Understanding the Reality of Child Hunger and $40 Visa Gift Card Giveaway #ChildHunger

**During the school year, 21.5 million children rely on free or reduced-price meals to help them keep from going hungry. When school is out, only 2.3 million children participate in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). This means there are millions of children at an increased risk of hunger during the summer. You can help by purchasing participating ConAgra Foods products and entering those codes to trigger meal donations.**

Nearly 1 in 5 children in our country is going hungry.  Last month I told you about the amazing program ConAgra is running to help end child hunger in America.  Just by purchasing products labeled with the red pushpin in grocery stores of 19 select ConAgra popular Foods brands, you can provide a hungry child with a meal.   For every code entered by 8/31/13, ConAgra Foods will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.


I love shopping for these specific products, and knowing that just by purchasing things that I would have bought anyway for my own family like Pam, Hunts, and Chef Boyardee, that I am helping to feed children in need as well.  Learning about the crisis through the ConAgra program made me feel that I wanted to do more.  I wanted to feel like I was directly impacting my local community as well, while still contributing to ConAgra’s National Child Hunger Ends Here campaign by purchasing their products.DSC01719

To fully understand child hunger an up-close-and-personal experience like visiting a local food bank or feeding center really drives things home. I collected donations by setting up boxes at the end of my driveway and encouraging local friends, and neighbors to donate participating nonperishable CHEH items that we then took to the local Feeding America food bank.  Before delivering the donations I entered in the codes on all of the packages to provide an additional meal through the ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.


I was surprised to learn how much of a need there was even right here in my own town.  If you enter your zip code on the Child Hunger Ends Here website, you can have the opportunity to help support your local food bank as well.  It was important to me to include my kids in this process so they can begin to see simple ways that we can give back.

My kids are too young yet to participate in the GenerationOn table building event also supported by the ConAgra campaign, but it sounds like an amazing experience, and great way for young people to make a difference, and learn about issues affecting their communities at an early age.  GenerationOn is a youth-focused non-profit that will look to engage 300,000 youth in the ask: “What Will You Bring to the Table?”.  Actions are given of ways youth can get involved in their own community: volunteer, share the pledge page, watch an educational film on child hunger or donate.

If you would like to get involved in your own community visit the ChildHungerEndsHere.com website or on Facebook,  to see how you can impact your own local community. You can also enter you code from your ConAgra foods here to help make a difference in childhood hunger! Join millions of people, along with celebrities such as 
Cody Simpson and Amber Riley to help donate up to 3 million meals to Feeding America. Do it today and let’s help fight childhood hunger!

Giveaway: One winner will receive a $40 Visa Gift Card and one lyric sheet autographed by Amber Riley. For the mandatory entry, please tell me if you have ever donated to a food bank before in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling it out to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

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*This is sponsored post with The Motherhood. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*
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  1. Megan Medur says

    I have donated to a food bank. I also helped out whille I worked in residential to give our extra food to the food bank.

  2. Natalie F says

    Yes. Both my work and Church regularly collect for pantries. I like to donate through work because they double my donation. We do it about three times a year.

  3. Emily Wells says

    I’ve never donated to a food pantry, but I always send in boxes and canned goods web my sons’ school does a food drive. I think they I to our local food bank!

  4. Emi says

    yes, I have. My husband is really good about it and takes their suggested list to Costco and buys big packs. I just look through our pantry for stuff that we are not using that is not expired like pimentos.

  5. Kelly R. says

    I have not donated to a food pantry, but we have donated food through our church to needy families.

  6. Dawn Monroe says

    Yes. We also donate when the mail carries pick up for “stamp out hunger” . I think thats what its called. I have also been on the other side in need of a food pantry. Hunger is still a daily problem in America.

  7. Linda W. says

    My Girl Scouts had a bake sale to benefit the food bank and we raised over 600.00- we went and bought cases of food that we all delivered.

  8. Melissa Hartley says

    I have donated through a school project that collected money for a local food pantry ..thank you.

  9. Holly Kennedy says

    I have donated food several times and have helped out at our local food pantry. My great aunt is 83 and works every weekend.

  10. Jessica Fortner says

    Yes..several times. I know what it is like to go without. I’m doing well now and spread the love.

  11. Becky says

    We give often. As a child I collected with my dad during the holidays for our town’s “Walk and Knock” food drive. It definitely left an impression.

  12. Tara Martin says

    Yes I have. Our cub foods grocery store has a big bin after the check out so I would always buy an extra item to put in there.

  13. Janice Whitaker says

    Yes I have. The company I work for goes to Second harvest food bank in NC once a year. We work there boxing food :)

  14. wendy b says

    Yes I have and I’ve also had to get food from a pantry as well. Thank goodness they exist to help.

  15. Geoff K says

    Yes, many times – our local co-op has a donation book right at the entrance, so I will often pick up an extra item or two to donate on my way out.

  16. Wild Orchid says

    Yes. I have donated before. It is great to give back.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  17. Charlotte says

    Yes, I try to donate anything we no longer need or use anymore. Even donate baby blankets to the animal shelter!

  18. ANN*H says

    Yes I have given back a lot of times. I have also received from them a few times when I was struggling. get – give back

  19. Katie Roch says

    My family has donated to food pantry several times. We often do extreme couponing trips and donate what we don’t need.

  20. christie k says

    Yes, we have donated to the food pantry. We also donate through the school to provide bags for the children that don’t get meals on the weekends while not attending school.

  21. Amanda Rauch says

    We have donated many times to our local food panty and the postal carriers food drive they have as well. It all comes around-recently we have been on the receiving end of a food box when i lost my job in January. I was thankful for every person that donated to our food pantry!!

  22. Kim Holsapple says

    Yes, I have. Between collecting food for the elementary school I work at or the middle school and high school my daughters attends, I can proudly say we donate.

  23. Elizabeth Owens says

    We do when the kids have school drive. But this makes me realize I need to donate more and make more of an effort

  24. Jamie Brigham says

    I have donated to many food pantries and food drives. I also have found a few families that my kids went to school with who were in desperate need of some food, clothing and Christmas gifts so we got everyone stuff they needed. I love helping people.

  25. Debra S says

    YES yes, we donate regularly. We have regular food drives at church, plus, in our local grocery store, you have an option to add a dollar or two to your order, to go to our town’s food pantry.

  26. tracy p. says

    I dont’ think that I have ever donated to a food pantry but i have left food out on the day before mothers day at my mailbox for them to collect for local food banks.

  27. Diane Cooper says

    I have never directly taken food to a food bank, but I always participate in all food drives that I hear about through our schools and in our community.

  28. Amy Honious says

    we donate to our local food bank all the time. our whole block makes a super conscious effort to support the needy and one of our favorite charities is the usps food drive! our mail lady always knows to bring reinforcements to our neighborhood to carry all the goodies! we try to get all of our coupon freebies stocked up just for these times! thanks for such a nice prize and giveaway!

  29. Linda Sales says

    Food pantry, woman’s shelter, I enter my codes for the pin foods to feed the children and to try and help my local food bank. I give to homless people I see with their signs. I collect box tops for education for our school even though my children are grown. I donate my hair once a year to locks for love, its for Cancer patients who can’t afford to buy a wig. I bring bread from my church to seven houses.

  30. Nicole W says

    Yes I have, because I’ve been on the other side of things and I know how much it can mean to someone in need.

  31. Silvia says

    My family donates weekly. I look for items that are a great deal at the grocery store then take my coupons and do my shopping. Everything we buy gets donated on that trip.

  32. says

    Our mail carriers have a drive every year for food collections, and we always donate something, but I’ve never done more!

    Thanks for the reminder and giveaway!

  33. Sam Stamp says

    Yes, I have donated before. I’m currently trying to figure out where a local one is! I have several items to take there I’m just not sure where it is!

  34. kelly mcgrew says

    yes i do. all the time. i also donate unwanted food items to friends and family that i know are less fortunate and can use the items instead of throwing them away. everyone should donate their items. we need to cut down on waste that we ourselves are creating by buying too much and keeping it too little.

  35. Valerie says

    I have donated many, many times to my local food bank. I also have my 18 year old unemployed daughter volunteering there 2 days a week.

  36. Dianne McVetty says

    Yes – I have donated to a food pantry. Our Church also has an annual food drive for a local food pantry that we support. Thanks.

  37. says

    We always donate to the food pantry. Our community does a share your Christmas, post office food drive and thanksgiving drive. I always try to donate to those less fortunate.

  38. tina reynolds says

    Yes and we also do give a little too the school one and the one where the post office picks it up

  39. Dawn Ganey says

    Yes to a food pantry & ann’s hope chest for personal hygiene for the poor & fire victims, etc.

  40. Karen says

    Yes, even not having much ourselves, we know that there are others with less so we donate each year the postal service collects.

  41. Victoria Carlson says

    My husband and I often donate to food pantries with food that we buy that is extra or just know we won’t use soon after we buy it. There is food drop off for food shelf at our church so it makes it super easy!

  42. says

    I have donated…my work had our annual event at our local food bank, actually. All of us employees brought donations. We were able to even receive a tour which was so amazing :)

  43. Regina says

    yes. We helped organized Souper Sunday once a month at our church where we would donate cans of soup to the local pantry.

  44. Jaime M. says

    Every year my son’s school runs some sort of food drive for local families. I try to donate as much food as I can!

  45. Sarah M. says

    Yes, I have donated directly to our local food pantry as well as to the NALC (post office) and Boy Scouts food drives. :-)

  46. Chelsea D. says

    Yes, of course! I believe it’s very important to help those less fortunate than ourselves because we never know when the roles may reverse.

  47. Jena says

    Yes I do frequently to local food banks when I have extra or get things free with coupons that I don’t necessarily need.

  48. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Yes, I’ve donated over the years! I mostly do an online donation now since we don’t live close to the food bank.

  49. says

    Yes, we’ve donated to our food pantry at church. I also donate garden surplus. I planted extra to have enough to share with those not fortunate enough to have a garden.

  50. Stephanie P. says

    My latest drop off at the food pantry was on Thursday. We try to give at least every other month.

  51. betty says

    Our church collects food weekly, our library has a local food pantry collection site and we donate to both. People forget that those using the food pantry for assistance also need dental and common health oriented items also. I collect the coupon bargains from the drugstore sales and remember to include those in our food pantry donations.

  52. Laura says

    We donate to the local food bank regularly, and I’m currently on the waiting list to volunteer, lol…I’m glad that there are so many people willing to help here that there is a volunteer waiting list!

  53. Raina DelRio says

    Yes we donate regularly to local food pantries. We participate in the Stamp Out Hunger postal campaign, and the kids have several food drives a year at each of their schools.

  54. Amy T. says

    I have not given to a food pantry before but since I have started couponing and have found ways to get food very cheap and free, I am going to.

  55. Ani says

    Yes, we’ve donated to a local food bank and volunteered collecting food and organizing their shelves.

  56. Emma A. says

    I’ve donated food and volunteer services to food banks in my community. Thanks for such a great post!

  57. Katie says

    I have, mostly when I move (which is often these days). Hate to waste the food, but don’t want to take it all with me.

  58. Ashley says

    I have, and years ago, I even volunteered at one for the AIDS community.
    ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  59. Lynne T. says

    I have not donated directly as far as going to a food bank, but I have done it through the annual drive hosted by the US Postal service and I’ve also attended concerts in which they ask you to bring can goods and have done so.

  60. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    Yes I have donated in the past. But due to unfortunate circumstances we are having to use the local food pantry in order to be able to make ends neet.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  61. Danielle Porter says

    Yes! It’s such a great way to not let food go to waste in my pantry and to have a good reason to coupon!

  62. Red Hatty says

    I regularly donate to local food banks. It’s part of the reason I am such a coupon shopper, I’ll get things I may not eat on a great deal & donate them

  63. Danielle Jones says

    I have donated to a food pantry. It was around Thanksgiving, and we gave a turkey and other fixins.

  64. ellen c. says

    I donate when I can. Our mailmen will occasionally pick up bags of donations that we leave by our mail boxes. Thanks!

  65. Christine Halverson says

    Yes I have donated to my local food pantry before= )
    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  66. Tracy Robertson says

    Yes, I have put food in the barrels at the grocery stores and library many times, and I have volunteered to help sort food at the actual food bank a couple of times.

  67. Brian says

    I’ve donated to church food drives which are then delivered to local food banks. We’ve been doing this for years.

  68. Pauline M says

    I donate to our local food bank quite a bit. When I have a few dollars left on my gift cards I get, I always donate the rest to the food bank. I also participate in the corporate food drives.


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