Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy weekend everyone! Supposed to be a nice one so have fun with whatever you do!dentistmelsbbutton

As always, come link up any cute or funny post. Definitely check out the other blogs who link up as they all provide a great laugh. Feel free to share on social media although this is not mandatory at all.

My Top Five Laughs:

5. Taylor loves to be the greeter these days. She loves to say hello to everyone she sees and if you don’t say hello back, she will give you the death stare!

4. Zane loves to play with his new beach ball. The boy sleeps with it as his pillow every night. Who knew a $1.00 toy would be such a hit?!

3. Hayley has so much trouble sleeping. We give her melatonin before sleep and that usually does the trick. So at night she asks for her magical pill. So cute!

2. Taylor is trying her hardest to climb out of her crib. Not going to happen kiddo!

1. Taylor loves to sit on the potty. I am trying to roll with it but everyday she just wants to spend all her waking hours on the potty! Momma needs a break! #pottyaddict but #stilllovestonotgoanywherebutherdiaper!

Your Laughs:


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