Need Some July 4th Ideas?? Hästens to the rescue!!

Are you visiting friends this 4th?! Want an unique gift that you know your friends could definitely use. Then you will want to check out these fabulous  Hästens products!  Forego a typical bottle of wine or floral arrangement and consider one of Hästens summer staples to gift your host or hostess. Gifting one of these is sure to guarantee you another invitation come Labor Day weekend.

- Hästens Hammock ($290): Envision yourself under a brilliant blue summer sky, enjoying the sun and a brisk, fragrant breeze. Let your thoughts wander as you nap or relax in this 100% premium cotton hammock, available in Hästens iconic blue and white check pattern.

- Hästens Baby Alpaca Throws (starting at $430): These super soft throws are handmade from 100% baby alpaca wool. Soft like cashmere and stronger than wool, Baby alpaca is also known for its natural breathability, so the throw uniquely adjusts to your changing body temperature. Alpaca wool is the only wool that does not contain lanolin, so it’s completely hypoallergenic and never itchy. Available in: oatmeal, ink, charcoal, birch, nutmeg.image001


- Bathrobe ($450): This is a true indulgence that everyone should enjoy. Crafted with double cut, ultra-thick terry cloth, the Hästens bathrobe is Swedish luxury at its finest. Available in different sizes to fit all, the cozy robe features the classic Hästens blue check print for a sublime marriage of design and comfort.image003



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