Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards program and a $250 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway!

*I work with Kohl’s on promotions. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.57.54 AMI am very excited to work with Kohl’s because it is a store that I shop at, at least twice a week. They always have what I am looking for at Kohl’s, whether it be accessories, clothes, vacation needs, kitchen appliances, and much more! As I mentioned before in my past Kohl’s posts, they have Kohl’s cash, where they give you money to spend at Kohl’s at checkout when you purchase X amount of dollars during your shopping trip. I have used Kohl’s cash for a long time and I have gotten so many great deals!Kohl's

Now, I have even more exciting news. Kohl’s  just rolled out the Yes2You Rewards Program, which is simply amazing! The way this works is you sign up online or in the store for this program. They will send you a card once signed up, but don’t worry if you don’t have it, as the cashiers can look up your rewards number via your phone number. For each dollar you spend at Kohl’s, you will get one point, no matter how you pay! When you reach 100 points, you will then get a $5 reward to spend on anything you want at Kohl’s.

Kohl'sI recently signed up online and it was so easy to do. Best of all, it is completely FREE! There is no gimmicks whatsoever- just sign up for the #Yes2You Rewards program, and start shopping as you normally do at Kohl’s. Once you reach your 100 points, Kohl’s will send you a $5 rewards coupon for spending at your next purchase. That is it! For example, if you spend $200 normally at Kohl’s, you will then receive 2- $5 coupons for your shopping trip on your next visit. This is all in addition to the Kohl’s cash they do on a regular basis (check in store because Kohl’s cash coupons are given out at certain visits, not every single time you visit). However, the rewards program can be used at every single one of your shopping trips at Kohl’s! You just keep accumulating points, and in turn, accumulate rewards to use on whatever you like at Kohl’s.

I visited my local Kohl’s and decided I was going on a shopping spree for new clothes. I have always shopped at Kohl’s because the clothes are comfortable, fashionable, and best of all affordable! I decided since I was no longer pregnant, I was going to buy a new wardrobe to treat myself. I wanted to get more casual clothes for an everyday wearing basis.

First, I ended up two pairs or Rock N Republic Jeans! Yes, they now have these jeans at Kohl’s and they are going to be at least half the purchasing cost that you will find at other stores. I ended up buying a black and denim pair in the skinny jeans style. I absolutely love these jeans and get stopped now asking what jeans they are and where they could buy a pair.IMG_7813

Since I needed some tops to go along with this look, I first bought a Elie Tahari top in this flattering blue and black color. It is a form fitting top that made me look great (if I do say so myself).Kohl's

I then went on to look at Apt 9 and found a great lacy top that would be great for a daytime or nighttime look. Again these can be paired with jeans, leggings, or black pants to complete the look.Kohl's

In addition to all these outfits, I ended up buying Elle Curvy Boot Cut Jeans, Jennifer Lopez black pants, and Jennifer Lopez denim pants. All these jeans and pants were under $50 each and looked fantastic on.Kohl's

I ended my shopping spree with a Croft and Barrow top, a silky Jennifer Lopez top, and a Jennifer Lopez faux sweater.IMG_7810IMG_7815

I got some great deals at Kohl’s and then when it was time for check out, I ended up receiving close to $15 in rewards for my next shopping trip, just for shopping for myself! What a great deal if you ask me! Be sure to check out the Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards today. At Kohl’s, I am able to save hundreds of dollars by shopping for designer brands and now with the rewards program, I can save even more!

Giveaway: One winner will receive a $250 Kohl’s gift card. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. For the mandatory entry tell me what you love about Kohl’s in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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  1. Julie Wood says

    I like the great deals that I get from the sales and the rewards I get back from shopping at Kohl’s! I also love the Women’s clothes and shoes!

  2. Julie Wood says

    I commented on this blog post Name Julie Wood
    Creating the Perfect College Laundry Care Package with Amazon Wish List!

  3. Andrea Myers says

    I just love Kohl’s…have been shopping there for years! I love their sales and if you hit up their clearance, you can get a ton of really nice clothes for cheap. Great for when you have an vacation to either a warm or a cold destination and you live in the exact opposite climate. Love Kohl’s. ;)

  4. Janet W. says

    Kohl’s is my favorite place to shop! They always have the best selection of items for every single member of my family. Their prices are really affordable and I love how I can always save even more by using their coupons that are good on all products including sale and clearance items. I also love that if the store doesn’t have the size I need, I can order from their in-store kiosk and have the items ship to my house for free!

  5. Kim Simpson says

    I love the great service. On the rare occasions I’ve had a problem, they have shown me they want my business. I always shop at Kohls because I have peace of mind knowing they will take care of me no matter what. And I’m not a VIP or anything. Just a customer. And they care about their customers. :)

  6. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love to shop Kohl’s because of the great clothes and home items I get at wonderful prices and I love the Kohl’s buck they are amazing!

  7. Addie F. says

    I love the variety of things that they carry; it’s always one-stop shopping for holiday gifts or things I might need! And they carry such cute clothing at affordable prices.

  8. D Schmidt says

    I love the quality of their items, the amazing customer service and the diverse range of things they offer. We particularly like the Jumping Beans clothes

  9. Sarah Hayes says

    i love their great deals and the styles that they carry. i also love their home goods section and that the entire family can find what they need there

  10. courtney hennagir says

    I love that they keep things fresh and new! Also,the clearance section can’t be beat and they have the cutest kids selection.

  11. Debra Pauley says

    I like Kohls because they have a great variety of product and they offer great savings and clearance sales.

  12. Margaret Smith says

    I love the quality of the clothes and I love Kohls sales. The prices are really great during their sales.

  13. ellen beck says

    I llove that Kohls has such great seasonal products and thiser rewards program. I also llove how they have such great clearance items I stocked up on some last week.

  14. kath g says

    i like the deals kohls has, but my favorite thing is the size of their stores, i can find everything i need without having to walk a mile. Even though it’s not as big as some of the other stores, i always seem to find what i want, so i can hop in, buy, and hop out.

  15. Tabathia B says

    I like their selection of appropriate children’s clothing and finding clothing catered to women and the great sales they often have

  16. Brynn says

    I love that I can dress my whole family within my tight budget by combining their coupons, sales and kohls cash! Love them!

  17. Susan Christy says

    I like that they have a huge selection and their Apt 29 clothes fit me perfectly – no alterations required!

  18. Tara says

    Kohl’s has amazing clearance racks! Combine those great prices with a coupon and I can find brand new clothing for my family for cheaper than a thrift store. Amazing!

  19. Anastasia Falling says

    What I love best is all the great clothes I find for the kids!! There is always something cute and nice that both the kids, and I, really like :)

  20. Tamra H says

    Love the deals you can get at Kohl’s, and also love that you can stack percentage off coupons with Kohl’s cash and other savings!

  21. HS says

    I say yes to Kohl’s by shopping there a lot. We buy kids clothes, shoes, toys and home stuffs at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s great sales and affordable prices.

  22. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says

    I say yes to Kohl’s because they have an amazing selection of clothing, in a variety of sizes and styles, for the whole family! I can always find something I love at a great price.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  23. Stephanie says

    I really love their clearance sales! I also love how I can stack coupons on things to get the best for my money too!

  24. Tina W says

    I love that I can find a treasure on the clearance racks 99% of the time I go. One example: a Calvin Klein white eyelet blouse, original price over $200 (OhMy!), but I got it for less than $5. Still wear it 4 years later.

  25. Sarah Griffin says

    I always love the selection and prices at Kohl’s. It makes it nice to shop for my family of 10 with our small budget.

  26. Birdiebee says

    I love Kohl’s selection of merchandise, sales and clearance prices, promotional discounts for card customers, Kohl’s cash and Kohl’s return policy which is the best I’ve seen in a department store.

  27. Mellie says

    Firstly, You look great!!!! What I love about kohls is its my one stop shop, For my kids Christmas gifts and clothing! So easy to do everything there!

  28. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I like that I can shop for everyone in my family. And of course they have very affordable prices especially on there store brands.

  29. Brandi Price says

    I love the HUGE sales and coupons with Kohls that allows me to splurge on things I normally wouldn’t splurge on.

  30. Audra O'Hara says

    I like the quality of their children’s clothing and the price. I also like how much there is to choose from.

  31. lissa crane says

    I love so many things about Kohls! I like the great selection of brand names that they have and I also like that I can get everything I need from kitchen to bedding to kids clothes and shoes, in one store! But I most love their great sales and Kohls cash back program!

  32. Jennifer Vickers says

    I love everything about Kohl’s. I love the variety and quality of the items. I love being able to buy something for everyone all in one stop.

  33. Cathy French says

    I like Kohls because you can find both clothing and housewares at great prices. Love shopping there for kitchen items especially.

  34. Ashley C says

    I love their clearance section and being able to use coupons on clearance items!


  35. Suzanne K says

    I love Kohl’s because they’ve got such a wide range of products, great clothes, great prices, and oh, the clearance racks! Win, win!

  36. Geoff K says

    I love their constant promotions and Kohl’s Cash offers as well as their ever-evolving clearance sections for extra savings!

  37. Vickie Couturier says

    my favorite section would be the clearance aisle,,sometimes you can find items as much as 90% off which is a good deal

  38. Bertha Wilson says

    I just Love to shop at Kohl’s, I like the sales they have and their clearance items are always marked down for even a better buy. I love the Kohl’s cash and now they added Yes2You Rewards for even better savings.

  39. Cynthia R says

    I love the can’t beat prices on quality fashionable items, between their low prices, sales, coupons, kohl’s cash, and now kohl’s rewards, you always save!

  40. Abigail says

    I love that its a one stop shop for my whole family and my house as well. Plus we can’t get enough of the Kohls Cares stuffed animals and books!

  41. says

    My favorite thing about Kohl’s is their Apt. 9 pajamas. They are so soft and comfortable I never want to get dressed and leave the house again!

    I also love their housewares and kitchen stuff. I mean, I know the focus is supposed to be the clothing, but these departments are amazing!

  42. april taylor says

    Kohl’s is a favorite store for their great sales, even better clearance and coupons. I always find what I’m looking for at Kohl’s.

  43. Sarah C says

    I love the deals and sales Kohls always has. I also love that my teenage son actually loves shopping there for clothing.

  44. Theresa Jenkins says

    I’m a new Kohl’s shopper but my daughter’s and sister in laws, all are Kohl’s #1 fans. I like that it’s quality product for less

  45. Michelle C says

    I like how Kohls always has sales and how they have items for all members of my family. There is one close by and it’s convenient to stop in anytime.

  46. says

    There are so many things I LOVE about Kohls. Where to begin? I love the coupons, the generous return policy, and i especially love the clearance. also love that you can order from the kiosk in store and get free shipping no min delivered to your home. that is convenience!!!! and they now carry my favorite designer brand juicy couture plus fekkai haircare. all the things i love in one place-one stop shopping at it’s best! Fashionable and affordable.

  47. Victoria says

    I like the wide selection of nice quality items at such a great price. I like that I can leave Kohl’s and be almost confident that I paid the lowest price for that item. i love the combination of discounts, from in-store sales, to $10 off $50, plus coupons and rewards

  48. Melissa Sly says

    I love the great selection and affordable prices. I wish it was a little bit closer to me but it’s not that far :)

  49. Jessica M. says

    I love shopping at Kohls because of the awesome selection of products! I can always find a good deal too. The products are very well made also! I make Kohls one of my priority go to stores!

  50. Natalie says

    I love that they always offer sales and Kohls cash. I love the Lauren conrad clothing line and their petites section.

  51. Nichole says

    I love that sale items are often less than what they are marked. I always spend less than what I thought. Thank you!

  52. Amy Orvin says

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    Goodbye Tooth Sensitivity with the Crest Sensi-Stop Strips! #SensiStopStrips

  53. Candace B says

    I happen to like the prices and styles available. The prices allow for me to buy affordable, nice clothing for my boys, husband, and myself. While the styles, allow for everyone in my family to be happy with the purchases they make and not feel restricted by limited availability of clothing choices.

  54. Debra S says

    I love that Kohls still carries 100% cotton pajamas for kids. And me. I can’t stand poly or nylon and so it’s off to Kohls I go. They have some pretty choices of clothes for women, too. And purses!

  55. Dana Rodriguez says

    Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop for clothing.They have a great selection and awesome sales!

  56. Katie says

    I have loved Kohls since the day my store opened in town. I love there prices! They have such good deals on clothes, bedding, cookware!! I buy so many things there.

  57. ronda patrick says

    I love EVERYTHNIG at Kohls. Their clothes are so nice for myself, and for my teenagers.. The prices are better than elsewhere and when you stack up the coupons and discounts, there is no other place to shop!!!

  58. christine burd says

    Kohls has always been my go to store . I love that it is a freestanding store and that its clearance is vast. The brands it carries are ones that I like as well.

  59. Sarah W. says

    I love their open return policy. I can purchase something if my daughter is not with me and if it doesn’t work out it’s easy to take back. No hassels.

  60. kelly nicholson says

    Tell me what you like about Kohl’s?

    never shopped there before..i need a matress..help me out..thanks

  61. Linda G. says

    I love to shop at Kohl’s, they always have great sales and coupons and I can always find what I’m looking for.

  62. says

    I love that Kohl’s has affordable stuff, especially kitchen stuff. I recently got a knife block there with like twelve knives for forty bucks. It was a kitchen lifesaver.

  63. Sharon McIntyre says

    I get awesome deals for school clothes for my son throughout the year, and he loves the variety they offer!

  64. Tamara says

    I love the variety of brands and great values at Kohl’s – I can stock up on shoes, kids’ clothes, towels and kitchen stuff in one place! :)

  65. kristen mcclary says

    I like there prices and the sales they have for black Friday. last year I got really good deals for christmas

  66. says

    What don’t I like about Kohls?! It’s great! I love that they have designer brands at prices I can afford, they give you the Kohl’s cash on certain weekends, their stores are always clean, did I mention the prices are great? The list goes on.

  67. Carol Nine says

    Kohl’s is a great place to shop. They are always having a sale and I like that they always have something new when I go there.

  68. Christy says

    I love their sales and they always have styles that I really like. I can get my clothes, my daughter’s clothes and home stuff all in one place.

  69. Clarissa Laskey says

    I love Kohls because they have all the top brands that my family and I love. They have awesome sales and of course Kohls Cash!

  70. Tracie Henthorne says

    i love everything about kohls… the prices are always affordable and the quality of products is the best part.

  71. Jessica H. says

    What I love about Kohls is their clearance prices. Sometimes they even beat the thrift store on new high quality items! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  72. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says

    What I like about kohls is they have a wide variety of different products. Also that they always have sales going on and coupons and cash back!!

  73. Terry Maigi says

    I love Kohl’s because we can shop for the entire family! Their clothing sections have unbeatable prices and great selections!

  74. Leslie Negrin says

    Absolutely LOVE kohl’s for their shoes and their knit sweaters are always super cute and affordable just in time for fall!

  75. Angela Cash says

    I love shopping Kohl’s for clothing and housewares. I know I can always find quality products there at a fantastic price.

  76. Ayana Pendergrass says

    Kohls has great sales, good selection of designer clothes, and it’s right around the corner from me :)

  77. says

    I love that Kohl’s actually has a boy department that carries more than the typical store’s offerings. It seems like everyone has everything for girls but nothing for boys. Kohl’s does it right.

  78. Mariah Beasley says

    I love that whenever I’m in a bind and need a pair of shoes, they have such a great selection that I can count on them to have what I’m looking for.

  79. Jacqueline H says

    Kohl’so is one of my favorite places to shop. They always seem to have a great deal going on. I shop there for our clothes, purses, and gifts for others.

  80. Carlene R. says

    Is everything is good answer ?? They are always my go to store. I can always find exactly what I am looking for when it comes to items for myself, my kids or my husband.

  81. Jesse S says

    I like doing my holiday shopping at Kohls. The cash rewards and the prices make it great. Miss Mervyn’s though.

  82. Carly D. says

    I love the clearance section. They always have the best options. I once bought a gorgeous dress for less than $20.

  83. Alex Bradley says

    I like Kohls because they have great deals and offers. Plus there is one right by my house so I go there all the time!

  84. Dakota Brown says

    I bought a jacket a Kohls and it has lasted me several years. Oh man do I love that store, they have the best deals.

  85. Michelle L. says

    I love the selection of clothes at Kohls…PLUS being able to stack coupons…AND the clearance section! What I love most though…is my toy department…the kitchen ‘toy’ department. I can’t go there without buying something. I have my eye on a new comforter set as well. Kohl’s DEFINITELY has their finger on the pulse of fashion and home necessities!

  86. Janet R. says

    I can’t resist a sale and Kohl’s always has very good sales. Also they have a very good mix of store brands and name brands with consistent quality.

  87. Kimarie Stebbins says

    I like that you can always get a good deal there. I really like Christmas shopping, because then I get Kohl’s cash!

  88. krista dandrea says

    i buy everything from khols! My shirts,jeans,boots,jewelry ! prices are great and you can always use a coupon, which i love!

  89. Beth M. says

    I love Kohl’s because they have really cute stuff and it’s affordable! I also like being able to purchase stuff online and return it to the store if it doesn’t fit!

  90. says

    I love the clothes, shoes, and housewares selection for our whole family! I love all the collabs they do too, like Elie Tahari, Rock N Republic, and Simply Vera Wang! I found so many #frozen items for my kids that I couldn’t find anywhere else! Also using Kohl’s cash, the extra 30% for card members, and now the Yes2You program, it really helps my dollar stretch further! Thanks for the chance!

  91. Dave L says

    I love that Kohl’s has great prices on so many practical items. I also love that they are conveniently located in a small plaza near my home, and not in a busy shopping mall. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  92. DEBRA GIFFORD says

    Oh my gosh! Where do I start?!! It should be, “Whst don’t I like about Kohl’s?” I love absolutely everything about Kohls! They are truly my favorite store! Not only do they have clothes that I love but clothes my grown daughters love, my son & daughter-in-law too! I also love to shop there for my 6 & 8 year old grandsons; they love the clothing there too and they are a bit particular about their clothes as I am! The deals are so wonderful! You can always find things on sale there and I love their Kohl’s cash deals! Yes, I LOVE KOHL’S!

  93. Tracy Robertson says

    I love their selection of T-shirts. They are very affordable and when I find a design that I like, I often see that it is available in a wide range of colors so I can pick up several.

  94. Maria Iemma says

    I have entered the following giveaways:

    Celebrating Taylor’s Halloween and $75 Babies R Us/Pampers giveaway
    2 Snuza Baby Monitors Giveaway
    Great dishes using Olive Oil from Spain

  95. Michele Cupp says

    I love that Kohl’s has a great selection of clothes for me, sportswear for my son and good quality housewares and kitchenware items.

  96. Tiffany Trepanier says

    I love that they have a little of everything for you and your house. I dont have to go to this store or that store to get something quality for my house I can just go to Khols and get everything i could and can think of.

  97. Terra Heck says

    I like that they have quality stuff from great brands. I like that they offer specials, deals, and discounts. Thanks.

  98. hayley s says

    I love that they have practically everything there! The variety of clothes is awesome, and I can find great deals there for everyone in our family!

  99. Kirsten says

    What’s not to love? Great prices and selection and bonus buys. Between Kohl’s cash, sale, and discount coupons, I scored a $90 jacket for $16. Yay me

  100. says

    I really love Kohl’s styles and that there is a variety of clothing to choose from like the workout skorts are an absolute must and some professional clothes because I always want to look and feel my best.

  101. jennifer says

    I love that I can find clothes and shoes. I can find clothes shoes and toys for my kids, clothes for my husband, kitchen items, home items, you name it! They have it all!

  102. Kathleen M Smith says

    I love Kohl’s prices, especially with the promo codes and Kohl’s cash. I like the quality and selection and their online site.

  103. Debra Holloway says

    I love their fashion sense. Their buyers have been getting some really fashionable and stylish clothes. Their prices are pretty fair as well.

  104. Heather DeLuna says

    My favorite thing about Kohl’s are their jeans. I have long legs and they carry my favorite brand in my favorite style.

  105. Rebecca Orr says

    I love that not only are they offering this new program, but they are continuing to do the kohl’s cash as well. By the way, you look great in your finds! And I am loving the pink in your hair!

  106. Laura moffett says

    I love This store because everything is normally always on sale and always surprise clearance prices at the check out . Awesome…

  107. Erika JM says

    I love the great selection of shoes and household goods at Kohl’s and their sales and Kohl’s cash are awesome!

  108. Sandra Gray says

    I love Kohl’s large selection of items and that they have great prices and often have even greater discount prices. I love all the coupons they offer too. Oh yeah, and Kohl’s cash.

  109. Barbara Kipreos says

    I so all of my shopping at Kohl’s. Their customer service is amazing and the clothes are high quality. :)

  110. Annmarie W. says

    I love their great prices & awesome selection! My favorite areas are their kitchen appliance/pots & pans section…and their bathroom & bedding sections! Their towels are always soft, too!

  111. Suzanne R (SuzySweeps) says

    I love Kohl’s because they have something for everyone and they are a great place to go when I need several various items like bedding, clothes, and misc. items like candles, etc.

  112. Suzanne R (SuzySweeps) says

    I’ve been coming to your site since May of this year, and really enjoy the variety that your site offers. Also, on a side note, I love your pinterest page with some of those great recipes. :)

  113. Heather says

    Kohls is what I remember JcPenneys to be as a kid. A great place for family shopping with good prices and great discounts.

  114. April V. says

    I like their accessories section – they have a great and wide collection so you can find something for everyone.

  115. Leslie says

    I love that I can shop for the whole family, get quality clothing & not spend too much money in the process! Plus I love browsing the hand bags and accessories, but that’s just me lol!

  116. Sarah Hall says

    Kohl’s carries the plus size clothes that fit me at a really reasonable price. This is why I like to shop there.

  117. Ceinwyn R says

    I love that I can always find clothes for myself and my boys there and I feel like I am paying a reasonable price for them.

  118. Jill Myrick says

    I like that Kohl’s always has such a great selection of clothing and home goods at a price that I love and can afford.
    I also love that with Kohl’s Cash abd Say Yes to Kohl’s they are always finding ways to save me even more on my purchases.


  119. Rachael G. says

    I love the great prices and always have specials! I especially like shopping in the home decor sections, they have great accent pieces!

  120. Stephanie Larison says

    I love that we can shop for clothes for the whole family in 1 place. And you can’t beat their clearance!

  121. Jennifer sorenson says

    I love the quality and the kohls cash, always great deals for the whole family and excellent clearance items :)

  122. Amber S. says

    My favorite thing about Kohls is the Kohl’s cash. It’s nice that you don’t have to spend a minimum to use your cash.

  123. says

    I like that Kohl’s offers something for every member in the family with styles and brands everyone loves. The great sales and prices can’t be beat. Great quality items at fantastic prices.

  124. Allyson Bossie says

    I like how I can go to Kohl’s and get everything I need from household goods to clothing for the whole family!

  125. Julie Harris says

    I like Kohls because they sell quality merchandise at good prices, I love a lot of the styles they sell especially the Jennifer Lopez collection, I also like that they reward you with Kohls cash

  126. DeeAnn says

    What I like about Kohl’s is the quality and variety of products they sell. I can always find what I’m looking for at a great price and their sales are fantastic! :) Thanks.

  127. christina childs says

    I have 4 boys (including my husband) and it is a one stop shop for me! They love the clothes there and it is easy to shop for everyone!

  128. Julie Hawkins says

    I love the cute kids clothes and great deals I get at kohls. The home decor and kitchen merchandise is awesome too! I love to shop at kohls.

  129. Sue Barney says

    I Love shopping at Kohl’s I always find what I need even if Im school or Christmas shopping I always find what Im looking for and at a Great price!

  130. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    Love the fact they let you exchange things without receipt so great place for Christmas gifts.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  131. Melissa Stover says

    I love EVERYTHING About Kohls!! I especially love their kids clothes, they always have great sales, the Jumping Beans brand we really like!! I also love their Kohl’s Cash! :) Thanks for the chance to win this is amazing!

  132. crystal bostrom says

    Koh’ls clearance section is awesome! Last time I shopped there I only spent about $48 and saved over $100!

  133. JERRY PLATZ says


  134. Kathleen S. says

    I love Kohl’s because they have great sales, coupons, and Kohl’s cash. My dollar can be stretched pretty far there.

  135. Crystal F says

    I like that they have clothes that my girls want to wear and that I can almost always find a good deal. My girls are picky so it’s hard to buy for them but I can usually find something they like at Kohl’s. Thank you!

  136. Paige Whitman says

    I love everything about Khols! It is one of my favorite places to shop. Their clearance racks are awesome and I always feel like I get so much more for my money without compromising the latest styles. I hope I win!! Their kids section is the best and my daughters birthday is coming up so it would be perfect timing!

  137. veronica hay says

    I love their clothing selection and their sales. I NEVER have any problem finding outfits for our entire family. One stop clothing shopping with quality clothes.

  138. ashlee says

    I like the variety of items they have and that the price isn’t outrageous so I leave not feeling guilty for having gone shopping.

  139. Cindy T. says

    I love to shop at Kohl’s because of all of the different brands, clearance items & sales. Thank you for the chance to win. :)

  140. Dore Simmers says

    I love that it is one stop for whole family shopping. They have great deals in addition to coupons so you get great deals.

  141. alicia szemon says

    I love khols because they are reasonably cheap and they have really nice quality clothes. Obviously they have other stuff like purses, makeup, home good, and more!

  142. Rosey says

    I like the boys’ section for clothes at Kohl’s. It’s one of the few places I can go and know I’ll find some awesome style for the boys (not true everywhere you go!).

  143. Jennifer Reed says

    I love Kohl’s boys section. They have great prices on the sportswear apparel that my son’s love. Nike, Tony Hawk, and Adidas is some of their favorites.

  144. Emily Morelli says

    I love that I always feel like I am getting a great deal at Kohl! The styles and quality are what I want at a price I like. Plus returns are always hassle free!