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It is the weekend which means Zane’s second birthday party is upon us! I am very excited! In the meantime, I am also participating in a Rhode Island blogger event at La-Z-Boy in Warwick, RI to raise money for a beautiful girl named Belle, who got diagnosed with leukemia at age 2 1/2. As a group of awesome RI bloggers, we are going to be doing this amazing event all weekend long, so please stop by if you live local!



As always, feel free to link up any cute or funny post. While it is appreciated that you help me share this hop on social media and/or take my button, this is definitely not necessary. Feel free to visit the other blogs who link up, as they are always so funny! Happy weekend everyone!

My top five laughs:

5. I took Zane and Hayley to see Sesame Street live yesterday. Zane went crazy seeing his beloved Elmo live on stage. He kept turning to me and saying, “Mom…Oook (translation: Look)..Elmo.” He was so happy!


4.  Hayley is back to waking up in the middle of the night. It was around 3 am and she woke up to ask me if she could go to the bathroom. I wish she would just know, she does not have to wake me up for that! Anyway, she went back to bed and five minutes later came to me and said, “I forgot to tell you that I love you!” So sweet!

3. Zane is an eating machine. We went for a huge lunch this week and had a playdate immediately after. The minute we get there, he tells my friend,  that he is hungry! WHAT???

2. Zane is totally obsessed with fire trucks! The problem is every single type of car or truck is called a fire truck. He can see a SUV on the highway and say, “Oook…Fire Truck.” No Zane, it is only a SUV,lol:)

1. Along with #2, he has zero recognization of any of his animal sounds. If you ask him what a cow says he will tell you moo. If you ask him what a dog says he will tell you moo. If you ask him what a cat says he will tell you moo! I just sit there and laugh!!

Now your laughs:




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  1. says

    I had to start bribing Evan with a Lego minifigure if he stayed in his bed all night! I am not a good mommy at 3am!

    And I so wish I had thought of Elmo! the 0-3 crowd are addicted!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. says

    Yep, your kids are still cute! :) T. my 7 year old will push my buttons until I’m about to explode. And then he will give me a hug and say “I love you mommy” wow. KIDS! lol.

  3. says

    What a great cause!

    I definitely understand the drama, trauma, and laughs that come with the little ones. So glad Zane got to see Elmo! It’s those moments that make the best memories.

  4. says

    I love at this stage when they get so excited by seeing their favorite characters. Nick gets that crazy when he sees Mickey. I can’t wait to take him to Disney this fall.
    Nick is in the generalizing stage too (of course he would be if Zane is ;-) ). He’s got some colors down, but most of the time he’ll answer yellow if you ask him what color something is. I love that Zane calls all vehicle fire trucks!

  5. md kennedy says

    I can relate to the Firetruck. My grandson (2 years old) is obsessed with them and anythign red or loud is a firetruck. However, last weekend he finally got the chance to see a real firetruck up close at a firestation visit with his daycare. Wouldn’t you know, he did not believe the real firetruck was a firetruck!

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