KATIE LINENDOLL introduces Sprout- Technology Based!

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Where would we be without technology? From writing to communicating to forming ideas and creating dreams, we use technology in almost every aspect of life. With new platforms and advancements in operating systems, users are able to create and share more easily, but also face many limitations. Thus, user demands have driven the development of technology to push new boundaries and empower people to create, interact and inspire like never before.

HP introduced its vision for the future of computing by unveiling its new Blended Reality ecosystem: sprout by HP

A first-of-its-kind Immersive Computing platform redefines the user experience, creates a foundation for future immersive technologies, and empowers people to create, interact and inspire like never before. Combining a scanner, depth sensor, hi-resolution camera and projector into a single device, the system allows users to take physical items and seamlessly merge them into a digital workspace. It also delivers an unmatched collaboration platform, allowing users in multiple locations to collaborate on and manipulate a single piece of digital content in real-time.

Emmy Award-winning TV personality and tech expert, Katie Linendoll, revealed a first look at sprout that breaks down the barriers of technology, significantly improves user experiences and sets the groundwork for a dynamic roadmap for the future of technology, sharing and creating.

Sprout will allow us to reimagine how and what we can create by evolving how we interact with technology.
: Introduce a new, intuitive, hands-on computing experience from HP
: Discuss the vision for the future of computing and printing
: How will this new technology change how we work, play, create and make?
: How does this new technology give users the freedom to effortlessly and
instantaneously create and share ideas?
: How this computer will help enable the creative process in new and efficient ways?

Katie Linendoll is an Emmy Award-winning TV personality, writer, technology expert and global technology consultant. In those roles, she spends as much time on her laptop as she does in the field. Known for her quirky expertise and high energy, Linendoll, a writer and contributor for NBC’s Today Show has also contributed to CNN for the past five years. As former host of All Access Weekly on Spike TV, her broadcast credits also include Fox and Friends, CBS News, NBC Nightly News and ABC News Now. Katie has also contributed 60 plus pieces for ESPN and more. Katie has a degree in Information Technology New Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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  1. Jenna Wood says

    Other than wondering what the price point is, this looks like an awesome tool, especially for blogging. It’s pretty impressive that this will be on the market within days!

  2. says

    It sounds like there’s a lot to look forward to. I know it would be fun to be able to collaborate on digital projects. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

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