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This week has been a tough one for me so I am really looking forward to doing some laughing this weekend by reading your posts.  As most of you know I am a kid’s dentist and this week we are beginning the transition to a completely paperless office. This system is going live on Monday and we will no longer have paper charts. I am stressed out and worried that I will not do it right, but I’m sure once I get the hang of it all will be well. It is a big change for me! I also am dealing with a very sick boy who had a 104 fever yesterday and has a double ear infection. He was fine until Thursday night - we even went to two playdates on Thursday.  Then, out of the blue, he gets a terrible fever.  It is so very hard when they are sick!

On an unrelated note, I am also extremely busy on my blog which I am grateful for!! I am almost at the 1,000 follower mark which is amazing! I am thankful to each and everyone of you for supporting my blog. More important than the numbers though, is the amazing “friends” and blogs I have came to love. My husband laughs at me because I really love going through my google reader and commenting on all the wonderful blogs out there. It is really amazing to connect with so many bloggers. I had no idea this world even existing before July 31, 2011.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog too!

As usual, I have some winners to announce all chosen via The winner of my 5 pack Kingston DVR pack was Heather. The winner of my Rowdy Sprouts giveaway was Maria. The winner of the Belle Baby Carrier was Sara. You will all be notified about your winnings and Congrats!! I have many other giveaways on my side bar and many more to come! Come enter! The more people that enter my contests, the more new giveaways I will be able to bring to all my faithful readers.  I have 1-2 more each week leading to Christmas, so stay tuned! 

Now onto the real reason you are here: my Saturday laughs! I love reading all your laughs so if you have a have a top five laugh post or funny post, please link up!  Please do not link up if you do not have a funny post, as it makes it unfair for this kind of hop.  My link up is directly below and my cute button is on the top.  

My Top Five Laughs:

5. Hayley slept on a big girl bed at my parent’s last weekend. The crib needed to be used by Zane so Hayley got the bed. I threatened her with the evil stare not to get out of the bed. So, at 4 AM, I hear her call, “Daddy, come here. I dropped my pillow.” Daddy asked her why she didn’t just pick it up and she said, “Mommy told me to never get out of the bed.”  I guess she really listens.

4. Zane is a crawling machine now. The other day he went to grab Hayley’s toy. Hayley is new to the whole “sharing her toys with her brother” thing. She goes up to him and says, “Zane if you want to use it, just ask me- please do not just take it.”  I wonder where she gets that from.

3. This one is non-kid related but funny. My husband was putting up the bed rails for Hayley’s bed in my parent’s house. I go in after an hour and I see him and my dad, struggling to put up the bed rails. For the life of me, I don’t understand how it takes 90 minutes to do this. He rebuts and says, “You try.” That was enough for me to back off. 

2.  Most of you know that Hayley is obsessed with princesses.  We told her that we are going to the new Disney resort in Hawaii in a few months. She now says all the time to her friends, “I am going to see where Mickey and Minnie are from. I will tell them you say Hi.”  Her friends then ask me if they can come see where Mickey and Minnie live.  Sure, I can take everyone to Hawaii- no problem!

1. The last one is just sweet. Since Zane has been really sick, Hayley has taken on the role of caretaker. I find her today telling Zane, “I am going to make you feel better.” I then see her proceed to the freezer to whip out the frozen teething ring. It is the thought that counts.

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  1. Amber says

    These are so sweet! I definitely missed your laughs last weekend. I hope Zane's feeling better soon.

  2. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    I love the caretaker role! The nurturing side of little girls is so incredibly sweet!! The sharing toys thing is our current struggle as well. I love how they try to teach manners when they don't always use them. Sounds like Hayls likes to mimic you, Claire does the same thing and it makes Ryan crack up!!

  3. brit says

    I love that Hayley called her daddy in the room to get her pillow! I actually won't be taking part this week… the hubs is coming home tomorrow!! So my blog is dedicated to him for the day. =)

  4. mestills says

    That is funny she won't leave the bed, at least she listens!
    I always enjoy these posts, I just never feel I have anything funny enough to post myself.
    Hope Zane starts feeling better.

  5. OverMom says

    Did Hayls ask if I could come too? lol

    So cute. Love that she did not get out of bed. Good girl :) Can she teach my kids to listen like that because the boys…yeah they would just come out and say oops I forgot!

    She is too sweet to help make him feel better.

  6. Rachel says

    Thanks for linking up again! Your kids are so cute. That's too funny that she didn't get out of bed to get her pillow.

  7. Mommyblogger says

    Oh no, hope your boy starts feeling better very soon. Having a sick kiddo is definitely tough.

    That Haley sounds like a cracker jack! Too sweet that she is trying to take care of her bub.

  8. Candice says

    Poor Zane…i hope he gets better soon. But with a caretaker like Hayley, how could he not? ;) I love how nurturing she is with him! Oh and can you fit me (and J) into your suitcase? We want to go to Disney too :)

  9. GrammyMouseTails says

    I love the last story about the little one whipping out the frozen teether to make her big brother feel better :) thanks for inviting me to your hop, and stopping & commenting. Faythe @ GMT~

  10. The "L" in ELF says

    Hey girlie! You won my last giveaway and I haven't hear back from you! Check your email (and maybe junkmail?)! =)

  11. Candice says

    Saturday's laughs are my favorite! I was really looking forward to this post this week. Thanks again for the linkup! Love how H stayed in her bed when the pillow fell. :)

  12. Sean Marie says

    Aw, sorry you're stressing and sorry baby boy was sick. :/ Your kids are just darling! Have a great weekend Melissa!

  13. Maria says

    Melissa, I'm so sorry ro read of Zane's ear infection. I hope the lil' man is feeling better! It is so sweet he has a big sister that wants to help out!! I hope this weekend brings you lots of peace and relaxation after your hectic week!! You'll be in my prayers!!
    I LOL @ what your hubby said! Steve would say the same thing and has in many instances when he's been assembling things and I try and jump in. ;)
    Hawaii sounds like it's going t o be an absolute blast for you and your family! So cute, Hayley is offering a free pass to her friends! :)
    Have a very happy weekend!!
    Congratulations on hitting 1,000 followers! You rock!!
    Lots of love!

  14. Samantha says

    These are all so sweet! I caught myself saying "awww" out loud. lol. 1000 followers!! That's awesome! You have such a great blog, I love following!!

  15. CacheyMama says

    I submitted mine from last week since you didn't have it last week and I didn't have a chance to do one for this week, so it worked out good! Thanks for the linky!

  16. ~C~ @ mommy in the midwest says

    Hope Zane is feeling better soon! How on earth did you get so many readers in such a short time? I have been at it for over a year … with 39 readers!