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Can you believe it is the weekend already? The weeks seem to be flying! I can’t believe Zane is going to be 2 next month-CRAZY! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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My top five laughs:

5. Hayley made me a hair clip for Valentine’s Day. She did it all by herself and it is the most perfect gift. What is even more cute is her saying, “Mom, aren’t you so proud of me… I made this all by myself…Isn’t is beautiful.” I seriously was tearing! That girl makes me so proud!

4. I got Hayley that light up pillow that is seen on the TV commercials on Disney Jr. She has been asking for it for quite some time now. When I gave it to her, she said, “Mommy, you are the greatest mommy in the whole world…I love you so much!” Too cute!

3. Zane’s new thing is to say huh all the time. I ask him a question and the answer is always huh! It is actually quite funny to hear him say this 24/7. He is talking up a storm now although some of his dialect is still so hard to understand.

2. Zane’s new favorite thing is to say his days of the week. He does a song that he learns at school but his rendition goes Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday-those are the days of the week! He is learning though!

1. Hayley gave my husband a card for Valentine’s Day. In the car, I asked her what she was going to give to him and she said she could not tell me. Not two minutes later, she says, “Mommy, I am not going to tell you but I made him a card with a picture..Now don’t tell him.” The girl can’t keep secrets.

Now your laughs:

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  1. says

    LOL, I love that kids can’t keep secrets! I may or may not use that against my kiddos at school…. Just saying. I’m impressed Zane is already learning the days of the week! His Kindergarten teacher will love you! Hayley sounds so sweet! Happy weekend!

  2. says

    It is probably a good thing that she can’t keep secrets from you. This way hopefully as she goes through her teenage years you can trust her to not sneak out or keep boys from you. Love Zane’s days of the week song I say we skip Wednesday and Thursday too.

  3. says

    Awww…I like how she can’t keep secrets from you…kinda reminds me of myself…except I’m still the same now…I can’t seem to keep secrets from my family!

  4. says

    these are great! I told mmy daughter she was only allowed one valentine candy a day and she ate hers on the way driving home. She came home looked at her other Valentine she got, walked up to me with one small lollipop in her hand and said “mommy the orange candy I ate was really small, can i please have this one too.” (she then starts batting her eyes, tilts her head and folds her lip under. I couldn’t help but laugh at her and how cute she was.

  5. says

    I love how funny and quirking kids are. Last weekend I took my two-year-old nephew to a live butterfly exhibit. I thought he would love it but the whole time he walked around with his hand over her mouth as though he was afraid one would fly into it! It was hilarious to watch. – Katy

  6. maria says

    So sweet you got Hayley the light up pillow…I see that commercial all the time!! Time IS flying…it’s crazy we are more than halfway through the month! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Xoxox

  7. says

    Oh Melissa how adorable is Haley! Love that she can’t keep secrets from mommy! My favorite is Zane’s week song! I linked up some funny photos, pregnancy brain has made it near impossible for me to remember 5 things from an hour ago, let alone a week ;)

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