Why This Mama Likes Kobrand Wines!

*I received wine bottles for review. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

At the end of a long day with three kids, this mama reaches for her wine. Trust me after hearing bickering and kids voices all day (I love them but boy are they loud) nothing is better than a refreshing glass of wine. These days, I turn to one of my favorites, Kobrand Wines. I am newcomer to this wine but I seriously love their wide selections of wine. They have wine for just about any occasion from dress up, night out to a cozy night with a good book.

wineAt Kobrand wines, you can find many various types of wines such as Dessert, Fortified Red, Grappa, Sparkling Red, and more! You can also buy a large assortment of these wines from different regions across the country such as America, Argentina, Chili, Germany, and Italy to name a few. The price point is very reasonable as well, going from a light bodies, inexpensive but equally delicious wine to a more expensive wine. No matter what your taste, Kobrand Wines has you covered!wines

I tend to like fruity, light bodied, and flavorful wines. One of their great wines that I love is the  Pinot Gris Clos Windsbuhl Monopole. This wine is aged 18 months in forty year old barrels to get its distinct flavors. I tend to taste pears and fruit on my first sip of this wine. It pairs very well with a light fish.

Cakebread-Cellars-Napa-Valley-Chardonnay-2013They also have a great selection of reds. I am not much of a red drinker but my husband said what he tasted out of the Kobrand reds, he was a huge fan! They have light to full bodied reds for any occasion.

Kobrand wines also sent us these delicious wines and I was a HUGE fan of them!!

Kobrand Wines

Fruit is hand harvested from 100% DOC-rated 20-year-old vines that yield fewer but more intensely flavored grapes. Vineyards are located on hillsides in Pieve di Soligo, one of the 15 communes allowed for Prosecco production, nestled between the famed DOCG provinces of Conegliano and Valdobbiadine. The wine is crafted using preferred natural fermentation in autoclave, which results in a superior effervescent quality. Like all Prosecco, Caposaldo Prosecco is nonvintag


Kobrand Wines

In northern Italy’s Delle Venezie region, the Pinot Grigio vines are planted to hillside vineyards situated 750 feet above sea level, where they benefit from well-drained, mineral rich, volcanic basaltic rock and calcareous clay soils. After handpicking, the grapes were gently guided through a pneumatic press, followed by inoculation with selected yeasts and three weeks of cold fermentation. Malolactic fermentation was avoided to promote fresh acidity, and the wine is not oak aged, allowing the grapes’ varietal character to remain prominent.

Kobrand Wines

The grapes grow on the cool hilltops of northern Italy’s Lombardy region, where the northern-lying Alps shield the low-yielding hillside vineyards from harsh weather and the 20-year-old Guyot-trained vines benefit from a superb blend of white marl and chalky soils. During harvest, the fruit is carefully handpicked.

Kobrand Wines

Caposaldo Moscato comes from the cool, maritime climate of Provincia di Pavia in northern Italy’s Lombardy region. Here the 20-year-old guyot-trained vines benefit from the blend of white marl and chalk soils in the low-yielding hillside vineyards. Grapes are handpicked, and after a temperature-controlled fermentation the wine undergoes a natural second fermentation in autoclave, resulting in a fine, persistent effervescence.

I have to say that both the regular Moscato and the Sweet Moscato were to die for! I am a HUGE Moscato fan and both of these lived up to my palate tremendously. They both had such flavor and I loved to pair them with fish, or by themselves as an after dinner drink.

The Pinot Grigio had a nice flavor that I loved to pair with a good, red meat. It went down smoothly with tons of strong flavors. With it being aged the way it is, you know you are getting a great wine. I am also eager to taste the Prosecco at our next celebration. I have heard great things and can’t wait to open this special bottle for a great night out in!

Be sure to pick up Kobrand Wines today. You can find them at local stores across the country.

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  1. Danielle K says

    I seriously love wine and trying all kinds of new ones. Sounds like they make some great ones so I’ll have to check them out :)

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