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It is full on basketball season in my household. Right now as I type, I can watch my husband tuning into the NCAA March Madness tournament. While I am not a huge basketball fan, our television is always on playing games around the clock.  Besides the television being on, I can always find my husband checking the scores on his smartphone, computer, and tablet. He definitely has multiple screens going at once in our household at all at times. Although it might not be necessary to have all the “multiple screens” running, in our household, it is like a prerequisite for living here. We like to have many devices to check since they all perform slightly different purposes.CatchItAll_Twitter_Image_Post

Just this week, we received our Best Buy home theatre installation so I am pretty sure in a couple of days, this will become my favorite device but for now, I have to say it is definitely my laptop.  With my laptop, I am able to multitask to send email messages, check fb for personal and blog use, write my blog posts, and have my favorite news station open. My laptop allows me to keep connected at home and be able to catch it all.

If you ask my husband though, he would say his favorite device is definitely his smartphone. My husband is not much of a laptop fan, but rather would have something portable with him at all times.  He is able to check all those great NCAA scores right on his phone through an app while simultaneously texting his friends to keep up with the action of the game.  You should see him checking that phone, even sneaking it in during his gym workouts, while he has the TV running at the same time. He might use my laptop once a day to check at home, but his primary way to stay connected is his phone.Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.26.55 PM

 You must check out Best Buy this Spring season to help you keep connected to all the excitement of March Madness, with the devices and connectivity that makes it all possible. Best Buy has all the best and latest devices including HDTV, smartphones, laptops, and tablets all under one roof! Be sure to visit Best Buy today to learn more about their great devices.


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