Saving on my Cell Phone Bills…Yes Please! and a $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway! #tmobile

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unnamed-3I have to tell you that being a blogger has been tough on my cell phone bill. Seriously every single month, I have been running out of minutes. I am constantly complaining to my husband about this and he agrees that something needs to be done. However, I really do not want to spend an arm and a leg in the process. I need a way to keep cost down as much as possible. I always search out the T -Mobile Coupons to find the best deals for my family!

unnamed-4These days I really love to hear about the Simple Choice Plan from T-Mobile.  Just take a look at all these awesome features that come with this plan:

· Unlimited talk, text and data while on our network with no overages or annual service contracts.
· NOW! Includes unlimited calls and text to and from any number, including mobile phones, in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. PLUS use your monthly 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada like in the U.S., at no extra charge.
· Data Stash™ rolls your unused 4G LTE data forward in to the next month, for domestic use in the next 12 months. Available with 3GB and 5GB data options.
· Music Freedom™ with unlimited music streaming on our network from top services such as Pandora and iHeart Radio without using your data.
· Unlimited data and texting when you travel to any of 120+ countries and destinations so you can stay connected when you’re abroad.
· Jump! Upgrade to the latest devices earlier and more often while also protecting your investment with Premium Handset Protection® and Lookout Mobile Security® Premium. $10 per month.
· Wi-Fi Calling: every Wi-Fi connection works like a T-Mobile tower.
· Smartphone mobile hotspot: Use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot
· Add a tablet or hotspot to existing plans for $10 per month.

As a blogger and a mom of three small kids, this looks like a deal that is the most advantageous for us. I love the fact that I have unlimited data while on the network. No more having to add on additional minutes when I plan runs out. This is the plan for me!

Now if you are wondering why you chose T-Mobile, here are some of the facts:unnamed

· Data Stash roll over is 12 months with TMO vs. AT&T 1 month.
· Music streaming counts against your data on other carriers.
· Free international text/data and calling (to/from) Mexico/Canada as included are not available on other major carriers.
· Switching without a hitch. We pay early termination fees and remaining phone payments.
· Prepaid plans are 4G LTE and include everything below.
· No contracts. No overages. And phone payment plans.
· Wi-Fi calling is big for areas with limited coverage or overseas.
· Free 7-day trial to see if it works for you
· We offer 25% off accessories every day online.

Here are some great offers that you can take advantage of now:

189311 – Save $48 off Smartphones and Tablets for US College Students and US College/K-12 Staff

187880 – Simple Choice Plan – $50 for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data

187881 - Simply Prepaid Plan – $40 for 4GB and Unlimited Talk & Text

Be sure to take advantage of these offers today!

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  1. Crystal Sell says

    I like having a good phone plan because I like to not have to worry when we are traveling. I know exactly what I get and can do so that I won’t be charged anything extra.

  2. Fee Roberts says

    A good phone plan is necessary when I don’t want a contract, hidden charges, and I get unlimited talk, text, and data.

  3. Carly D. says

    A good phone plan is essential for my family and I because all our family lives far away so it is how we keep in touch and send videos and pictures!

  4. Erika W. says

    A good phone plan is necessary because I don’t want to be wasting my money. Technology is much better than it was 5-10 years ago so my bill shouldn’t be the same as it was then.

  5. Tara L says

    It is important to have a good phone plan so you don’t go over on minutes or data usage or else you may end up paying a lot of money in overage fees. It’s also important to make sure your plan has a good coverage area.

  6. sandra davis says

    A good phone plan is important because it has to be dependable so that we can always have constant contact with each other. It also have to be a good plan at a reasonable price and be in our budget.

  7. Abigail says

    Theres nothing worse than unexpected charges and overages! Its good to have aplan that fits your needs and lifestyle

  8. EJ (Jane) says

    We need to keep our family of 5 connected. Between school work & activities communication is the key to a happy family.

  9. Rebecca says

    It’s important to have a good phone plan so that there are no hidden fees and we get the coverage that we are looking for.

  10. Sarah Cool says

    Its important to have a good plan because you wont be throwing your money away with overages! Which means spending money on more important things

  11. Holly S. says

    Because our phones are our lifelines! You need a good carrier with a large service area, but you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it either!

  12. Annie fajardo says

    We are on a tight budget and I really need a phone plan that I can get the most out of. Low monthly cost but good service and no hidden fees!

  13. wen budro says

    Having a good phone plan is necessary for me because I need to not worry about keeping track of data or texting or minutes. I also don’t like to waste money on features that I don’t need.

  14. Annmarie W. says

    With 4 of us in the house, and having a budget, I’d rather be spending money on other things and not our phones! But the phones are necessary, and I want to know exactly what I’m being charged…without hidden fees. We need to have enough minutes & data for all of us.

  15. Emily Ferguson says

    Having a good phone plan is necessary not only to save money but to make sure you have service when you need it most.

  16. Lenora Driskel says

    I need to have a decent phone plan just for my budgets sake. My current plan is really painful on me financially.

  17. Stephanie Gossett says

    Having a good phone plan helps me stay in touch with my mother. She is a few hours away, and very precious to me!

  18. Pam C. says

    It is essential that you have a good phone plan so that you can reach anyone you need to whenever and wherever you are. Additionally having access to the internet is key in this day and age.

  19. Brianna says

    a good phone plan that is not only affordable but has good service and can help you stay in touch with loved ones or for work or any other activities or things you get calls from is always a nice thing. these days theres so many carriers out there that your over paying and their service just stinks

  20. Wendy R. says

    We have 5 lines on our family plan so cell service is very important to us! It’s also very important to have a good plan that is affordable with that many phones.

  21. Elizabeth says

    I use my personal cell phone for work. I get a stipend every month to offset the cost of it but I’m responsible for my own plan. I’m on-call at work Monday-Friday and rotating weekends. Having a good plan with enough data and minutes is really important because I need to be available at any time in any place when my work needs to contact me.

  22. Leeann says

    I am a mom with a child in school and I need to stay connected. I also like to stay on a budget. I need good coverage while still being able to save money,

  23. Emi says

    A good phone is necessary because it needs to work in an emergency such as an earthquake in order to reach loved ones or help out.

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