Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller and a $100 Buy Buy Baby Giveaway!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.21.53 PMBy baby number three I consider myself something of a stroller expert. I’ve been through the fancy baby buggy that is impossible to travel with and, as gorgeous as it is, is only really good for a stroll around the block. I’ve had the cheap fold up single stroller, perfect for travel, where there is only one seat position, and little fingers were constantly getting pinched, and I feel like every type of stroller in between (or at least I’ve seen them all in use by now). When Zane was born we needed a double stroller, and went through a few versions of those. I still had one of my double strollers from when it was just Zane and Hayley when the new baby was born, but the thing was trashed (which does not bode well for the quality) and it never quite was the perfect solution for me. The side-by-side seating made it treacherous to navigate through the mall and this time I decided to find a tandem stroller that would be easier to handle.DSC_1024

This time I went with my dream stroller the Contours® Options Elite Tandem Stroller in Red Velvet. By now I know it is worth it to get exactly what you are looking for and need to fit your lifestyle. Hey, anything that makes handling life with three little kids is worth it! This stroller is perfect for different age siblings (though can be adjusted to accommodate twins as well) and has up to seven different seating positions. It has a five-point harness but I also have the ability to transform it into a complete travel system that goes with my car seat. The swivel front wheels really help me to navigate, but the key feature for me is that the whole stroller only weighs 38lbs.! That means easy lifting in and out of my car, which I have found to be so important for something that I will be using everyday of my life at this stage.Contours Double Stroller

Other features I love are the huge storage basket which is critical, but even more than that the removable adult beverage holder that I can stick my water bottle in to have on hand during our long strolls. It is amazing how much strollers have improved over the years since I first had Hayley; I swear our kids are riding around in luxury vehicles these days! With the canopy that protects them from the elements, and little mesh pockets for the sippy cup or toys in their seats, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller really has it all.  They are riding in style my friends, I can tell you that! They really did think about the parents with the sleek design, great controllability and that drink holder after all! Plus I know, when the kids are comfortable and happy, the parents are comfortable and happy! A win win for all!DSC_1015

Giveaway: One winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to Buy Buy Baby. For this giveaway, visit the Contours Page and tell me what feature of the Elite Tandem you like best in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!DSC_1019
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  1. says

    This stroller has so many great features. I personally like the adult beverage holder. (Although the term “adult beverage” makes it sound like I’ll stick a beer bottle in there!)

  2. Fee Roberts says

    I like the 7 different seating positions. My daughter’s only has 2 positions and my granddaughter get very uncomfortable after so long in it.

  3. courtney b says

    I like theh size and weight and how lightweight it looks. I ‘m small and I hate carrying a large stroller!

  4. Carly D. says

    I love all the different seating positions! Also, I like that it is lightweight because it will be easy to maneuver and carry!

  5. Nancy C says

    I like that there are different options to accommodate different ages. I have 2 that are 16 months apart and this would be perfect!

  6. Ashley B. says

    Thanks for the review, I have been trying to decide what stroller to get with baby number 2 due in a few weeks. Contours it is!

  7. Angela M says

    I’m enjoying mine so much I don’t know which one I love most. Huge basket definitely helps, I love multiple seating positions so it can accommodate my kids’ mood for seating preferences, it’s easy to fold and unfold. It has been so helpful for outings with two young kids!

  8. Blair Usery says

    I have a 5 month old and a 2 yr old so this stroller has been a blessing in so many ways!!! The different seating positions help to make everyone happy, since we all know with two year olds that it changes often. And the large storage basket is amazing. The best part is that it’s lighter and takes us less space in my car then my side by side which helps so much when traveling.

  9. Nichole Amundson says

    this seems like an amazing stroller! From what I can see there isn’t another one that compares! Can’t wait to get ours!!!

  10. Sarah Strange says

    To pick just one is impossible! I am on #5 and I had a Contours tandem before and loved it!! The Storage basket was awesome for when I went shopping, to the pool, amusement park, or to my kids ball games! Having all the seat configurations was a plus for when they got a little older and needed to have a little space between them!(to stop the kicking of they others head or hitting when seated side by side in other strollers we have had! Lol) when ever I see parents considering a Contours at store I tell them hands down it’s the best as I have had pretty much every double and nothing compares in options and ease of use!! I need a contours back in my life!!

  11. Liz says

    I’ll be joining the 2 under 2 club. I’m looking forward to having the new baby facing me, while my toddler can look at the world.

  12. Cassandra says

    Love the versatility, with two babies close in age this is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the informative review.

  13. Wendy Jabkowski says

    What a great stroller! So nice how there are so many configurations and easier to fit through than a side-by-side.

  14. Betsy says

    From the moment I found out #2 was coming I was on the hunt for the perfect double stroller. My babies are 21 months apart. I love, love, love everything about this stroller!

  15. Ana Rosa Flores says

    the seating options os by far my favorite feature. I’m expecting baby #3 so the versatlity of the stroller is a must.

  16. Joanna says

    I would love this because I have a second child on the way and could really use this stroller! Thanks so much for sharing this giveaway!

  17. jill rivera says

    I like it because of the 7 different seating position. The second seat is great for shopping bag until the next child is on the way.

  18. Stacey b says

    I love how light weight it is. Sometimes I regret the heavy double stroller I purchased, and don’t use it as much as I probably would if it was more lightweight.

  19. christine burd says

    A tandem stroller would surely come in handy .The light weight feature is a plus when putting it in the car

  20. Lauren says

    I LOVE that you can have the seats face each other. That way my little ones could still interact with each other even when they have to be in a stroller :)

  21. Stefanie says

    I love all the storage! My neighbor doesn’t drive so she walks to the store for groceries. This would be very nice for her to get home with all her stuff!

  22. kristi m says

    what i really love besides it being safe and comfortable for the kids.. is the large storage basket under it .. right now i dont have a car, so alot of times i walk to get things from the store and i know that basket will come in handy

  23. Sara M says

    Wow, I love that it has 7 different seating positions & room for kids of different ages! As a mom of 5, it’s helpful to have a couple of them in a stroller at once.

  24. Kristin Welch says

    I love that it has a huge storage basket! A lot of strollers sacrifice the size of the storage basket for a bigger and more comfortable seat.. so glad this one doesn’t and still has big and comfy seats!

  25. Aly says

    I love the huge storage basket. It’s so hard when you have stroller that you can’t even fit your diaper bag into it. I also like all of the different seating positions.

  26. Leanne says

    I love the seating options and the storage! Having twins next year in addition to my toddler… This would be a huge help!

  27. Rene Chartier says

    The second seat and versatility of 7 seating configurations on this stroller make it an excellent product. It would be great for my twins.

  28. says

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