25 weeks in already! #PREGNANCY update!

I have been majorly slacking with my updates so I am making it a vow to myself to update at least every 2 weeks or so with these pregnancy tidbits. Overall, I am feeling great! I had such an incredibly rough pregnancy up until 16 weeks between the H1N1 flu, stomach flu, colds, and all day sickness. I finally feel great although the indigestion, sleepless nights, and constant peeing has set in! The Csection date is set for 7-7-14- What a cool date, no?!

Anyway, here is my 25 week update and a belly shot from about 2 weeks ago! (taken on my cell phone so not great quality- I promise, I will get another one soon)


Due Date:  July 7, 2014
Total Weight Gained:  +13 pounds as of 3 weeks ago
How big is baby?  I would say around 2 pounds
Labor Signs: None thankfully
Maternity Clothes:  Yes! I need those stretch pants now!
Stretch Marks: None so far. I had none with either kid, so it best stick like that:)
Sleep: So-So! Sure does not help that my 5 year old is having night terrors all the time! When I sleep, I have indigestion and the baby tends to move a lot at night.
Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:  Just feeling her kicks! I absolutely love feeling her!
Movement:  Yes, I have an anterior placenta so I don’t feel as much as others might feel. I had the same thing with Zane. I do feel movement now though!
Food Cravings: Nothing really except diet soda! Bad, I know!
Food Aversions: Nothing at all!
Sex: GIRL!
Names: We have them picked out but you will find out in July:)
Exercise:  Double tennis. I had to give up singles tennis, as it was too hard.
What I miss:  Oysters and Beer!
What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the baby room set up and moving Hayley to the big girl room!
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  1. brett says

    i can’t believe how fast your pregnancy is going for me!! heeeee!! almost 3rd tri. also i can’t believe you have a date already. my docs NEVER told me ahead of time until 35 weeks or later

  2. says

    I have a friend who is 21 weeks pregnant with twins so your bump seems so small compared to hers so I was surprised at first but then I thought duh, there’s only one in there. Hopefully your little one starts getting more sleep so you can also.

  3. says

    You look amazing! My four babies are teenagers now but I still remember feeling them move during pregnancy – it’s one of the greatest feelings and memories in the world! Good luck, can’t wait to hear your name choice.

  4. says

    7-7-14 IS such an awesome date. I would have set that one too. I am glad that the worst is behind you. You sure did go through a lot of illnesses. Happy 15 weeks left!

  5. says

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