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unnamed-1I don’t know about you but one of my favorite shopping days is of course, Black Friday! I love to shop and nothing gives me greater joy than finding out about the hottest deals. This year, I am searching for that special computer that will help alleviate some of my blogging woes. In the past, I have gotten up at 3 AM to shop for toys for my kids and electronics for my husbands. By far the best purchase I have ever made on Black Friday was for that Samsung TV that still hangs beautifully in my living room.

Right now, there is a great Black Friday Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes started today and allows you to win some major shopping cash, as well as, save! You simply need to submit your email and you can be one of the 100 winners each day. How awesome would that be?!unnamed

The Good Stuff, which is the magazine, is a great resource for everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping. If you need all the shopping details, this is the magazine you will want to read.  Be sure to check out the Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff.

I hope you all have fun shopping this Black Friday! So now tell me, what are some of your favorite go to Black Friday shopping purchases?

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    Black Friday is so much fun. I know I could get equally good deals shopping online, but I really do enjoy the rush of going out in the middle of the night & scoring with great prices. I’ll be doing my research ahead of time!

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    I LOVE Black Friday sales, and I especially love shopping from home on Black Friday. Thanks so much for the contest! Maybe I’ll win some Black Friday shopping cash!

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    I go out on Black Friday just to people watch LOL I try to do all of my shopping from Direct Sales Consultants instead of big box stores so I do not do much shopping on BF – but the people watching is fantastic. There is no telling WHAT you will see lol

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    I’m definitely part of the Cyber Monday group. I worked too many Black Fridays BEHIND the retail counter. I think it ruined the excitement for me. But the deals online? Oh I am SO on that!

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    My hubby used to shop for our children on Black Friday but since they are older he has stopped going. Traffic is crazy and although he doesn’t seem to mind it that much, I feel better now that he is not out with all the whacky drivers.

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    Black Friday has become somewhat a family tradition between me and my kids. Now that they are grown, we meet at Denny’s for breakfast at 10:00 p.m. and start circling the newspaper ads. Then we make a plan of what store we hit first, second, etc.

    Then we stop by Dunkin Donuts for 4 dozen donuts and 5 boxes of donut holes. We also get 4 boxes of Java. Then we head over to our first store and get in line.

    While in line, we open up and pass around the donuts and coffee to the others waiting in line.

    It’s a great way to meet new friends and make standing/sitting in line a fun and memorable event.

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