to come down with. They can also offer tips on how to avoid those same ailments.

Poison Ivy and Oak

First and foremost: stay away from it! Poison Ivy has three pointed leaves and grows as a bush or vine. Poison oak has three leaves and resembles and oak leaf. This also a vine type plant. Teach your kids about this stuff and to stay away from it. In the event that your kids manage to expose themselves to these plants. Wash their skin with soapy water and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and take them over to a MinuteClinic near you. They can recommend the correct over-the-counter treatments or write prescriptions if needed to treat your child’s itchy skin.

Bug Bites and Stings

Should your child be stung or bitten by a six-legged critter during their summer fun romps, MinuteClinic can provide an assessment of the bite, clean the site and remove the stinger for prevention of infection, and recommend a treatment plan to deal with itching and swelling.


With all the summer fun going on, sunburn is a real possibility. Just remember to apply a strong sunscreen liberally and regularly to the kids to prevent burns. In the event that your child does get a sunburn, MinuteClinic can give a thorough assessment of the sunburn, its severity, and treat both the burn and secondary symptoms such as swelling and blisters.

Summer Fun and MinuteClinic – A Perfect Combinationunnamed-1

Whether they’re at camp or in the backyard, summer fun is always important for kids. The live for it. As parents, we can try to keep them as safe as possible, but kids will be kids, and something always comes up. That’s why MinuteClinic is so great. They are just about everywhere, and they’re a great way to get fast information and treatment for the minor issues that can arise while kids are out there enjoying their summer fun.





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  1. says

    My family and I have used Minute Clinic. It’s within minutes of our home and we love that you don’t have a long wait or have to suffer through sitting in a room full of patients waiting to be seen.

  2. says

    I love MinuteClinic. It’s a great way to get basic medical advice and aid without having to sit forever and a day in a doctor’s waiting room.

  3. Jenna Wood says

    I’d heard of Minute Clinic but I didn’t know it was a CVS thing- I’ll have to see if there are any in my area. I am one of those hypochondriacs who really could benefit from a service like this!

  4. gingermommyrants says

    This would make things so much easier. I will have to see if there is a Minute Clinic in my area.

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have never heard of the Minute Clinic before. I remember when my kids were younger and they would go to camp. There was always so much to do before they left.

  6. Katy says

    We love our Minute Clinic. It’s perfect for minor things that need to be addressed right away. It sure beats sitting and waiting (and paying a copay) at the urgent care or ER!

  7. Michele P says

    While there isn’t one in my CVS whenever we travel to Southern NE we know we are close to one. I’ve used them before with great results when we lived in RI and it is much more convenient and saves money because the ER visits are super expensive.

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