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image009Hanging in our hallway we have an aged and yellowing wedding photograph of my grandparents. They stoically stand side by side in their back tux and white gown somehow still looking chic, and stylized, and it is one of our prized possessions. Because of them, and how much we cherish that photograph I knew that one of the most important elements in planning our wedding was to hire a great photographer, and be willing to pay a higher price to do so. One of my good friends had tried to go the less expensive route and ended up with shadowy photos that were nothing special. I knew that our wedding photographs would be some of the most special lasting mementos from our wedding day. I knew that we would be able to hang our wedding photo on our wall, and that eventually we may be hanging on our grandkid’s wall too. The photos had to be good!image010

We have been married a while now and since moved to a new state so when we were recently looking for a photographer for a family event I was not sure where to begin. We asked around and I had a few recommendations, but no way to look up portfolios and none were raving reviews. Again these photos had to be good! Luckily I discovered a new service available called Photographer Central. Launched by Zenfolio, an already trusted online photography hosting service, Photographer Central is a free service that does not require registration. It makes searching for a photographer in your area simple with visual profiles to look through on a clean, informative interface. It is easy to quickly find the perfect photographer according to location, budget, and your preferred style.

We found a great photographer in our area through Photographer Central for our recent event, and love the outcome of the beautiful photographs. Anyone looking to capture a portrait, host an event or plan a wedding will love this service and be grateful to avoid what can otherwise be can be a frustrating process. Remember, the photographs that warrant a professional photographer to capture are may be the ones worth passing on for generations, you want those to be good!

Be sure to check out Photography Central which allows consumers to search for photographers in their area free of charge. Consumers can also search based on budget and topics – wedding, maternity, baby, newborn, engagement, event, portraits, etc! What a wonderful service! To learn more, follow Photography Central on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest today. Be sure to find a photographer that will be sure to capture all those special moments in your life!

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  1. says

    Great resource. I’ve been wanting to get some family photos taken, but don’t want to go to one of those mall studio ones. I’ll have to check this out.

  2. Kimberly Conover says

    Photographer Central is a brilliant idea!! I’m all about researching companies/services before hiring them. I love that you can filter by topic.

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