Do you buy an old or new car?

Last week, I talked about how important car insurance is and this week, I am interested to see if you all buy a used or new car. The reason I ask is because we were thinking about adding a car to our family in a few years, and trying to decide which route would be the most economical. While I don’t want a car that is a dud, I also don’t want to spend a small fortune on a new car that probably is extremely overpriced in the first place.

With having two kids, I need a car that is economical and safe. I am in no rush to buy a brand new car, so I am heavily considering buying a older model car. My friend who lives in Britian called me last night and we ended up getting into a conversation about cars. She was contemplating to buy a used Audi at I asked her the pros and cons of buying a used car and in her mind, the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

The way she looked at it, was she did not want to be stuck with a car in the long run that she did not like. You are not 100 percent certain when you buy a new car, that you will truly love it. A lot of times, you buy a car, just to regret it a few years down the road. When you buy a used car though, chances are you are getting a great deal on the car. In the chance that you want to get rid of the car in a few years, you do not have to feel terrible about it, since you did not spend exuberant funds on it. Also with used cars, you are mostly getting all the great features of new cars with only a few years on the actual car. I have seen cars that were classified as used with only 1,000 miles on it. In my eyes, that is a new car!

I have to think heavily next time I get a car whether I want to go the used or new option. We shall see!





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    I would say buy used, but my last two cars were both bought brand new and I didn’t regret either. I did not rush out and buy them though. The van that we just purchased in February we waited until the price was right. We didn’t have to buy it, and our dealer knew that, so they would call us the end of each month with a price and we would say yes or no. Well in February, they finally hit our number and we caved! My 4-Runner I bought myself after college, I didn’t have any expenses at the time, and 11 years later, I still love it! I’m always afraid with a used car that I’m going to get a dud.

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