On National Water Day, Gululu is there to HELP! Check it out TODAY!

Gululu is available for purchase on Amazon Exclusive.

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Today March 22nd is National Water Day. Water, in an of itself, is one of the most important liquids that we will ever encounter in our lifetimes. National Water Day is celebrated as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Every year there is themes for this day and this year it is
“Wastewater”. One way we can celebrate National Water Day, is by buying Gululu. Gululu is an interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated and informs parents about their kids intake. Gululu

Gululu is a fun bottle that features a pet- tamagucci like that grows and goes through underwater adventures as the kid drink. Gululu has been featured on all main media publication like Forbes, Vogue and others. Parents and kids alike LOVE it! Gululu is the interactive water bottle that helps keep your child hydrated, enhancing mood, sleep, cognition and concentration. This is perfect for kids ages 3+ and allows the door to a healthy, playful lifestyle.Gululu

Gululu has experienced great success since launching independently in June 2016, raised %200 of Kickstarter funding goals and been ordered all around the world.  The reason being is kids love it! It allows them to learn through play and discovery with the Gululu. Your child  can choose their favorite whimsical pet to embark on a journey of health and learning and you are able to play, track stats, add friends, and stay connected with the cloud-based app that lets you play alongside your child.

Gululu also wishes to impact the world and partnered with Generosity.org. For every Gululu bottle purchased, you will be providing clean drinking water for life to one child in a developing country. Generosity.org is the perfect partner for them since it is a humanitarian organization that is helping to end the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time, with 778 projects funded, Generosity.org has brought clean drinking water to more than 450,000 people in twenty countries.unnamed-4

Gululu is available for purchase on Amazon Exclusive.

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