I can’t believe it has been a year already!

It has been around 18 months since I lost my grandma. She was actually my husband’s grandma, but to me, I called her grandma. She was the most loving and sincere woman you could ever meet. She was just AMAZING! I think about her and miss her each and every day!

When I look back at the last few months, she was able to live life at home with an assisted nurse coming to the house. She never wanted to go to a nursing home and my husband’s parents honored her wish, by taking care of her and having help come into the house. I am glad that she got to live the end of life at her house that she grew up in her whole life.

However, not everyone can be afford the luxury of ¬†being taken care of at home. For example, my grandma (who my son is named after) had severe dementia. There was no ifs or ands about it, she needed to be a nursing home. She had gotten to the point where she had such severe dementia, that she did not remember my name or my dad’s name, for that matter. It was heart-wrenching. She fought going to a nursing home, nail and tooth, but this was the best option for her! She was also an AMAZING woman!

Although there is no correct way to end life in a facility or at home, it is important to take the patient’s safety in hand. If it causes more of a problem for them to be at home, a nursing home, might be the best option. If you decide to go that route, be sure to check out¬†Cheselden, which will help you will the exuberant fees, you might encounter.

I miss all three of my grandma’s each and every single day! Not a day goes by where I don’t think about them!




*This is a partnered post. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    Reading this post just make me think how people are not into planning their lives ahead of time. My husband happens to sell long term care insurance and he says that people think their insurance is going to care of them if they need to go into a home. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Peoples entire savings get depleted if they don’t have long term care insurance. And if we have older parents we need to be responsible for making sure they get this insurance. I am speaking from experience as my father has severe dementia and he got it in his 60′s and if my parents didn’t have insurance, my mom probably would have had her house taken away.

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