Zane and his food allergies 1 year in!

It has been a year since we went and found out Zane had some pretty severe allergies. I remember driving home that night from Boston Children’s Hospital thinking life was going to be that much harder with his food allergies. To recap, Zane is allergic to eggs, fish, and peanuts.

While I thought it would be hard, I never envisioned it would be this tough. At the age of almost 2 (his birthday is Sunday), I have to check every label in existence. He is at the age where he tends to grab things off of people’s plates, and that is the part that could be challenging.

In my house, everything we have is Zane safe. I don’t bring in anything in this house, that is unsafe for me. Hayley ‘s love for peanut butter is long gone, since she has not had it in a years time. However, when we go to a playdate or our weekly playgroup, all cards are off the table. Most of my friends know Zane has food allergies and they are all so nice in dealing with it. They always make sure there are no peanut products around when we go over. While they are totally awesome and I love them for that, there has been times when the food items say, “May be processed in a factory where nuts are used”. This is where things get sticky. Zane can in no way have these food items and sometimes he swipes them right from the table.

I have been very vigilant since we found out but it is definitely a hard journey. I make sure to carry an Epi-Pen, wherever I go, and have trained anyone watching him, how to use it. In a few weeks, we are going for his two year check up. At that time, they will do blood testing again and see how things are coming along. Here is to good results and perhaps no more food allergies. Wishful thinking, I know…

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  1. says

    Oh, I hope that the food testing goes well when he goes back for his allergies check. I will say that Cort has showed a lot of improvement this year (age 3) with his allergies. His asthma has also (while definitely still around) been milder than last year.

  2. Audrey - Mom Generations says

    WOW…. you guys have been troopers. Thinking of you… you’re a great mom, trying so hard. I know it can’t be easy. You’re such an inspiration for ZAne and other moms going through the same thing. xo

  3. says

    I can only imagine how difficult this must be. It sounds like you are doing an incredible job and have wonderful friends. I think it’s great that you are blogging about this to bring awareness to it for others who don’t have children with food allergies and as support for those who do.

  4. says

    I can’t imagine how tough it must be to watch every single piece of food he takes in. You’re doing great– it seems like you have it under control so far! Do doctors think he might outgrow any of the allergies? Or are they too severe?

  5. says

    I am lucky to have not had an issue with grandkids’ food allergies, but I think about it all the time when at an athletic event or party with other kids. I am the Grandma with the cooler filled with goodies and I’m vigilant in asking parents about allergies. Zane is blessed to have you. Thank you for this reminder, especially for me as spring and summer (and lots of outdoor food activities) peek around the corner…

  6. says

    It is so hard. My little 4 year old cousin has a peanut allergy too. I know that his parents are very careful with him, so when he comes to my home, I make sure that everything I am going to give him is safe. Including checking labels for may contain, or made in facilities with. It’s so important to remember about cross contamination too!! I hope that you get good news at his 2 year check up and his allergies have gotten better!

  7. says

    Oh my! Food allergies are so difficult! I’m glad you have so many people that are supportive of it. My kids are allergic to Dairy. And I did not have support from the school/daycare/preschools. They thought if they didn’t need an epi-pen to manage an allergic reaction then it wasn’t serious enough to take note of and they constantly gave my kids dairy after multiple Doctors notes. I was so furious. My kids were always blistered and rashed from head to toe.

    I finally got someone to help me out at the schools and the kids went a long time without any dairy and now a few years later they can seem to handle small doses of dairy without a reaction. So it’s not as severe as it was. yeah, for having ice cream treats again!

    I’m hoping all goes well with Zane’s tests. I hope the severity of the allergies has lessened.

  8. says

    God bless you for having to go through these challenges with your son. With such patience and perseverance. You are an inspiration to so many parents out there. You are not alone! I always make sure to check with parents regarding their children’s allergies before play dates or parties, etc. Both of my kids are in schools that promote peanut-free and tree-nut-free snacks, peanut-free lunch tables and non-food-related birthday celebrations. We should ALL be knowledgeable about it!

  9. Marti B. says

    Sympathies. One of my kids is allergic to milk, which is pretty easy to avoid, but one has a serious penicillin reaction, so every trip to a doctor or dentist or emergency room turns into a stressful situation, since penicillins are the first line medications for most infections. At least they don’t hand them out at picnics and school lunches, though! Hang in there! You’re doing it for your kid, and that’s what makes it worth it.

  10. says

    Here’s my hope that his food allergies disappear. My fifth was lactose intolerant (I believe because I drank no milk while pregnant with him, just a whey based beverage), but he outgrew it. He is one of the biggest milk drinkers in the house.

  11. says

    Food allergies are so challenging- I hope the testing goes well for Zane!It’s so hard for him, but at this age, I think more so for you. You’re doing a wonderful job- I would be a wreck about food issues. Your strength is admirable, to say the least!

  12. says

    I hope things get better. I know the allergies can improve with age! Kendal’s friends is allergic to EVERYTHING! Dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, all nuts, you name it! We are careful when she comes to play! She can basically only have rice products. It’s hard.

  13. says

    Gosh, that’s tough! Thinking of you guys! Fingers crossed he will slowly out grow the allergies rather than continue to have new ones. Stay strong! Hugs! xo

  14. maria says

    i’m so sorry for everything you’ve had to go through with zane’s allergies. i can only imagine how careful you have to be. sending love and prayers that his appoinment goes well! lots of love xoxox

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