Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Hi there! Glad to be hosting the Saturday Laughs for Melissa this weekend while she and Hayls have fun in Disney! Can’t wait to hear all about their wonderful trip. You can check me out here, but in the meantime, here are my laughs! There is no link up tonight but feel free to leave your laughs in the comment below. Melissa will be back with her regular laughs next Friday, 11/15.

  1. dentistmelsbbutton-1 I asked G to pass me something from the dinner table the other night and she told me, “I’m busy feeding Daddy right now!” Um, WHAT?!
  2. G has been driving me totally bonkers lately. As bonkers as she drives me I have to laugh at most of the things she does or says when she is testing my patience. She has the sass of a grown woman sometimes. Wonder where she gets that from? :)
  3. G adores Val so much. She sometimes likes to comfort Val when she starts to cry. She will go over, hold Val’s tiny hand, and tell her, “Don’t worry, it will be okay.” Then my heart explodes into a million pieces.
  4. We went to visit G’s preschool for the first time last week. It was Halloween in fact. G was dressed up as Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She wore that costume all. day. long. The other kids at the school were so excited to see G in her costume and she was welcomed with open arms. She clung to me at first, but then asked me to stay and play. Yikes! She is already ready to spread her little wings and fly. Seeing her embrace the other three year olds was just too cute for words. She is already calling them her “friends.”
  5. G is just about completely potty trained. I don’t know why I ever bought two stand alone potties since she is only interested in going on the toilet. I guess thats a good thing because we won’t have to transition. Well, she just couldn’t hold it last week long enough to make it from the playroom downstairs to the bathroom upstairs. She used the potty I keep down there and when she was done she brought the potty up the stairs and into the dining room to show TJ and I. Um, #1 and #2 is not what I want to ever see in the dining room! Whoa!


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  1. says

    #5- That was the worst part of training here as well! Bailey loved to ‘dump’ her little potty herself. With no help. Ever. I’m sure you get the picture… My poor floors! Cute laughs!!

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