Infant CPR – Learn it Quickly and Easily at Home + 5 Infant CPR Giveaway Kits!

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Infant CPR is such an important thing for parents to know. There’s no telling when our children or children around us might need CPR. Things happen all the time. Crazy things that you never thought would happen. That’s why it’s so important to know how to perform infant CPR. With Infant CPR Anytime, you can learn CPR in your own home at your own pace.unnamed

Infant CPR Can Save Lives

Between babies putting any and everything into their mouths, SIDS, and random occurrences that parents simply can’t plan for, the world can be a dangerous place for young children. I’ll never forget when I watched a child at the playground start choking on a bite of hot dog. She stood there hacking and grabbing at her throat and crying. It was awful. Luckily, she could still breathe, and it eventually worked itself out. I say luckily because in that moment, as I looked around at the other five moms, I realized that none of us knew CPR or what to do to help that little girl.

It struck me as ludicrous that I and all the moms I knew scoured the internet for baby proofing our homes, knowing which items to keep well away from our babies, and how to treat diaper rash, but none of us knew how to save our children in the event that something major like what happened to that little girl occurred.

Learn at Home with Infant CPR Anytime

EMS response times can range from 4 minutes to OVER 10. That’s a huge time difference. And CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival. It’s important to have this skill in case of emergency, especially if you have infants or toddlers. They are so bad about eating things and tasting things and generally interacting with the entire world with their mouths.

That’s why I think Infant CPR Anytime is such a fantastic idea. Infant CPR Anytime is an all in one kit which allows users to learn infant CPR at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. With Infant CPR Anytime, learning infant CPR is easier, because there’s no apprehension about looking silly and users are free to go over whatever parts of the course they need to as often as they need to.

Additional CPR Benefits

  • Takes about 20 minutes. Simple, step by step format
  • Learn infant CPR and choking relief (up to 1 year of age)
  • Video makes practicing easy
  • Always there for a skill refresher
  • Self-directed program for easy home use and learning
  • Simple, easy to follow presentation for easier learning and lots of practice
  • Share with family and friends

Infant CPR Anytime Kit Includes

  • Bilingual Practice DVD
  • Bilingual Skills Reminder Card
  • Mini Baby CPR Manikin in Poly Bag
  • Replacement Lung
  • Manikin Wipes

Infant CPR is a Life Saverunnamed-1

That’s why I think Infant CPR Anytime is such a valuable teaching tool. With Infant CPR Anytime, it’s easy to learn the skills we need to help babies in crisis. This self-instructional package includes everything needed to fully learn infant CPR so we’re prepared in the event of a life threatening emergency. Whether you’re a parent or not, I encourage you to invest in Infant CPR Anytime, because infant CPR is something we should all know.

Giveaway: 5 winners will each receive this valuable kit. For this giveaway, simply leave me a comment and tell me why you are interested in winning. ENDS 6/1. US only! Good luck! To enter, follow this link and tell me what you learned!  PLEASE REMEMBER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!

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  1. vickie couturier says

    I so need this,,i have 14 grandchildren and 10 of them are under the age of 5,so this would be very important to me

    • vickie couturier says

      I learned
      In about 20 minutes CPR Anytime and Infant CPR Anytime can help prepare you to save a life.

  2. Cathy B*****y says

    When I was a parent of young children many years ago, I took a life saving course and loved it. Now I am a grandmother and I totally need to relearn everything… INFANT CPR helps you with CHOKING RELIEF skills which are vital for infants and young children. This would be such a great gift and I would also lend it to my grown daughter.. if she also learns it I am sure she will give alot of word of mouth buzz as well! The link ot the site you gave not only gives info on the importance of INFANT CPR to save lives, but also tells how the hospital staffs are then able to help other patients if families, parents, grandparents, and caregivers learn these skills it frees up the drs and nurses to care of other patients! I also learned something else wonderful.. not only does that site reiterate the important signals and warning signs for Strokes and Heart attacks also, but I saw something new… HAND CPR! I look forward to checking that link out as well! thank you for this review!!! I have a fire dept down the street.. May also suggest to them!
    graciously, Cathy B*****y

  3. Deborah W. says

    I think it’s important for any parent or grandparent to know CPR. I would love to win this to train both myself and my children on the proper way to do CPR on an infant.

  4. Christie says

    CPR Anytime and Infant CPR Anytime can help prepare you to save a life in about only 20 minutes.

  5. Richard Hicks says

    I want to win this for my sisterinlaw who has a new baby. It is so important to be prepared for emergencies

  6. Karen Propes says

    I want to win this for my daughter and of course our family, but I also want to share with the new daycare we are putting my Grandson in so they can make sure they have that training also.

  7. ALi c says

    You can save a life with knowing CPR and that choking is the number 1 unintentional death in infants scary!

  8. says

    This would be perfect for my niece who is expecting her first child (a boy) this August. She hopes to have a large family and she is babysitting in her spare time to help with the costs. I learned a lot from the link you supplied. The page is a wealth of information that covers a lot in an easy to understand format. I believe every babysitter should know basic cpr.

  9. Sarah Oswald says

    I learned that In about 20 minutes CPR Anytime and Infant CPR Anytime can help prepare you to save a life

  10. Nathan Kirsch says

    I’d like to win this for my friend who just had a baby and it’d be a great gift to show her how much I care about her child’s future safety.

  11. Brittany says

    I am a new mom expecting in June and could really use this to make sure my little peanut will be safe as possible!

  12. Caroline B says

    I am expecting my first child and this kit would come in very handy! I will feel so much more prepared!

  13. Katy says

    I think this is so awesome! I took an infant CPR course right before my daughter was born, but I would love to brush up and have time to practice some more.

    I learned that if CPR is given during a sudden cardiac arrest, the survival rate doubles or triples! Pretty amazing!

  14. Dotty J Boucher says

    I learned that its important to know cpr to save a life and that everyone should learn it. I lost a son, I may have been able to save him knowing cpr, I have 9 grandchildren now, its time..

  15. Melissa Tippie says

    I learned many things: Mini Anne manikin is latex free. It’s important to know CPR to save a life ~ Everyone should learn it. Hands ONLY CPR. You can save a life with knowing CPR. Choking is the number 1 unintentional death in infants. CPR is given during a sudden cardiac arrest, the survival rate doubles or triples. This would be a great gift for my hubby for his 50th Birthday in June. He is a volunteer EMT & fire-fighter for over 12 yrs. He is a lieutenant of the squad side of fire dept. Plus, at his job at a plant his is on the ERT team. Thank-you for a really great #giveaway!!

  16. Laura says

    I learned that in about 20 minutes CPR Anytime and Infant CPR Anytime can help prepare you to save a life. This is SO important! I would love to learn. Thank you so much!

  17. Robin Abrams says

    I would love to have this because right now I have 4 grandkids and I would love for my kids and I to learn CPR for babies

  18. Nancy says

    I learned that you can learn Hands On Only CPR in 60 seconds. I’d like to have this because our family is growing by two feet this year!

  19. Ashley says

    I’m interested in winning because I’m pregnant and infant CPR would be a great skill to have!

  20. Annmarie W. says

    We just had a pool put in our backyard last year, so this kit would be a great way for my family to be prepared for the unexpected when guests are here with their little ones. And I see from the link that choking is the #1 cause of unintentional death for infants!

  21. says

    I am a mother of a very small child and soon to be back into child care this would be so handy! I can practice on demand.

  22. Gabrielly says

    I learned that 80% of heart attacks happen at home. I’d like to win this for my friend who just had a baby.

  23. Amy Hall says

    I’m interested in winning because we have a 6 month old, a 2 year old, and probably more coming one day.

  24. Alexandra Oller says

    I am expecting and think this would be very helpful for all of us to learn before the baby comes.

  25. Esther S says

    I learned that you can learn Anytime CPR in about 20 minutes. I’m a paramedic and am prepared for emergencies but I would love to have tgis for my husband and mother in law (she watches the kiddos during the day) so they can be better prepared.

  26. Diane Bare says

    This would be a great refresher for me and my 14 year old daughter wants to start babysitting. It would be perfect for her to be able to learn!

  27. andrea v says

    I’m a mom who works in the hospital and would love to have this to teach more people about CPR. Including my family members and babysitter who I trust with my boys. It’s important to know CPR, I’ve actually used it to save a life before. I wish everyone was passionate about knowing how to properly use the techniques to help save others.

  28. Stephanie Larison says

    I have a newborn so I think it would be important to learn cpr. I learned the CPR Anytime kit is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) for the U.S. market.

  29. Janet Boyanton says

    I learned that the practice doll is latex free. The last time I took CPR was in the ’80s and I have a grandchild coming.

  30. Kimberly M. says

    I need this because I have 4 grandchildren and another one on the way. It sure would have come in handy about a year ago when my one grandson needed it. Thank God my DIL is a CNA and knew CPR.

    • Kimberly M. says

      I did not know that almost 92% of victims that have a heart attack at home don’t survive.

  31. Kristina says

    I need this because we recently started BLU with my daughter and I am a nervous wreck! I really need to learn infant CPR and choking relief. It would be beneficial for anyone else taking care of her to be able to learn as well

  32. Karen Nadeau says

    I learned that 80 percent of cadiac arrests occur at home. I work with young children and this would be a great tool to have. This would help a lot of my co-workers.

  33. susan smoaks says

    i would love to be able to save someone if the opportunity presented itself. i would hate to not know what to do in case of emergency.

  34. karen mayernick says

    I would like to win because I do not know CPR. Also we have 3 kids and just moved into a home with a pool. This is exactly what I need! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  35. Fiona N says

    I would love to win this Infant CPR Anytime because it would help me to learn about CPR, as well as take care of my little one better!
    Thank You for the great review and giveaway

  36. Shakeia Rieux says

    I would love to win this because I’m a babysitter, and this would be good for me to learn. I have been wanting to learn CPR but never did. At least with this I have no excuse and can do this from home

  37. kelly mcgrew says

    I am very very excited for this giveaway as my sister is giving birth in about two weeks and this would be so useful for our family to learn infant CPR!

  38. Laurie Emerson says

    I am interested in winning as with two little ones I want to know as much as I can about CPR. It could someday help to save their lives or another child’s.

  39. Megan C says

    This would be so nice to have. I would share it with the other mothers in my group. I learned that in about 20 minutes CPR Anytime and Infant CPR Anytime can help prepare you to save a life.

  40. Virginia Tate says

    …you never know when you might have to make a life or death decision quickly—this kit is preparation for such a decision…would love to have to share with all the parents in my family…..

  41. Emi says

    I would like to win because I had adult c.p.r training at work 5 years ago and I can barely remember it and I am sure that you have to do things differently for infants and toddlers.

  42. Leah Shumack says

    This is so valuable to know and it’s only a 20 minute “training.” My bestie is pregnant with her first one and I would love to give this to her! lshumack at gmail dot com

  43. Terri Irvin says

    I am around babies and small children all day long and if I could save a life with this, I would be feeling very blessed. I learned that the kit is bilingual (English/Spanish).

  44. says

    Thank you so much for sharing the importance of knowing infant CPR. In an instant your young child can find themselves needing the lifesaving technique of CPR. Being prepared for situations like this can make a huge difference in overall recovery time, and can even help to prevent death. In addition, knowing what to do in the case of a young child choking can be just as valuable as knowing CPR. I recommend all parents become trained in basic First Aid and CPR just in case. You can never be too prepared.


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