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Thank goodness this day is over! Between the multiple potty training attempts which ended not so well in the bathtub, a two year massive tantrum that almost got us kicked out of Target, and a panic attack by my four year old that resulted  from her socks not matching, I am done with the day. Somehow my kids went from absolute devils to being beautiful, peaceful sleeping angels.  Hallejiah! It is ME time now and I need to laugh! Nickelodeon to the rescue…..

#NickFunny #cbias #shopNickMom provides belly laughing fun with their fun videos, games, and content. It allows me to relax and ultimately laugh at myself because it makes me realize all of us moms are in the same boat! Right?!  So as I lounged and relaxed in my sweatpants the other night,  I was totally amused by the What your Shoes Really Say About You infographic. It made me realize I had worn my kitten heels all day, which according to the chart they say means “I’m planning to snag Don Draper ”.  But truthfully I only wore them for the three hours my kids were at school, and then put on my flip flops which aren’t on their chart. I would imagine wearing flip flops would say- Warning: Do not attempt to wear flip flops when you have toenails that have not been painted in a year or so and you still have dirt from outside yard work. I wish I could show you a picture of my pretty feet and year old pedicure  but I just can’t. It is way too embarrassing.

Anyhow, it made me think of of my own little experiment entitled What Does Your Fashion Say About You??

#MotherFunny #cbias #shop

1. Sweats do a body good:

I’ve  have officially become that mom, the one who runs around in her sweats all day. So what? With sweats, I can hide the extra 10 pounds that I have gained from eating off my kid’s plates. It is called grazing off your child’s plate …But it really should be called -I can’t wear clothes anymore because I gained 10 pounds from eating and more eating. How can I resist the delicious Mac N’ Cheese that fills my kids plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh well… I look darn good in my sweats!

2. My Fancy Yoga Attire for those Special Moments Out:

Today, while my  kids were at “school”, I  had a meeting to go to, and knowing I’d see lots of people in my social circle,  I actually took a 5 minute shower to look good. I searched my closet and settled on my my Lululemon “dressy” yoga gear.  Forget the black pants that I have to suck in and jump up and down to make fit, yoga pants is where it is at today! Seriously, have you ever tried a pair of good yoga pants. If you have not, you are missing out! Easiest way to look good without having to look like you are trying to hard. I even got to put on a dab mascara on my eyes. Watch out meeting…Melissa is here and ready to rock in her awesome Yoga pants.

3. The Scrubs….#MotherFunny #cbias #shop

In my defense, as a dentist I wear scrubs a couple of days a week I do work.  Thus it does not seem to make sense for me to put on my real clothes on my day off. I have tried to put on real clothes but then the unthinkable happens.   That will be the day my three- year-old will draw on my nice new DKNY top with a sharpie, or the five-year-old will give me a sweet hug with greasy fingered little pizza hands. Fun times I say!

4. Fancy Clothes…Heck No!

#MotherFunny #cbias #shopI guess at some point I kind of gave up thinking that I could wear my nice, pre-kid clothes without them getting ruined.  Kids just do that to you.  I have seen too many times my  cashmere sweater practically unraveled off of me when my toddler got my car keys stuck in it.  Or perhaps another day it  may have been the cute AG white jeans that ended up with permanent pen marks.  I’m not sure which of the many pieces of designer clothing lost to parenting, that it was,  that made me snap. Just that somewhere along the way it became more practical for me to wear clothes  so when my child decided to use me as a napkin, I would not have to sit in a corner and cry.

I’m an affectionate mom and I’d rather have the hugs and cuddles while the kids are still little, and willing than the designer duds right now.  I know the time will come when they’ve outgrown grabbing me lovingly around the hips with muddy hands, or dumping their cranberry juice the second it’s poured, but until them I’ll be that mom. Running around in sweats and a hair scrunchie. What does that say about me? What would your daily “uniform” say about you?

I hope I made your day a little brighter with this post! f you want a lot more laughs (and we all deserve that), head on over to and follow them on Facebook/Twitter today. Laughing is by far the best medicine to parenting! I raise my glass to that!

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    Haha! I totally agree. Nice clothing does not go well with benign at home with small children. I’ve tried like you and it usually ends up in disaster! I’ll stick with my leggings and hoodie thank you very much!

  2. says

    As a stay at home/work at home mom for the past almost 9 years, I totally understand where you are coming from. Now when I do put a pretty top on, my girls are surprised and ask me why I look so pretty today! lol It’s all part of being a mom.

    And I love how you let your son use your arm for a ‘napkin’… anything to make them smile, right?!

  3. says

    Lol I can totally relate to accidentally putting on two different shoes and I don’t even have kids. I have converse in black and “chocolate” and I can’t tell you how many times ive put on one brown and the other black at 11pm or 6am when im going out to let the dogs go potty because I don’t like to walk acros sthe room to turn the light on first and they look the same color in the dark. haha.

  4. says

    lol all so true! Been through it all three times! And the husband wants a fourth??? lol. I seriously love the yoga pants trick. I use it all the time. Get a nice top to go with the yoga pants and they think you are wearing dress pants! But yet I’m still comfortable. it’s so nice.

  5. says

    Yesterday I almost forgot to pick Stella up from kindergarten at 11:30am so I threw on Teddy’s (6yrs old) hockey flip flops, they almost fit and my feet are size 9. Then when it was time to pick up the other 2 at 3pm I told Stella I should probably put a bra on, she replied with, “Oh my God you’re not wearing a bra?” Then she looked closer and said, “You’re still wearing your pajamas?” Yesterday was one of those days.

  6. says

    OMG I get so crazy when my kids touch my new clothes with their nasty hands, or blow their noses on my pretty sweaters, or rub dog poop from outside on my freshly washed jeans. I swear sometimes I think it would be better to live in a nudist colony than worry about putting clothes on. At least then you could jump in a shower or something. I love your fashion sense, especially the scrubs. Aren’t you a lucky dentist?


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