Thailand- Chang Mai Part #1

I am back and had the most outstanding vacation! There are really no words to describe the beauty of Thailand and how unbelievable the Thailand people are. Since I have so many pictures, I decided to split up the posts into several over the next month, so I don’t bombard all of you:)

If you ever go to Thailand or need any information, feel free to email me!

Our first stop was Chang Mai which is in North Thailand. We headed out from JFK (New York City), stopped in Hong Kong (China), and continued on to Bangkok (Thailand). From there we took Thai Air to Chang Mai, Thailand. Total air time=21 hours!

We flew first class on Cathay Pacific which was UNREAL! We saved up miles the last few years and because of this, we had the miles to fly first class. I never did before so I was just in awe of the cabins and how the seat folded into a full bed!DSC032881 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1

We got to Chang Mai at around 4 pm Thailand time and headed to the night market, which was walking distance from our hotel. Here they sold some great handcrafted items, beauty items, and fun finds for really great prices! It is 300 Baht to $1, so you really get your money’s worth there! Oh, did I mention that a one hour massage is only $5 US dollars! Amazing, right!

DSC03298 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1
We stayed at The Chedi, Chang Mai which was gorgeous inside and out!

DSC03308 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1
The first full day in Thailand we headed to Tiger Kingdom and The Monkey School! Both were unreal! Just take a look at the pictures! And yes, before you begin to ask- the tigers were all real! It was truly the neatest experience!


DSC03429 1024x576 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1

DSC03391 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1

DSC03418 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1

DSC03379 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1

DSC03336 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1DSC03353 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1DSC03322 1024x768 Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1Stay tuned because a lot more coming from my Thailand posts this month!

PinExt Thailand  Chang Mai Part #1
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  1. Karen says

    Beautiful pictures! But my heart was racing looking at you with the tigers. Not sure I could of done that. How come they are so calm?


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