Getting Organized with the Brother P-Touch Organizer! (PTouchAmbssador)

I was accepted into the Brother P-Touch Labeler Campaign at the perfect time. Why?  The answer is easy- my house is so disorganized now! I try my hardest to keep all the kids toys in place but inevitably by the end of the day, everything is all scattered around the house. We have two mini-playrooms in our house, so keeping up with both of them is a hard job. Having two small children who are not good at cleaning after themselves is a full time job. Most nights I clean up  just to find the playroom a mess again. It is inevitable- my life revolves around me cleaning and them finding a way to make a mess again.  It can be very frustrating!


However, my husband and I finally decided it was time to re-do our basement and build one big playroom for them. We decided about a month back to start the renovations and start hiring contractors. While we are a long way to officially being done with our basement, the thought of having one playroom is enthralling. Even more exciting is that I can finally organize all of their toys into bins.  When we initially got our floor plans, all I thought about was organizing! No more mess in our household.  My goal with starting a new project such as redoing my basement is to get nice and organized.

I am going to rely a lot on the Brother P-Touch PT-H100 to help me achieve this. With the Brother P-Touch, I can go from bin to bin with all of their toys and start labeling. It is an easy, handheld label maker, so it allows me to be portable. I have already tried a few bins (more on that in the next post) and I can honestly say what an amazing labeler it is. So many times I have labeled items just to have it fall off within 3 minutes. With these labels, THEY WILL NOT FALL OFF! No matter how rough and wild your kids might be in attempting to take them off, they will stay on.



The Brother P-Touch HT100, allows you to create custom labels with a variety of frames and symbols. For me, I am going to be labeling the bins with various toy items such as Sesame Street toys, music toys, etc. However, you can use the labeler to create whatever label your heart desires. You can also store up to 9 of your favorite labels in memory for future use.

I am so excited to show you over the next month all my fun labels and how I am getting my life back in order with the Brother P-Touch. I plan to label all of their toy bins and maybe even tackle their clothing that needs to put away in bins and stored for another child or for hand-me downs. I will be back later this month to show you all my fun progress I have made. In the meantime, be sure to check out Brother P-Touch on Facebook.


*I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


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  1. says

    The Brother P-Touch sounds perfect! While I thought my organizing days were over, my husband and I now have our 9 (almost 10) grandkids who we’re blessed to have locally and who visit often. We moved last May to a home with a big back yard that abuts the bike path, near Colt State Park for lots of play, which means lots of outdoor stuff (did I mention LOTS!) stuffed into a shed and our garage. Our big plan this spring is to organize both places for easy access for the kids to play with their things (bocce, volleyball, wiffle ball, baseball bats and stuff, footballs, bikes and helmets, water shoes, fins, etc… and a pool table, ping pong stuff, oh my!). I need to label. I am organized by nature, but to pass that along, I need to label. Thank you for this review. I NEED TO LABEL!

  2. says

    This is something my family needs…actually what I need! I find labeling helps keep things organized and this is fantastic to have it all look neat and customized!

  3. says

    I think I’ve wanted a label maker since high school! haha I’m such a nerd. I totally could use one of these, I have so many bins full of clothes and bins for the kids. Right now I’m using masking tape and a marker. Def not as cool. :)

  4. says

    Oh I would love a Labeler like that! At present my labeling system is masking tape and a sharpie marker. I’m not a fan of it. lol. I have a huge organizing project ahead; cleaning out the craft room, boxing a lot up before a friend comes to stay with us for a few months. She will be living in that room, and I have to clear it out so she can move in. Lots of labeling will be done. I need one of these.

  5. says

    It would be dangerous for me to have that kind of portability. I have an older Brother labeller and it is trouble enough. I’d tag the kids if I could. :)

  6. says

    I could use one of these too! Although, I’d fear for my boys to get their hands on it and then label everything in the house (I have already found McQueen stickers on my coffee table).

  7. Ari says

    A labelmaker would be a great way to get organized and make cleaning up a lot more easier! I think most of the time, my problem about cleaning up is that it takes too much time to figure out where everything goes, but with a label maker, the first time I just have to organize and label and every time after that will be much easier to keep clean, especially if you have designated areas to put all your stuff away. I would really make good use of the Brother P Touch-Organizer if I had one. I would definitely use it make the house more organized!


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