Let’s Get Beautiful with the Pearlesque Box!!

*I received samples and this post is sponsored. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources. *

Beauty products are something I hoard in my house. I love shopping for beauty products and finding new products on the market. Pearlesque Box is a non-toxic skincare subscription box that I fell in love with because you get gorgeous products that are delivered each month to your house. Each month you get all natural skin care products including cleansers, moisturizers, etc packaged and delivered to you!

Osea  CreamRochelle Langere, the founder of Pearleque Box, found this skincare line because she was tired of the heavily saturated market of harsh chemicals. She then formed an all natural skincare line that was inspired by her love of travel which opened her eyes to new and ancient natural ingredients used every day around the world. As a result, Pearlesque Box was created to share her findings with others in search of all natural products.

Breaking down each product sets Pearlesque Box a part from other monthly subscription boxes and allows them to focus on the ingredients creating a new platform for skincare education. Their philosophy is that natural beauty revitalizes their skin at its best state. This is accomplished through a strict skincare regimen with great products. Since the launch in September of 2015, Pearlesque Box has partnered with these same great products and brands such as Honey Girl Organics (Hawaii), SKIN&CO Roma (Italy), Bambu Earth (California) and Teadora Beauty (Brazil). As they enter a new year they are excited to continue rolling out new partnerships monthly with natural luxury brands.

We received the Osea protection cream, minerals, and cleansers. This protection line is absolutely AMAZING and my skin has never felt better!Osea  Cream

Shop All Natural, Non-Toxic and Organic Beauty Products From Around The World!unnamed-10

Be sure to shop the Pearleque Box today and get your skin looking gorgeous!

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