My Baby is Germ Free with the UviCube UV Sanitizer

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I have three children, so I’m always looking for new ways to reduce germs in our home and keep the kids safe from viruses and flus. I’m especially vigilant about that now, because I just had a third child. Between bottles, bottle nipples, pacifiers, and teething chews, the sanitizing is in full swing. That’s why I’m excited about the UviCube UV sanitizer.


Sanitizing the Old Way

With my first two kids, I sanitized everything the old fashioned way. You know what I’m talking about – lots of boiling water and tongs and draining. Here’s the thing – and I can’t believe I never thought of it. I sanitized everything in boiling water, and then I laid it all out on a towel or in the dish rack to drain and air dry. Is the towel sanitized? Is the dish drainer sanitized? Nope. So why did I just spend all of that time boiling water and using tongs to carefully remove my freshly sanitized baby items just to put them on something that wasn’t sanitized? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. There’s a UV sanitizer in my local grocery store for bottled water. Why not use one for all of my various baby supplies? UviCube asked the same question.

Uvicube_LogoVertical(noTagline)Sanitizing Using a UV Sanitizer

The UviCube is pretty amazing. All I have to do is wash and rinse my baby items in the same way that I’d wash anything else. Then I place them in the UviCube, and it dries and sanitizes them using UV light. No more boiling water, steam, tongs, and unsterilized towels or dish drainers. In addition to drying and sanitizing with UV light, the UviCube doubles as a sterile storage environment for my baby items until I’m ready to use them. That way they stay sterile. Another great plus is that because it is a UV sterilizer, I can safely disinfect the things that my baby frequently puts into her mouth like my phone and the television remote. How cool is that?

UviCube Highlights

Here are the high points of why I love the UviCube UV sanitizer.

  • It Saves Time: I don’t have to dry and put away anything. I wash my baby items, put them in the UV sanitizer, and go about my business.
  • It Saves Space: After the UviCube sanitizes my items, it doubles as a sterile storage solution.
  • No Steam or Boiling Water: I hate getting burned!
  • EASY: I don’t have to add water to anything, and I don’t have to clean the machine.
  • It’s a UV Sanitizer: I know I already said that. Being a UV sanitizer means that it uses no water. It’s a dry sanitizing method, which means I can sanitize cell phones, remotes, toys, and other dry items in the house that my little bundle of joy just loves to put into her mouth.
  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria: That pretty much speaks for itself.

I run a tight, germ-free ship. At least I try to. The UviCube helps me keep the germs at bay more effectively. It’s a great new way to sanitize my baby items that I never had before. I have to say, I love the idea of a UV sanitizer instead of traditional boiling water and tongs. It’s more effective, less dangerous, and far easier. This is the best baby idea since diapers, so check out the UviCube. I know I’ll never use a pot on the stove again.

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter  going on now!




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