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It is the weekend and the weather is getting cooler! Can you feel it in the air?! I hope you all have a great weekend with whatever you do!dentistmelsbbutton

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My top five laughs:

5. Zane did not feel good this week. When I asked him how he felt, he told me not good. When I asked him what hurt, he said, “I am not sure..You tell me?” LOL!

4. I am just so excited about my little surprise or shall I say huge surprise for Hayley next week for her birthday! I am taking her to Disney and have it all planned out! However, she has no idea and has been begging me for the last year to take her. She found out her friend was going this week and she told me, “Mommy…I have been a good girl! I deserve to go to Disney!”

3. Hayley is again not sleeping through the night. She wakes me up anywhere from 3 AM to 5 AM. Each night is a different reason. Last night, it was tell me that she felt it was necessary to tell me how much she loved me! I understand Hayley but it is 5 AM!!! Love can wait…

2. Zane loves to tease Hayley. This week he told Hayley that she needed to clean up his room. He said, he was tired and she needed to do it. And guess what! She did it..Sucker!!

1. Hayley has this girl who she is very good friends with. This week they were hanging out and playing. Hayley said to her, “You are my best friend and we will be best friends, even when we are as old as our mommies.” Oh thanks Hayley- calling me old! I know I am going grey but still!

Now your laughs:



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    Haha, those are cute! Disney is going to be so exciting for her (and you!) My kids used to wake up at random times too, only to tell me weird stuff like what they want for dinner that night, it was funny!

  2. says

    I love that he got her to clean his room. Well done! And number 5 made me laugh. Sometimes I just give my eldest a bandaid and let it go in such instances. No obvious injury? Whatever. Here’s a bandaid. All better now? Great!

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