Keep Good Going- My Journey to Becoming a Dentist

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Recently I came across My Uncle’s Gift about the story of young boy becoming a filmmaker with inspiration from his uncle. It really got me thinking about my own journey…

When I was young, I always said I wanted to be some sort of doctor when I grew up. I had no idea what kind but I was drawn to helping others. As I was going through my studies in high school, it became apparent to me that I really excelled in math but I struggled in a few science classes. I vividly remember having a hard time with physics, although I did quite well in chemistry and biology. At the same time, my mom found a newspaper cutting for applicants to a 7 year bio dental/bachelor program that I really wanted to apply for but was scared out of my mind.

My mom told me even though I had some trouble with physics, I should put my application in and try. Afterall, it is all about trying! I decided the next night, I was going to fill out the application and try my best in getting an acceptance. At the time, they only accepted 4 students to this program, so I knew my chances were slim. With my parents having faith in me and pushing me in the right direction, I submitted the application and 5 months later got accepted. I was going to be a dentist and better yet, was going to do it in 7 years at an Ivy League Dental School. If it wast not for mom having faith in me, I don’t think I would be where I am today. I will always be eternally grateful to her. She taught me the life lesson of having confidence in myself, even on those days when I felt really down.

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    What a great story! For me; my Mom inspired me to be a Mom. I was under a lot of pressure to go into the “business” world. But really I just wanted to be a homemaking mom. Her example inspired me that I could and that I wasn’t less of a person for wanting to be home with my kids. And now I’m able to bless my kids with allowing them to choose their course in life and not force them into a career they won’t be happy in.

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