Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our Blog Hop!

How was everyone’s week? This coming week is going to be busy for me because I am planning little Zane’s first birthday party. He is turning 1 in 7 days- crazy!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to reading your laughs. As always, please only link up, if you have a cute/funny/top five laugh post. Also, feel free to help me share this hop via social media sites. If you would like to take my button, feel free to but this is not required.

Top 5 laughs:

5. Zane has this habit of waking up in the middle of the night the last few days. It happens around midnight where he becomes hysterical. I go in and when he sees me, he gives me the greatest smile. Then I have to pick him up, because he is too darn cute! I have to admit, I love snuggling with him even at that hour. I know- I need to stop!

4. Hayley is telling everyone that her brothers birthday is next week. Since Elmo is coming to the party, Hayley is gearing up what she wants to ask Elmo when she sees him. Every night, she makes me right down another question to ask Elmo at Zane’s birthday party. Too bad, Elmo is not allowed to talk at the party,lol.

3. Zane has a funny habit of throwing everything out of the crib. He will wait till we all leave the room and throw his pacifiers and books, out of his crib. After he realizes he can’t reach it, he cries. I go in and put everything back. Just when I am leaving, he starts to throw everything out again. It is his little game.

2. Hayley told me this week, that the color of my shirt didn’t look good on me. Fashion advice from a three year old!

1.  We found out this week that Zane has some pretty severe allergies (more to come on that in another post). Anyway, we told Hayley that we can’t let Zane ever have any of her foods since some of his allergies will make him very sick. We said it so many times that she turns to him and says, “Zane, I will make sure you never get sick because I love you.” Melts my heart!!

Now your turn:




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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, Hayley is too darn sweet!

    I would pick him up too. It is hard not too when they smile at you.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. candice says

    Um, yep…G does the same thing as Zane…throws everything out of the crib! Grrrr. I love that Haley is giving you fashion advice…oh dear! Next she will be in your closet. Haley is such a great big sister in #1. She is just too sweet to her brother. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    So sweet how an older sibling falls in love with a little one so quickly!!

    Its so cute that she is having you list out the questions for Elmo!! Makes sense though, he is so much cooler than Santa!! I’ll have to remember to start jotting down the funny little things my kids do each week – I love this idea!!

  4. says

    Ha, fashion advice from a 3 year old, that’s funny! And poor Zane with food allergies, but sweet sissy for loving him. That just melts me heart! I love to cuddle my baby boy too!

  5. says

    Haha classic 3 year old fashion advice! Cupcakes throws everything out of her crib too! She’ll be standing up holding her Lovey and then as soon as I come over to her, she throws him on the floor! Not sure why…


  6. says

    So cute of Hayley to say she loves her brother so much she doesn’t want him to get sick!

    Thanks for the link up. This is my favorite post of the week!

  7. says

    Wolf Prince throws stuff out of his crib too! We finally moved his mattress down, and he can reach a basket, so he keeps grabbing towels and putting them in his crib. He makes no sense. FYI, I’m allergic to peanuts (and everything outside that grows) if you have questions or want someone to talk to.

  8. says

    We have some severe food allergies here as well. It can be rough. *hugs* It sweet that big sis is watching out. Got to keep our younger siblings safe.
    Now Mom just how bad was the shirt you were trying to pull off? ;) I love how kids seem to think they truly know it all. Or do they???

  9. says

    ha-ha!!! the elmo thing. hilarious. i hope she is not tooo let down when Elmo doesn’t answer any of her questions. :-p

    i also have a bad habit of picking Moo up in the middle of the night. bad. must. stop.


  10. says

    I only have one laugh – that video I posted on Wednesday. But it’s worth five laughs to me. :) I love the fashion advice. Too cute. Happy birthday to Zane!!

  11. says

    How sweet is Hayley! I feel awful for you guys and Zane, what a scary thing!! I bet Hayls will be so sad when Elmo won’t answer her questions. I too got fashion advice from my three year old this week. Natalie hasn’t learned the throw out of the crib game, I hope that she never does. I love these laughs and hope you have a great week of party planning. I can’t believe that Zane is going to be one!

  12. maria says

    i’m so sorry to hear about zane’s allergies. he will continue to be in my prayers!!
    too funny about hayley’s fashion advice!! Lol my friend’s daughter is 4 and always gives her advice…like “i don’t like your hair in a ponytail.” and “glasses look funny on you!”
    hayley is such a loving sister <3
    happy almost birthday to your little man! that's so exciting!!
    i hope you get some down time this weekend <3
    have a beautiful week, beautiful lady!