Thankful Thursday!

I decided to link up to my friend Joanna from Baby Gators Den. Every Thursday, she does a feature about things we have to be thankful for. With Easter coming up, I thought of no better time to be thankful.


5. I am thankful that my kids are finally interacting and playing with each other. I never thought the day would come where I could have a reprieve for a few minutes, while they play together. We’ll, although I don’t get long periods of time where they play, it is still nice to have it every now and then. I love seeing their love for each other.

4. I am thankful that I have a bright and beautiful boy who is turning 2 on Sunday. Sure, there are some times, he is the most rambunctious kid in the world, but he brightens up my day each and every day!

3. I am thankful for the amazing Rhode Island bloggers. We are all pulling together for a fundraiser to benefit our friend Melissa’s daughter, Belle, who is battling leukemia next week. I am grateful for our “team” and our friendships.

2. I am thankful for my IRL (in real life friends) and my friends who I have never officially met, but I feel like I know so well. It is just so nice to have friendships and be able to talk to them no matter what day or time.

1. I am thankful for my babysitter who comes a few hours each week and allows me to have some time to blog. She is amazing and without her, this blog would not be here. She has such an infectious personality and Hayley/Zane really love her.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. says

    Great list. I am thankful that we are one day closer to spring. there’s still snow on the ground but I’m starting to see the tops of my garden boxes…always a good sign.

  2. says

    That’s wonderful that your kids are interacting and playing together and that you are able to have some time to yourself to blog due to having the babysitter come over. That’s a great idea!

    I love thankful Thursdays, it’s always great hearing what people are thankful for in their lives.

  3. says

    Wow, I can’t believe Zane is 2 on Sunday! Happy B-day! That’s so exciting!

    I’m thankful for my beautiful children, their sweet spirits, and the week we’ve had. No tantrums this week. At all! It’s a miracle.

  4. says

    There are, indeed, many things to be thankful!! I love that my boys are at the age where I can send them to their room to play and they stay there for about an hour! Ooh, and talking about baby sitters: my husband just found us a new baby sitter!! Woo hoo!!

  5. says

    There is FINALLY no more snow on the ground! I can’t believe Zane is already going to be 2! Wasn’t it just his first birthday??!! Happy early birthday to Zane!

  6. maria says

    how neat that zane’s birthday is on easter this year! happy early birthday to him! :) so wonderful that you and friends are coming together to help your friend’s daughter! sending much love and many prayers. <3<3<3

  7. says

    I envy your babysitter. I need someone to come and referee for a few hours each week. They are old enough to watch themselves, but too headstrong not to get in each other’s way! :)

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