Breastfeeding- You Must Check out AeroFlow for your Breast Pumps!

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting events in a woman’s life. From the time she conceives up until the time she gives birth, she’s filled with the anticipation of meeting her little one and will spend the 9 months of her pregnancy preparing to ensure that she has everything her baby will need once he/she arrives. Sleepless nights will be spent researching hot baby topics such as swaddling techniques to help soothe a colicky infant, teething relief, best brands for baby related products and in many cases, my own experiences included, the best feeding methods.breastfeeding

When it comes to feeding your baby, there are differing opinions all across the globe regarding which method is best for infants: formula or breastfeeding.  I’m pro whatever works best for you and your child. For the sake of this particular article and the topic of breastfeeding, I’m going to focus exclusively on that particular method of feeding.

Breast milk is extremely beneficial for a wide variety of ways such as:
Boosting the immune system to help fight off things such colds and other viruses.
Reducing the risk of developing the risk of asthma or allergies.
Lowers the potential of developing ear infections, respiratory illnesses, etc.
Helps prevent the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
Saving money. The average cost of formula per month averages between $134-$491.
Despite many upsides and benefits of choosing breast milk over formula for your baby, breastfeeding is the less popular choice for mothers. This is especially true for first time moms or those who have full time jobs outside of motherhood to help further supplement their income.

There are a lot of reasons you’ll hear about why some moms are choosing the formula route but two of the biggest issues I’ve heard recently are incorrect information and having to return to the workforce. Having to go back to work isn’t a reason in and of itself, however, but combined with the fact that breastfeeding isn’t an act that can be strictly regulated (like formula feeding) it’s extremely difficult for moms to keep up their breast milk supply.

This is where the need for a breast pump comes into play but again, obtaining one to help store and keep up supply isn’t as easy as one would think. Like so many helpful and important tools available on the market today, breast pumps can be particularly expensive. So much so that many women can’t afford the high cost and while they may be made more affordable by insurance companies, the deductible might still be too high to be considered affordable for many women.unnamed-8

Thankfully there’s a company called Aeroflow who has made it their mission to help breastfeeding mothers qualify for a free breast pump through their insurance plans. Whether you’re having to return to work and wish to continue giving your little one the benefits of your breast milk via storing it or your baby needs a little extra in between feedings, Aeroflow wants to ensure you & your baby’s needs are met through the benefits of a breast pump. Aeroflow is 100% dedicated to promoting easy access to pumps, supplies and services for all families.

Working with your doctor as well as your insurance company, Aeroflow will help you obtain a breast pump at little or no cost to you. Considering cost is one of the leading reasons that a lot of women, who are returning to the work force or wanting to pump to help keep up a steady supply of breast milk, discontinue breastfeeding, the services offered by Aeroflow are vital to women who are breastfeeding or planning to do so.

In addition to helping women get a breast pump for little or no cost through your insurance company, Aeroflow also offers free shipping as well as the lowest allowable price on your new breast pump. This a company dedicated to helping women be successful on their breastfeeding journey and is willing to go the extra mile to do so!

Working with Aeroflow to help secure a new breast pump through your insurance, at little to no cost, is simple. The first thing you’ll want to do to help verify what kind of coverage you’re receiving, is to fill out the Aeroflow Quality Through Insurance Form. After submitting your form, a Breast Pump Specialist from the Aeroflow team will review your information and reach out to your insurance provider and then contact you with what kind of coverage you’ll be eligible to receive.

If you’re thinking about breast feeding in the future or currently breastfeeding but can’t afford the high cost of a pump, Aeroflow wants to help you obtain one, at the lowest cost possible to help you and your little one thrive through breast feeding.

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