National Grapefruit Month and a Sweet Scarletts Giveaway (a grapefruit spoon, circular cutting board, grapefruit bowl, juicer, mason jar and apron)

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Did you know that it is National Grapefruit Month in March? This month I am celebrating with Sweet Scarletts grapefruits which are ABSOLUTELY amazing!! They are so sweet, it is like you are having a bad treat but with hardly any calories. A score if you ask me!grapefruits

Wonderful Sweet Scarletts – a new brand of Texas Red Grapefruits – launched nationwide last year and will change the way you think about grapefruits! From the people who brought you Wonderful Pistachios, POM Wonderful and Wonderful Halos, Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruits are so sweet, you won’t even need to add sugar! The Texas climate yields the sweetest premium red grapefruits around. Not only is our grapefruit sweet, but half a grapefruit is only 60 calories and provides 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C.

This year Sweet Scarletts partnered with actress, author and host of Cooking Channel’s The Real Girl’s Kitchen, Haylie Duff so be sure to check that out!

Since receiving these grapefruits, I have had one every single morning and they are outstanding!!! Nothing says sweetness like Sweet Scarletts grapefruits!


Giveaway: One winner will receive this gorgeous prize pack including a Sweet Scarletts grapefruit spoon, circular cutting board, grapefruit bowl, juicer, mason jar and apron. unnamed-4This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me what you learned by visiting Sweet Scarletts site. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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  1. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I learned that Texas Reds are the sweetest grapefruit and they contain 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C. I love red grapefruit so I will be looking for these.

  2. Maryann D. says

    I learned that you can get 100% of your daily value
    of vitamin C at breakfast with just half a grapefruit.

  3. Tina says

    I learned that a graprefruit only has 120 calories. Such a big fruit with such a lot of vitamin c and so few calories. Woo Hoo!

  4. Marilyn Bauminger says

    I learned that Texas reds provide 100% of my daily vitamin c requirement. They are very sweet and are not high in calories.

  5. wen budro says

    My favorite part is that these are sweeter than the others but still contain all of the great Vitamin C.

  6. Peggy Rydzewski says

    Red grapefruit contains 100% of your daily value of vitamin C, making for a tasty treat that’s part of a healthy diet.

  7. Sandy Cain says

    I learned that just HALF of Sweet Scarlett’s grapefruits give you a full days worth of Vitamin C. Better than taking supplements, it’s natural.

  8. Angela Hendricks says

    I love how you can get 100% of your daily value
    of vitamin C at breakfast with
    just half a grapefruit.

  9. Kristie says

    I learned that they farm over 10,000 acres in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I love the Haylie Duff Recipe #1: Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Grapefruit Brûlée & Sweet Ricotta. Looks delicious! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  10. ashley packard says

    Grapefruit has so much vitamin C, and it’s only 120 calories. These make for a wonderful breakfast.

  11. Emily Benzing says

    I loved reading about the story, how it’s based in Texas. I think it’s an awesome company that tastes great! And you can get it at walmart!

  12. Debbie F says

    Being that I’m from Texas my favorite part was the “everything is sweeter in texas” line. :)

  13. Peggy Koehler says

    I learned that Sweet Scarletts provide a daily dose of Vitamin C and they can be found at Walmart and Costco. Also that the climate in Texas provides the best place to grow these sweet grapefruits!

  14. Wendy O. says

    I love that there are recipes! I never know what to do with grapefruit other than eat it by itself. These should help me try a few new things!

  15. Amanda Stovall says

    Even though I’m not crazy about the taste of grapefruit, I still think it’s pretty cool that 100% of our daily recommended intake of Vitamin C could be knocked out just by eating half a grapefruit for breakfast!

  16. Katherine Riley says

    I love the recipe section. I don’t like eating raw citrus just by itself, so I always looking for new ways to incorporate it in my diet.

  17. Laurie Nykaza says

    Half a grapefruit gives you 100% of the daily value of vitamin C and has about 60 calories so good for you


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