Magic Feel Good- Getting Kids to Feel Better without the Drugs when they are not sick!

*This is a sponsored review and post with Magic Feel Good*

Magic Feel Good (MFG) is an awesome new product !! MFG is a proven concept leveraged and packaged in a transformational new way. MFG makes unique, innovative use of the placebo effect. Rather than limiting the use to a control in a clinical trial, or specific utilization by a doctor, MFG brings the power of the placebo directly to parents and children. It unleashes the power of imagination, connectivity, confidence and love that are masked by a child’s desperate call for attention.Magic Feel Good

When MFG creators, Akiva and Jeni’s children were young, their kids sometimes complained of phantom pains. A stomach would ache, but it was because of nerves. An ear would hurt because they were jealous of their sibling’s great tasting pink medicine. A minor scrape would call for a band aid and the insistence that medication was needed. That’s when Akiva thought to take a medicine cup and put some honey, grape juice, and whatever other juice happened to be in the fridge, sprinkled some magic, invisible, feel good powder in it (just because it’s invisible, doesn’t mean it’s not there, right?), and administered. Voila! The pain subsided, the child stopped whining, and a sense of equilibrium was once again restored to their world. Akiva and Jeni soon took this solution to their extended family and friends, and are now looking to bring it to you!

Like you, when I first heard this story, I thought, “Why can’t I go to my own fridge and make my own magical solution?” Why can’t I buy “Mike and Ike’s” and get the same results myself? If it worked so well for Akiva and Jeni as a homemade remedy, why buy Magic Feel Good? First, it’s all in the name. While the homemade remedy did work, ultimately kids do catch on. If all goes well, kids learn how do to how read! Seeing “Magic Feel Good” on a package vs. “M&M’s” undoubtedly impacts the degree and effectiveness of the placebo effect. Second, beyond the name the commercialization effect itself bolsters the placebo effect. The creative packaging, the blister packets, the clever use of an elephant and the circus theme all contribute to and emboldens the placebo effect in a way all the ingredients in a fridge and cupboard just can’t replicate. Finally, it actually tastes good and is good for your children absent of any phantom aches and pains!Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.25.17 PM

The Placebo Effect is a remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo – a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, water, or saline – can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful. With the placebo effect, expectations play a significant, if not entirely dominant role in achieving success. Parenting and childhood development are no different. MFG is not just candy, or a clever concoction of the contents of a refrigerator, it is the trigger/gateway to build this confidence in you and your child… and it tastes great too!

I have used Magic Feel Good with my kids with huge successes. Just last night, Hayley was complaining to me that she felt sick. She was not really sick (and both of us knew it) but she loves the taste of medicine, so she was pleading for it. Yes, she is crazy but she thinks the taste of the medicine will make her feel better. I did not want to give her the drugs for an unneeded aliment, so I gave her Magic Feel Good.Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.25.13 PM

I love that it has Vitamin C so it does have great benefits. Within 20 minutes of taking it, she felt all better! Of course medicine definitely is essential when kids are sick, there are many times when they are not, and Magic Feel Good is a great course of action. I am a big fan of Magic Feel Good now!


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    I really could have used this product this morning when my little guy was complaining he had a fever (he was fine). He spat out the vitamin gummy I tried to tell him was medicine.

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    We try not to take any pain medication unless absolutely necessary. This is a very cool alternative – and the placebo effect can be very real!

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