Seasonal Allergies – How We Battle the Season’s Onslaught! #HealthTips

Seasonal allergies are the worst! They can make you feel like something out of The Walking Dead. You’re in pain, or at least discomfort. Your eyes and nose are runny. You’re shambling around like a walker, and your eyes are so red and inflamed, you look like you’re just about to turn. It’s awful. It’s especially bad for my son. He has both food, environmental, and seasonal allergies, so when the pollen really gets going, he is absolutely miserable. It’s important that I’m able to recognize when he’s being affected by seasonal allergies and when he has a cold or the flu, so I know how to properly address his ailment.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-10-08-39-am

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Seasonal Allergies or the Flu or Cold?

It’s important to know which you’re dealing with so that you treat the right thing. Obviously, if your child has a cold or the flu, allergy meds won’t help. Likewise, if they’re suffering from allergies, cold medicine won’t do anything. So what is the difference?


The biggest difference is that a cold is cause by a viral infection, while allergy symptoms are caused by the body’s own immune system attempting to fight off an allergen or allergens.

Fast or Slow

The speed of symptom onset is another key factor. If symptoms develop quickly, it’s most likely seasonal allergies. Allergy symptoms flare up as soon as you’re exposed to an allergen. On the other hand, cold symptoms can take several days to present.


Certain symptoms can indicate whether you or a family member is suffering from seasonal allergies or a cold or flu.

  • Cough - Most people with a cold have a cough, but not all people with allergies do.
  • Itchy Eyes - Common with allergies but rare with the common cold.
  • Mucus Color - Green or yellow mucus can be a sign of a cold or flu, but clear liquid discharge is associated with seasonal allergies.
  • Fever - If you have a fever, you aren’t suffering from allergies. And if symptoms last three to four days, you probably have the flu.
  • Body Aches - Body aches and pains are a sign of the flue. Seasonal allergies – and even colds – don’t cause body aches.

All About Seasonal Allergies

The symptoms for all allergies are the same, whether spring or fall. Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, headache, and sinus pressure are all symptoms of seasonal allergies. The difference in the season is what causes this reaction. In the spring, outdoor allergens like tree and grass pollen are likely to cause your allergies. In the fall, you’ll see symptoms triggered by weed pollen such as ragweed and mold allergies. In addition, dust mites are a common problem in the fall.

How I Combat Seasonal Allergies

I do everything I can to combat seasonal allergies, and MinuteClinic helps me do it. Using products like nasal saline, decongestants, and OTC or prescription antihistamines can help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms, and I can get all of them quickly and easily at MinuteClinic.

MinuteClinic also has nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can assess whether one of my family members is experiencing allergy symptoms or having a cold or flu. They can also recommend the right course of OTC medications and write prescriptions when needed. They can also review our medical history, perform exams, and help decide on a treatment plan. It’s a one-stop-shop for healthcare and a great resource when seasonal allergies arise.

in addition, I make sure I limit exposure to allergens, especially for my son. When pollen counts are high, I keep him indoors to limit exposure, I run the air conditioner, and I use an air purifier to help remove even more allergens from the air. I also have everyone in the family take off their clothes and shoes when they enter the house and put them right into the laundry.

MinuteClinic Helps Me Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay

I’m glad I have a MinuteClinic nearby to help me combat seasonal allergies. With their nurse practitioners and physician assistants, I know I’ll always be able to know exactly what’s going on with my kids and how to treat them. It makes it so much easier to combat seasonal allergies. If you have environmental allergies, head over to your local MinuteClinic. It’s a great help. Find a MinuteClinic near you here. And save up to $40 on brands you can trust at MinuteClinic when you visit your nearest clinic and pick up their Johnson & Johnson coupon book.

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