ikiki Kids Shoes are the BEST!

I love kids shoes so much and when I find out about a new shoe company, I feel compelled to tell you all about. Enter ikiki Kids Shoes!ikiki shoes

ikiki Kids Shoes are the most adorable kids shoes that help get the little ones to get walking. They have the squeaky sneaker feature that has a squeak to encourage kids to walk. If your kids are older and they already walking, simply turn off the squeak by simply turning the switch to off, on the side of the sneaker.ikiki shoes

ikiki is dedicated to creating shoes, booties, and other articles of clothing that are designed especially for kids. ikiki shoes have only the best materials for developing feet. And the patent-pending adjustable squeaker has been proven to help kids learn how to walk and reinforce good walking habits. They are perfect for crawlers learning to walk, toddlers learning to take proper heel-to-toe steps, or anyone who wants walking to be fun!

unnamed-2For those beginning to walk, they allow the little ones to have confidence to take their next step. With kids sometimes scared to keep their balance, by hearing the squeak, they will feel encouraged to take that step. Once they feel confident and are full on walkers, simply turn off the squeak feature and they are on their way to running.

ikiki shoesBesides being wonderful beginning shoes, the shoes are just so darn cute! The shoes feature various animals and with 14 different styles, you can’t go wrong! Be sure to check out ikiki kids shoes today!!!

*Samples provided. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


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