Oh Boy- Do I love My Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #ad

*I am a Diet Coke ambassador. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

200483 10151321052711092 1153827524 a Oh Boy  Do I love My Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #adO’kay I am going to let you in on a little secret- I LOVE Diet Coke! Yes, I know I am a dentist and probably should not be admitting to it, but I am! It is my one treat that I allow myself to have almost every day. I have been a Diet Coke drinker most of my life and have almost no cavities- so I am allowing myself to continue my love affair with Diet Coke!

DSC03248 1024x768 Oh Boy  Do I love My Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #adOne of the best things about Diet Coke besides the awesome taste is it has no calories! Seriously, an entire can has no empty calories in it. This is why I prefer to drink Diet Coke to Coke, that has about 100 calories to each can. So many people love Diet Coke, that has become the #1 diet carbonated drink of the market! That is saying a lot about Diet Coke!

So, you might be asking yourself, “Melissa..When do you drink diet coke?” The answer is I drink my Diet Coke every single day with my lunch. While a lot of people prefer to drink it in a cup filled with ice, I actually prefer to drink it straight out of the can. I usually put a case of Diet Coke in my refrigerator and each day fill my lunch bag with Diet Coke. It is so good straight from the can- Cold and Refreshing! What more can you want out of a beverage!

DSC03251 1024x768 Oh Boy  Do I love My Diet Coke! #DietCokeTime #adI also love Diet Coke from the fountains at restaurants. There is something so delicious about Diet Coke from the fountains, that really hits the spot. While I don’t frequent restaurants all the time, it is a nice treat to have this pop from the fountain!

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So, tell me- How do you like to drink your Diet Coke??


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  1. says

    We drink diet coke but we also drink coke zero. I am not sure what the difference in formula is, but they each have their own unique taste.

  2. says

    I only drink regular Coke, no diet for me….but I love drinking it from the can, too. It’s the one guilty pleasure I allow myself. And I hear you on the fountain drinks — Fazoli’s has the best Coke, the perfect amount of fizziness!

  3. natalie parvis says

    I love your kitchen. I wish I actually had cabinet space. So nice. I love drinking it out of a can as well.


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