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Cold and flu season is a real bummer. If you don’t get sick, you’re lucky. If you don’t feel like dirt at least once, it’s a miracle. My family gets sore throats all the time in the cold weather. Whether it’s from a bug or just the cold, we’re frequently looking for sore throat relief. That’s where Chloraseptic comes in. It’s the number one doctor recommended sore throat relief brand,* and it’s easy to see why. *lozenges tied for #1

unnamedSore Throat Relief is SSSOOO Good

My family lives in Rhode Island, so winters a rough. It’s a cold few months, and it always wreaks havoc on us! It’s not so bad for my husband and I, but our kids are just miserable when they get a cold bug. Sometimes, it’s just a raw, scratchy throat from the harsh weather. Whatever causes their sore throats, my kids are absolutely pathetic when they get them. I understand it. Kids are high energy. They want to play and laugh and just have fun. That’s tough to do when it feels like you swallowed battery acid and chased it with lemon juice. Needless to say, we want to get the sore throat relief in effect as soon as possible. Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse that a house full of uncomfortable kids. It can be a full-on whine fest. =(

That’s when I bust out the Chloraseptic. They have several flavors, including a grape flavored spray that can be used on kids over the age of three. When the kids start complaining about sore, scratchy throats, it’s open wide and spray, spray. It knocks out their pain almost immediately, and they can get back to being kids. It also means I can get back to enjoying them instead of worrying about them. Yep. I’m a worry wort. Don’t get me wrong. My husband and I don’t just power through the pain either. We were using Chloraseptic for sore throat relief long before we had kids. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we don’t want serious relief, too!

I’ve been using Chloraseptic a lot these past couple of weeks. I have a day job AND a blog, and both require me to get out in the cold. I go to my dental practice and come home in the bitter cold – and most recently, an obscene amount of snow. I’m also on the go with the blog. What all of this means is that my throat has been a raging fire for about two solid weeks. Chloraseptic has been great, because in addition to the sprays, they have lozenges. I throw the lozenges in my purse, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally numbing the inside of it!

Real Life Relief StoryChloraseptic

Here’s a little story about a recent day saving spray moment. My oldest daughter, Hayley had been playing outside in the snow for a long time. I mean a long time. I had to force her to come in after an hour and a half before I had a Hayley-cicle on my hands! Of course, a few hours later, she was complaining about a sore throat. And I don’t mean, “Mom, my throat hurts”. I mean, “Moooommmmmyyyyyyy. My throat hurts SO baaaadddddd!” This is the part where you imagine this said in the most whiny, pitiful voice imaginable and couple it with a few hiccups and quasi-sobs. I knew right then that if I didn’t get the discomfort under control, it would be a very bad thing for all of us. Chloraseptic sore throat relief to the rescue! A couple of sprays and ten seconds later, all was well in Hayleyland. AND in Mommyland. True story.

I’m a huge Chloraseptic fan, and I encourage you to check out their website to see all of the flavors, sprays, and lozenges that are available. If you or anyone in your family gets sore throats, you’ll be glad you did.

Be sure to visit the Chloraseptic Cold and Flu Tracker, where you can go online and see where in the country the flu is hitting hardest and check outbreaks and symptoms in your  local area.

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    This spray is AMAZING! It numbs your throat and removes the pain! I used it whenever I get really bad throat infections! It is the only stuff that works!

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