Psychic Readings- Yes, Please!

*This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

When I was asked to do a reading with renowned psychic, Kristine, I was more than happy to oblige. Being 34 weeks pregnant, I found it exciting to get a reading from her to learn some things about parenting my next child. It was both interesting and informative.  Here is some information about Kristine:
**Kristine is a highly intuitive psychic with a gift for clairaudience and pendulum divination. She has a high success rate of dowsing on matters of love, relationships, or career paths. She is also able to see where you may have energy blockages in the body, and can tell a lot about you from the colors of your aura.**
These are some of the questions I asked her and her answers:

How is parenting 3 kids going to be much harder than 2? 

Parenting three kids will teach you to get organized and ask for help when you need it, which I see you have a hard time doing.  This child will be completely opposite from your first child who I feel is a natural leader and has a lot of energy, and needs a strong sense of finishing a task and staying focused.  I really feel as though this next baby will be a easy flow into the fit of your family.  Super laid back personality type is what I pick up on, they can go with the flow. This is great for a 3rd child!  Super adaptable and very similar to your energy which makes this transition easy for you.  I totally see your 2nd child and your 3rd child being very compatible energetic wise which helps tremendously. You will need to schedule time in for yourself because I can see clearly you put everyones needs before your own and have a hard time saying no.  Honestly your oldest child to me seems like the one who takes the most patience for you.  The next one will be a breeze.
What will the demeanor of the new child be like?
I see a lot of blue violet colors in the aura of the new child.  This to me, indicates a child that has a very old soul….one who has lived through many lifetimes and has evolved very high spiritually.  This child is very sensitive and empathic, often times sponging up the energies of the people around them.  I also see this child will be very unique and not quite fit in with the people around them.  They think in a very different and creative way.  I see a strong gift for writing and spiritual pursuits.  You will notice this child can sense spirit around and has a gift for mediumship. You will need to nurture the strengths this child has to boost their self esteem since they truly are not like everyone else, they are gifted and unique.  Show them they do not need to fit into societies standards and boxes. I see a lot of air qualities in their chart….strong communication gifts and a need to ground their energy. Crystals you should get for this child are petrified wood and imperial topaz….the imperial topaz for strengthening their self esteem and trusting their gifts and the petrified wood to help them remember to take deep breaths and live in the moment. They are likely to be extremely sensitive emotionally and physically with a tendency towards allergies…food, chemicals etc.  Seriously I feel strongly this child takes after you, and you most likely resonate with all this stuff you are reading.  Both of you need to learn to say no to others and set clear boundaries about what you will allow.  Too trusting and open, trust your instincts and look for red flags in those around you because they are likely to take advantage of your giving and thoughtful nature. You both have a tendency to put others needs before your own.  What you allow is what will continue.  Trust your gifts and don’t question them!
Kristine has a  handy interactive tool that people can click through to find out what type of psychic reading they might need or want, which is especially helpful for newbies to the service!  Please check it out here for more information on readings today.
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