Saturday’s Top Five Laughs-Come join our Blog Hop!

Hi everyone! I am back from Blogher12 and had a great time. Just wanted to send another thank you to Tracy for guest posting my Saturday laughs. I am looking for a few more guest posters for the Saturday laughs throughout the year (I have some vacations coming up) so if you would like to guest host, please just leave me a message below and I can get you set up. Thank you!


As always, please link up any cute, funny, or top five laugh post. I realize some of you have had problems with my button and I am working to fix it, so stay with me. Feel free to grab the button (if it works for you) and help me share this hop on social media sites. I love reading all your laughs!

For my top 5 laughs, they are all Zane related. He is so funny these days I couldn’t resist!

5. Zane had an explosion of words. He started talking about two weeks ago and each day he picks up a new word. Of course, he “talks” with his own dialect but it is still so cute!

4. Zane’s favorite word is truck. Except he says it “T..U..C…K.” He gets so excited and pretends to blow his horn when he sees one!

3. Zane LOVES airplanes. Every time he sees an airplane in the sky, he will point at it for a long time. When it is out of our site, he will continue looking and looking at me confused. I would imagine he would say, “Mommy, where did it go.”

2. Zane is getting pretty good at identifying parts of his bodies. However, without fail, he points to his nose as his mouth and his mouth as his nose. It is so cute!

1. Zane is definitely a child of two dentists. One night I forgot to brush his teeth, so he started really fussing from his crib when I put him to sleep. I got him out because I didn’t know what was wrong. He then proceeded to run to the bathroom, open his mouth wide open, and point to the toothbrush. He was clearly reminding me I forgot to brush his teeth. I was HYSTERICAL!

Now your turn:


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  1. says

    I love the one about Zane reminding you to brush his teeth! That is amazing! What a good kid. You definitely did a great job of instilling the tooth brushing habit early! …Thanks so much for your comment on my post. I’m linking it up, and looking forward to reading some other Saturday laughs! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. says

    lol, he sounds like such a doll. Reminds me of my toddler. He has his own lingo and loves to brush his teeth (by himself, though).

  3. says

    Number one is the best! He knows his routine which is fantastic.

    Dom used to say (replace the Tr with an F) for truck!

    Great laughs.

  4. says

    Too cute! Zane is at such a fun age…I’m sure he could 100% take over your Top Laughs for awhile! B also loves to “bush teef” she walks around the house w/her toothbrush and toothpaste all day long!

  5. says

    I love this age. It is so fun to see them developing their own personalities not to mention watching them pick up new skills almost daily! #2 I’m impressed! We’ve been trying this with Bailey as well, but she can only identify 1 correctly. What a smartie! #1 is awesome! He is definitally a routine kind of boy! Have a great weekend!

  6. says

    I so want to meet Zane (and the rest of your family)! What a funny little man :) I like the truck and the sound effects to accompany it. Claire was obsessed with planes at this age, Natalie still hasn’t noticed. My favorite is the teeth thing – what a good little boy! Maybe he will grow up to be a dentist too!!

  7. says

    Love these!! Zane sounds like a riot – Livvy is at this stage too – I love it, like every day is something new…

    And you would be proud of me, the boys don’t fight to go up stairs and get ready for bed if I promise them they can put the toothpaste on their own brushes.

  8. says

    #5 is so funny! I have had that happen many times. Especially with my girls. They get so emotional at the end of the day and I will have no idea why. Then they will blubber something like, I didn’t put my toys away! Stopping by from MBC. Thanks for hosting!

  9. says

    Hilarious!!! You better brush that baby’s teeth!!! He sounds like a real character!!! I used to love going to the dentist, so I don’t blame him! My daughter just likes to brush her tongue…..she usually leaves the teeth to me. But, w/that clean tongue…her breath is fresh!

  10. says

    I think Zane and Wolf Prince are completely the same! Wolf Prince loves anything with wheels. He also LOVES brushing his teeth. He likes doing it himself best. He’ll come up to us signing brush teeth and saying “teef teef” multiple times a day.

  11. Jordan Lardner says

    Well good for him! He remembered not to go to bed until he brushes his teeth! I think boys have something hard wired into their DNA that says, “you will love all types of motor raft.” gotta love those boys!

  12. says

    I love that he “told” you he needed his teath brushed, that is too funny! He is such an adorable boy. Thanks for hosting again this week, I hope you are having a great weekend! :)

  13. maria says

    That is adorable that Zane knew to remind you to brush his teeth! Maybe he will be a dentist too! :) He is such a smart little man!! And how cute that he loves airplanes! I always think how neat it would be to really know what children are thinking in those sweet moments!!
    Glad you had a wonderful time @ BlogHer!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!
    Thank you for your awesome words always, Melissa! I would definitely love to meet someday! We are going to be in Boston for a long wkend this wkend. And we have always wanted to visit Providence. Will let you know when we plan a trip! :)