Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy weekend everyone!!! We had a great time last weekend at Disney! More to come soon…

As always, come link up any cute or funny post. As always, definitely check out the other blogs who link up as they all provide a great laugh. Feel free to take my button or share on social media, although this is not necessary:)

dentistmelsbbutton-1My top five laughs:

5. When we were at Disney last weekend,  Hayley was in heaven. After the end of our mom-daughter weekend, Hayley turned to me and told me that I was the best mommy ever. Melt my heart!

4. Hayley met Prince Charming last weekend and he proposed marriage. Need I say more!1456139_10151967100909356_1492532014_n

3. When we met Ariel at Disney, she asked me if Prince Eric and Ariel were happy living in Disney. Swoon!

2. Hayley fell asleep on the plane when we were coming back. Who could blame her- it was 10 PM after a long but fun weekend. It took 3 flight attendants and myself to try to wake her up. She would not have it at all!

1. Hayley and Zane are obsessed with ROAR by Katy Perry! Last week, they performed ROAR on Glee and so far they have watched it 99 times. I kid you not!!

Now your laughs:

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  1. says

    Glad to hear you had a great trip! As for kids and repetition – no idea what you are talking about ;) Not like we know EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. to Barbie Popstar over here. Nope ;) That one made me laugh!


  1. […] Teddy has been on a candy binge since Thursday night. It’s finally gone and I think he’s going through detox (it’s been 3 minutes since his last fix and he’s getting the shakes). He came in and asked for graham crackers. I told him to eat an apple. He asked why. Stella said, “You don’t want to be the sad fat kid.” A Bob’s Furniture commercial came on for a marble topped bar.Stella: Is that a bar?Me: Yes.Stella: I need that for my room.Me: (exasperated) What?Stella: I can put all my candy in it. Stella and I were in line at Walmart today and she pointed to one of the “scandal mags” and said, “Oh my God, look at the size of her fanny! That is one plump rump.” (She was pointing at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram pic)Fast forward 6 hours…I was folding laundry and she picked up a pair of my underwear and put it on over clothes. She then proceeded to go on and on about my ginormous underwear and fanny.I told her the bigger the fanny, the bigger the brain. She then said, “Well that girl on the magazine must be really, really smart.” Walking to school, practicing smiles for picture day. Teddy showed his smile.Stella: (to Teddy) You look like you’re pooping.Teddy: (to Stella) You’re the one who showed me how to smile.Stella: I didn’t show you that.Teddy: I don’t have any teeth, I don’t want the holes to show.Stella: The holes would look much better than that. Breakfast conversation…Teddy: What’s the T word?Me: What word? (Trying to look at what he’s reading)Stella: TitMe: (Trying not to fall apart) That’s not what it says. Where did you hear that word?Stella: I made it up! Is it a bad word?Me: It’s not a nice word and you shouldn’t say it, especially at school.Stella: OK…tit, tit, tit! Things like these fly out of Stella’s mouth all the time. For up to the minute Stella-isms follow The Kraus House Mom on Facebook. For more laughs check out The Mommyhood Chronicles. […]

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